Thursday, May 2, 2013

Guest post- Hidden Storage Lifts Take Home Decor Out Of Sight!

Every interior designer knows that what you hide is just as important as what you display in your home. Whether a client wants a room that is warm and cozy, sleek and modern, or sophisticated and classic, clutter can instantly ruin the effect. Creating open spaces means taking advantage of out-of-the-way places for storage. However, homeowners do not want stored objects to be too far out of reach. Traipsing up to the attic or digging around in the shed in the backyard would not do. Even bending and reaching under kitchen cabinets or climbing up on a step stool to reach a top shelf can be inconvenient for frequently used items.

Create Balance Between Space-Efficiency and Accessibility

More and more, interior designers are turning to home automation for solutions. Automated storage lifts help hide almost anything. Lifts can keep countertops clear in the kitchen while taking advantage of “dead” corners. Or, they might prevent a state-of-the-art media center from clashing with a living room design by keeping audiovisual components tucked out of sight. Even bedrooms and bathrooms can benefit from concealed storage.

How Well-Hidden Is an Automated Storage Lift?

A well-made and properly installed popup lift can be very effectively camouflaged. A floating lid design is particularly easy to hide since there are no hinges. Lifts can be hidden in a wide variety of ways:

·   -In customized or prefabricated lift cabinetry
·   -In repurposed antique cabinets
·   -Inside walls (such as below a window)
·   -Below kitchen or bathroom countertops
·   -In kitchen island
·   -Inside upper kitchen cabinets
·   -At the foot of a bed (or the foot of a bathtub)
·   -Below the floor
·   -In the ceiling
·   -Behind furniture such as a sofa

Here are just a few of the items homeowners might want to store on a popup or drop down lift:

-Kitchen appliances (especially heavy mixers or coffee makers)
·   -A spice rack or wine rack
·   -Extra dishes or cookbooks
·   -Valuables such as a jewelry cabinet, home safe or firearm collection
·   -Shoes, purses, and other accessories that take up too much closet space
-   -Television and other entertainment center items

Automated storage lifts save space, reduce clutter and enhance the view while adding a “wow” factor to any project.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from Nexus 21.

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