Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Product review- Phorus PS5 Speaker!

Many of you might not know it but music is a big part of my life. I love to sing and listen to music and there's not a single day that goes by without music in our household. So, when I was offered a chance to try the Phorus PS5, a wireless speaker, how I can resist?

Let's take a look at this wonderful speaker!

The first thing that grabs me about Phorus PS5 is its beautiful, elegant design. Its small footprint (11.2x4.9x2.9 inches) allows me to put this speaker practically everywhere, even in a small surface area. 

What I really love about this speaker is its flexibility and ease of use. It instantly connects to any smartphone, tablet or computer, using DTS Play-Fi (Play-Fi Technology is found in a broad range of brands from ultra-luxury McIntosh Audio to handcrafted speaker company Wren) or premium Bluetooth. 

Setting up the speaker was a breeze. To get started, I just plug in the speaker, download the Phorus app and with a minute or two, I was able to enjoy my favorite music from my YouTube playlist. There's a free Phorus app for Android, Kindle Fire, and iOS and it plays from your music library, Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, Rhapsody, SiriusXM, AM/AM/ Internet radio, Podcasts and more!

Quality wise, it produces a powerful, crystal clear sound at every volume level. I also like that I can adjust the volume setting to a really loud level so when I am cooking in the kitchen (with the loud kitchen ventilator), my music is not compromised.

If you are a music lover, has an existing Wi-Fi network in your home and is looking for a great speaker that lets you stream high quality audio right from your smartphone, tablet, Kindle Fire or PC, the smart Phorus PS5 might be the wireless speaker you are looking for!

Get your own Phorus PS5 here!

*I have received this product to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Designing The Perfect Back Garden!

This article is provided by Daniel Lummis.

Designing the perfect back garden does not have to take much time or effort- this simple guide has some great ideas which can be implemented quickly and cheaply. Read on to find out more.

Install A Fence

Installing a fence will increase the security of a garden. This is a good way to define house boundaries between neighbours. Always consult with the neighbours before putting any barriers up. This will help to prevent any potential arguments. Fences can be augmented with vines and flowers to make them look a lot more appealing.

Put Up Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds in Perth can be used to give privacy to a garden shed which is being used as a study or a play area. These blinds can also be installed outside any rooms which face onto the garden. Put up Westral’s outdoor blinds in Perth to prevent prying eyes from looking inside. Blinds also help to keep buildings cool during hot weather, as they deflect heat.

Lay Down A Patio

Use decking or paving slabs to create a patio which can be used to relax on during glorious summer days. Decking and slabs can be bought for extremely reasonable prices, so do not worry that a new patio will break the bank. Sometimes patios can be overexposed to the sun’s heat, so grow some plants or put up awnings around the patio to deflect some of the sun’s rays.

Buy Garden Ornaments

Ornaments can bring a garden to life and turn what was a boring backyard into a natural art gallery. Statues can be used to create a striking contrast with the house. Why not install some Greek-style statues next to an art-deco house, or put modern sculptures next to a hundred-year-old cottage? This clash of styles can be extremely appealing to the eye and will get visitors talking.

Put Up A Gazebo

A gazebo will give the family a place to cool off when they are in the garden. Gazebos can also be turned into a bandstand or an area to serve food during a garden party.

Plant Flowers

A garden should be a riot of color. If plants and flowers are dead or dying, dig them out and replace them with vibrant new plants. This will give the garden a much-needed lift and will also attract all manner of wildlife, from birds to bees, to the backyard. If you are unsure what to plant, this guide to growing sunflowers is a great place to start, as these are flowers even the most novice gardener can grow.Vines and creepers on the outside walls can give any house a unique look.

Plant Trees

Planting a tree will give the garden a strong focal point. The tree will become home to all kinds of animals, and can be decorated with lights during holidays and on special occasions. Make sure that trees are regularly maintained because they can cause problems if they get out of hand.

Follow this guide for designing the perfect back garden. Good luck!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Guide To Interiors: How To Source Good Quality Products!

This article is provided by Samantha Waites.

Today, more people than ever before are choosing to arrange a stay in serviced apartments. The fact that these accommodations offer far more flexibility and comfort when it comes to space and privacy, has helped them increase in popularity amongst holiday makers, the world’s business community, and those looking just looking to re-locate for short periods of time.

