Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall/ Winter 2014- Your Guide to the Key Interior Design Trends!

As the leaves begin to brown and fall from the trees, fall is upon us and the memories of our recent summer holidays are fading fast. However, this time of the year certainly should not be all doom and gloom as there are some fantastic interior design trends set to warm up your home throughout the colder months and give you the lift you will undoubtedly be looking for.

We have teamed up with the experts at KES Lighting to take a closer look at just a few of the trends we believe are set to be hot in the interior design world during autumn/winter 2014.

Combine the old with the new

The coming seasons offer you the perfect opportunity to combine older features with those that are brand new. This contrasting look is set to be incredibly popular as homeowners look to restore a bit of tradition alongside the many modern day essentials that are now commonplace in our homes.

This trend therefore gives you the perfect opportunity to head out to the antique or second hand shops to find a bargain and incorporate your purchase perfectly into your interior design.

Lighting with the ‘wow’ factor

Whilst lighting is of course a vitally important part of your home, the actual lights themselves can become stunning features of your interior. Lighting needs to add warmth to your space, particularly as the nights draw in early and the cold weather takes hold, so designs with an abundance of glass which reflect the light all around the room are set to be popular.

Floor lamps are the easiest and most effective way to achieve the desired ‘wow’ factor, becoming a feature that immediately draws the eye when entering a room alongside creating the warming effect that every home needs during these colder months.

Go for Tartan

Tartan is all set to be bang on trend this coming autumn and winter, with a tartan blanket hanging off the back of a chair or sofa instantly adding a feeling of warmth to the room. Whilst effectively adding character and an element of luxury, it is wise not to add too much in the one space though as things can quickly turn and start to look overcrowded.

Ideal for adding some texture to a room, tartan as well as heavier wool rugs and blankets should contrast in colour to that of your room for the best end results. For instance, if you have calm, neutral colours on the walls, opt for a bolder pattern on your blankets or rug to create the perfect mix in your setting.

Get cozy with knits

After a long day at work on a cold, dark winter’s eve, there is arguably nothing better than snuggling down on your sofa in front of the TV with a warm drink. To add further comfort to this experience, knitted cushions are the order of the day, with these designs set to get increasingly popular during the coming seasons.

Chunky knitted cushions and the strangely named pouffe, which is in essence a larger knitted ball of wool to rest your feet on, will immediately add a feeling of warmth to your space and help you to feel cozy no matter what the weather outside.

Winter are fast approaching, so make sure your home is set for the colder months by incorporating some of these interior designs trends to add warmth, comfort and luxury; a complete contrast to the weather when you look outside! 

This post was written by Oliver Kyle in partnership with KES Lighting; retailers of a wide variety of stylish lighting designs to complement the look and feel of your home all year round.

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