Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guest post- Interior design for your car!

Our cars do a lot for us. They get us where we want to go and let us fill them to the brim with bags of shopping, so we need to make sure they look good! There are so many ways to transform your car, and Izzy - a writer for British company, - has written this guide to tell you how.

Back to basics

Before you start your design overhaul, you might need to do a spot of spring cleaning. Get rid off all your rogue sweet wrappers and remove the children's toys, books or anything else you might have hanging around in the trunk. Choose what theme you are going for. It could be your favorite colors, shabby chic style or the luxury, executive look you are after. It is really up to you.

Simple accessorizing

Once you have decided what style you are going for, you can start adding simple accessories. Steering wheel covers, for example, come in a variety of styles and materials. From fake fur to leather, they do not cost a lot and can be changed easily, so you are not committing to anything.

Custom seat covers are also a quick and simple way to add character to your car. Match them to your steering wheel cover or get them professionally made to order. There are a lot of retailers online offering custom seat designs, from tan leather to more family-friendly waterproof designs, so there's bound to be something you will love.

DIY fabric panels

Get inventive with some of your favorite fabric by cutting it to fit sections of your car. You could place it around the inside of the car door handle, for example, to add a personalized, but subtle bit of interior decor. Leopard print or floral patterns are both very popular options, but whatever fabric you love will work.


If you have a thing for cushions, you will know they are not just for the sofa. Buy some cushions which match your design. They do not have to be from motoring retailers, so shop around! You could even make your own or get the kids to draw some designs to have printed on them. This is a great idea if they will be the ones in the back most of the time!

Vintage look

It is possible to make even modern cars look vintage on the inside. You just have to get creative. Make your own shabby chic air freshener and hang it from your rear view mirror. Use your favorite essential oil to make your car smell as good as it looks.

You can buy vintage car parts from a range of classic cars on the internet. Interior and dashboard lights are available from old Aston Martins and other classic cars we all dream of owning!


Practical but important, storage units are a great way to keep everything organized in your car. You can get them in all shapes and sizes. After all, you would not want to get all of your new interior wet!

This guest post was written by Izzy Guarella; a writer at and lover of unique car designs.

Disclaimer: I have received compensation in return for publishing this article.

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