As a result, more and more individuals are recognizing the significant return on investment that comes hand in hand with running a serviced apartment in a rapidly expanding sector. Of course, where there is competition, it is important that furnishing professionals offer a unique approach to integrating high quality linen, home comforts and other interiors into  their apartments.

To assist with blending an interior with good quality well sourced products, we have created a helpful guide that all furnishers can use for best effect.

Choosing your linen and furnishings

Although you will be able to find plenty of linen and soft furnishings in high street stores, we recommend turning to a reputable and experienced hotel linen supplier instead. 

This approach will not only allow for the guarantee of quality, solid durability and comfort in linen and soft furnishings, but this will also ensure your guests are able to enjoy the utmost hotel luxury. All of these factors help make an apartment stand out from industry competition.

Build a relationship with your supplier

Forging strong relationships with an experienced supplier is a great way to acquire a lot of insider tips and tricks for catering to guests. The majority of hotel linen suppliers are extremely experienced at sharing  knowledge of different types of linen with you, including the thread counts and weaves they possess, which will effectively allow you to source the very best products for your guests. 

Of course, professional linen suppliers can also help you choose the best products for your brand, regardless of whether your business falls under the boutique or budget category of furnishing requirements.

More choice

One of the main advantages of dealing directly with an experienced supplier is that you will be able to find far greater choice than you will when relying on High Street stores, especially when it comes to luxury or regular hotel bedding, duvets, linen and toweling choices. So whether you are looking for flame retardant soft furnishings or anti allergenic bedding for guests who suffer from allergies, you will be certainly able to find interiors that meet your exact specifications.

Tailor-made products

It is not unusual for many brands to incorporate an identity into individual décor choices as one of the many ways to boost brand identity. And another advantage of contacting a professional supplier is that the products you choose can be tailored to meet your  requirements, which is perfect if you want your apartment to look a certain way regarding  the color scheme, theme and décor you use. 

For example, many suppliers offer a service in which they help you achieve a variety of different appearances. From country chic through to a more contemporary urban feel, many well-established suppliers will even help you to choose the right fabrics and colors based on your vision. 

Blackout lining

There really is nothing more annoying than the sun shining through your window in the morning when you are enjoying a sound and comfortable sleep. And when it comes to purchasing curtains for your apartment, we would definitely recommend opting for curtains that have a blackout lining to ensure the quality of your guests' sleep is undisturbed.

You will be able to find these types of curtains from a hotel provider. If you stand any chance of optimizing the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your serviced apartment, it certainly pays to know how to source good quality interiors that will not let you down when it comes to style, cost and quality.

From connecting and engaging with the right suppliers through to choosing soft furnishings and tailor made solutions that reflect the style of your apartment, there are lots of ways that you can integrate high quality linen, home comforts and other interiors into your apartment.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to Design Your Home Around Your HVAC Components!

This post is provided by Debra Lewis.

Decorating your home is a fun way to show your unique style and personality. However, sometimes important fixtures around your home can get in the way of that style or be unsightly. Whether it is a metal vent cover, an awkwardly shaped thermostat, or a cumbersome wall unit, HVAC components do not always jive with interior design. You can overcome the rough look of HVAC components with these five tips.

Disguise Vents

Vents should never be covered up because it can cause serious problems for your HVAC system. Your system needs to be able to take in and expel air throughout your home. Blocking these vents can harm your system and make it run less efficiently. However, that does not mean you can not disguise vents.

If you have a vent with a metal cover, you can paint the cover to match your décor or the color of your wall. If you are the artistic type, you may even want to paint your vent cover with a lovely image and put a frame around it. If your vents are low to the ground, consider placing a decorative bench or side table in front of the vent. As long as the vent is unobstructed under the bench or table, you can gracefully hide the vent cover without risking any problems for your HVAC system.

Cover Thermostats & Wall Units

Flat, rectangular thermostats are easily covered up with a little elbow grease. By adding a hinge to the back of a lovely picture or framed mirror, you can create a sneaky little hideaway for your thermostat. Wall air conditioning units may seem impossible to hide, but by removing the back from a small wall cabinet and hanging it in front of your wall unit, you can create a cute decorative element in your home. When it is time to turn on the AC, just open the cabinet doors and enjoy.

