Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The One Room Challenge- Week 6:The Big Reveal (Updated Version)!

Today is week 6 of the One Room Challenge. This is the moment we have all been waiting for, The Big Reveal. If you have missed previous posts, please click here

Before we proceed, I would like to say a big thank you to Linda from My Crafty Home Life for coming up with this fabulous challenge and invited me to participate. It has been great getting to know other participants and support each other to finish up our rooms. 

I know I have bored you with my hardwood floor installation for five whole weeks so I am going to show you the pictures of my master bedroom instead. I hope it's worth the wait! :)

I will let the pictures do the talking..........

(Please note: The old photos were removed. These new photos were taken by my husband when he came home today.)

Evening shots:

Morning shots:

What do you think of my master bedroom? I am planning to discuss the details of this makeover and include the resources for all the items in my bedroom next Wednesday. So, check back next week, if you like. (Update: You can check out the list of resources here.)

Both my husband and I have been working around the clock to get this room finished. If it was not for the challenge, we would probably take another month or two to complete it. I really wanted to have the reveal today so I stayed up all night. Yup, didn't sleep at all, can you believe that?

Anyway, hope you enjoy the makeover. My eyes can barely stay open now. Alright, got to go take a nap now. 

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  1. No Sleep......gurl..... we would have understood! Such a pretty cozy and inviting. Love the accessories and the blue with the warm wood tones! I know the floors were a pain....but they are finished now so you can enjoy your space :)

  2. Jessie, the room is lovely. I love the bed, chairs and all the accessories. love that wedding picture. deserve it! Great Job

  3. Lookin good Jessie! Great job on all that hard work on the floors. I love the wooden mirrors over the bedside tables!

  4. This looks gorgeous! So, so pretty. I hope you get some good rest!

  5. Tres fab! Reminds me of the rooms at the Round Hill hotel in Jamaica.
    feels very island chic. That lucite coffee table is the perfect choice against the dark furnishings and floors. Only wish I could see more of the floors! i.e. your hubbys handiwork. Good job guys and please get some much needed sleep. Linda worked you guys to the bone.

  6. A very romantic bed! It must feel like you have woken up on holidays every morning, with those sweeps of curtain around it. How lovely. x

  7. What a great reveal! love the crispness of the room! And love the pillows you used to accessorize! Great job!

  8. I love the canopy bed, Jessie and it has some great throw pillows. Nicely styled table as well. A great challenge that has got all you ladies working really hard to achieve great results.

  9. Girlfriend you did it!! I was so worried when I was reading how unpredictable the floors were going for you. I hope you are sleeping well, now. Great job. I love white bedding and the blue is so crisp and fresh. What a fun rug. I find the picture taking part so hard. Well done.

  10. How in the world did you get all this together so fast, Jessie?? It's so well done and GORGEOUS!! And I just have to say. Lucite and kelly green in the same photo. Dying. Way to go! Your bedroom is beautiful!

  11. Wow- the reveal is amazing and well worth the wait! You must be so excited and proud to have it all complete! Bravo to you both!! :)

  12. Jessie this is amazing! This room feels like a retreat, like an expensive hotel somewhere in an exotic island! I'm your biggest fan!

  13. Ahhhh....but what better a place to crash than your cozy master room!


  14. Wow - isn't it amazing what a deadline and an audience will do to help motivate projects getting finished? This is an amazing reveal. Love it - and love that I was introduced to your blog through the six week challenge. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  15. It is gorgeous, Jessie. Love the cowhide rug on the gorgeous hardwoods and the beautiful accessories on the coffee it all!!

  16. Wow Jessie,

    Beautiful and very chic!
    So warm and inviting, so romantic, and chic on top of that!

    Congrats on gettingit all done!

    Hope you were able to get some rest!

  17. Oh. Wowie. Zowie. Seriously. How amazing is this?? And you thought you weren't going ot make it?!?! Liar! It looks beyond fabulous!

  18. WOW Jessie - FAB room - you guys did so well - I love it:)

  19. Aaaahhhhh Jessie; it's absolutely gorgeous!!!!! You guys did a fantastic job!!!! I love how restful and luxurious it looks. The styling is so perfect. I would love to have a bedroom just like this!!!
    Now go take a nap in that beautiful bed- you deserve it!!

  20. Jessie...I just LOVE so many elements of this space...the sitting area..SUPERB...the blue (fun but elegant) pillows FAB...and the rugs...just perfect! You really did a wonderful job...this is one of my faves!

  21. I came back to see your new photos. I think you did an incredible job here. You should be so excited and proud!! It's absolutely beautiful!

  22. Wow! Looks the sitting area (that coffee table!) Great job! Can't believe what you finished in 6 weeks...congratulations, Lauren

  23. Great bedroom Jessie! So many things to admire, THAT bed, the floors, the lamps, the cushions and such a great large space -love the sitting area too. And I think I pretty much have all those books. Congrats! You must be so thrilled.


  24. Jessie, what a beautiful retreat for you and your husband! I love the mix of neutrals, textures and the pop of green! I hope you caught up on sleep this weekend and had beautiful dreams in that new room!! xo


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