Thursday, March 21, 2013

Guest post- Five Outdoor Essentials No Garden Should Be Without!

This article is provided by Joel Dear.

The garden can mean different things to different people. Some might only use their outdoor space when the weather is nice and they want to do some sunbathing, while others will be out there every day, rain or shine, engaging in a bit of outdoor exercise. Many people plant flowers, of course, but plenty of others get a lot of pleasure from their garden without even knowing their azaleas from their elbow.

Still, no matter what your outdoor living space is to you, there are a few garden products that everyone should have. Here are five such items; as outdoor essentials go, these ones are the most essential of all. Some are crucial to getting the most out of your garden, while others are just for fun, but either way, no good garden should be without them.

1.  Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are fairly inexpensive, and aside from the occasional refill, they require almost no effort on your part. You do not have to be a die-hard ornithologist to bring a flurry of beautiful birds to your garden; all you need to do is hang up a bird feeder, chase away any cats that might be prowling along your garden wall, and wait for your feathered friends to arrive! Anything that holds seeds will do, although it is well worth paying a little more for an attractive, brightly-colored bird feeder. That way, you will be adding a beautiful decoration to your garden as well as giving the birds a good place to eat!

2. Garden Lights

You would not want your living room or your kitchen to be sans lighting, so why keep your garden in the dark? There is a plethora of great garden lighting products available, ranging from the inexpensive and functional to the extravagant and eye-catching. Whatever your budget is, it is always worth investing in a bit of illumination for your outdoor space; even if you opt for the cheapest, most bog-standard garden lamps you can find, at least you will be able to see your way around the garden after the sun goes down.

3.  Water Feature

We are starting to get a little more indulgent now, but it is impossible to imagine a garden that would not benefit from the presence of a beautiful, bubbling water feature. They make lovely ornaments on their own, but a water feature’s real appeal is the water (obviously). Gazing at the gentle cascade for a few minutes can be a great way to unwind, and even if you are focused on something else when you are out in the garden, there is no lovelier background noise than the soft babbling of a water feature in full flow. It is all about the ambiance!

4. Swing Seat

From plastic lawn furniture to a squishy outdoor bean bag, there are plenty of ways to take a seat in the garden. Everyone will have a different preference when it comes to outdoor seating solutions, but there is one thing that pretty much everyone has in common: we all love a swing seat! There is something about the gentle back-and-forth motion that appeals to a very primal part of the human brain, and if you want a spot where you can sit and read a book - or just somewhere to relax after a hard day’s gardening - then a swing seat is ideal. A hammock will also make a fine addition to any outdoor space; it has that same superb swing to it, and makes the perfect place for a snooze when the summer sun is shining.

5. Barbecue

The final outdoor essential on this list is unlikely to be something you use very frequently, but you will surely agree that anyone with a garden should have a barbecue on standby. You never know when the weather might suddenly warm up, and when it does, the guy (or girl) with the barbecue always becomes the most popular person in town!

       Disclaimer: I have received compensation in return for publishing this article.

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