Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Our guest bedroom (work in progress) Part 8!

Welcome back, my lovelies!

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I have been waiting for my bedding forever and now all my bed essentials are finally here! Here is a sneak peek!

What do you think of my new bedding? I am absolutely thrilled with the bedding I picked because the blue band on my bedding and on my roman shades are almost an identical color, a total score! I was concerned at first and afraid one might came in a dark navy and the other one in a bright blue but fortunately, I took a chance and it paid off! :)

Last weekend, my husband helped me installed the coat hooks under my artwork. This time I am satisfied with the location of the hooks, no more changes!

I am happy with how everything turned out! At the moment, this room is about 95% completed! Currently, I am just waiting for two back ordered quatrefoil mirrors which will be delivered in December. 

Thanks to those who have been following my week-to-week progress and to all my new readers for checking out my room makeover. Stay tuned for the big reveal in December!

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  1. The room is awesome! I love the new location for the hooks!

  2. Wow! am so behind your room week by week is wonderful... great job on the top of blue, art work and gold it all!

  3. LOVE IT! Simplicity is everything when it comes to bedding and I love what you chose!


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