Garden Around Outdoor Meters

Outdoor meters and HVAC components can be a distraction from your gorgeous landscaping. You want everyone to see how hard you have worked on that luscious lawn and those beautiful rose bushes- not to see the ugly gray contraption alongside your home. Put your gardening skills to work by hiding your air conditioner unit with an attractive, breathable siding or by planting shrubs around the base. As long as the unit has proper air flow.

Create a Collage

Sometimes bulky thermostats, vents, or other HVAC components can not be covered up. In that case, blend these unattractive items in with a lovely collage of framed pictures, art, mirrors, and other wall décor. By surrounding a thermostat or air vent with personalized wall decorations, you will draw attention to your charming mementos rather than to that unsightly HVAC component.

Upgrade Old Components

Older HVAC components may be big and bulky. The next time your HVAC system is getting a tune-up during its regular maintenance plan, ask about newer, smaller components. Smaller items are easier to hide and can be more easily incorporated into your lovely home décor. 

Just because your home needs these uncouth HVAC components to function properly does not mean they can not be made over. Get creative by using these great design tips for hiding the HVAC components around your home.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Four Benefits Of A Geothermal HVAC System For Your Home!

This post is provided by Debra Lewis.

In today's world of constantly evolving technology and miracles of engineering, there is always a better way. The latest developments in home heating systems are leading homeowners towards the use of geothermal HVAC systems. A geothermal HVAC system is based on using the earth's constant temperature rather than the varying temperature of the air. If you like the sound of saving money and making your home a better place, read on.

Save Money

Everyone likes to save money, right? Wouldn't your home be a better place if you could spend less money on utility bills and more money on building a quality life and happy memories with your loved ones? A geothermal HVAC system is more than four times as efficient as a gas furnace. Rather than creating heat like a furnace does, a geothermal unit transfers the heat from the earth to your home. This means your unit will consume less energy and work easier with a more efficient process, which translates into big savings for you.

Keep the Peace

A happy home is a peaceful home, full of comfort, safety, and love. There's nothing more disturbing on a quiet weekend afternoon than hearing the rumble of a noisy HVAC system. With a geothermal unit, however, you can be sure no conversation is interrupted, no children are woken up early from naps, and no Netflix session needs to be enjoyed with the volume cranked up to deafening. A geothermal HVAC unit is as quiet as a refrigerator, so you never have to bother with the obnoxious sounds of a traditional system clicking on and ramping up.

Help the Earth

According to the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, geothermal systems are the very best in environmentally friendly home heating systems. Traditional home heating systems emit greenhouse gases that can harm the environment and draw costly amounts of energy from local power supplies. All this adds up to a heavy carbon footprint. A geothermal heating system uses the natural heat stored in the earth without emitting any greenhouse gases and by drawing much less power. If you like the idea of reducing your carbon footprint, consider switching to a geothermal unit.

Prevent Dangerous Accidents

If not properly installed and maintained, a gas or electric furnace could pose a hazard to your home. Traditional heating systems use a combustion process to generate heat to warm your home. If something goes amiss, there is the potential for a fire to spark up. However, with a geothermal system, there is no such combustion process, so your heating system will be safer for your home and your family. Another risk of gas furnaces is the potential for gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. A geothermal unit removes this threat since it requires no gas to efficiently heat your home. Geothermal units are gradually gaining in popularity as more people become aware of this amazing way to harness the earth’s natural heat. Save money, help the earth, and enjoy a safer, quieter home with a geothermal heating system.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

What is all the fuss about engineered wood flooring?

This article is provided by Becky Knowles.

Move over solid wood, there is a new wood in town and its call engineered. For centuries solid wood, with its authentic natural beauty, and durable nature has been a true favorite when it comes to flooring. Now, with a solid wood top and a plywood (or HDF) base, Engineered Wood Flooring has come into the mix and there is simply no competition. 

If you are wondering why engineered wood flooring is so good? Here we will talk about the benefits of engineered wood and why it is the way forward for wood flooring. 

Looks like solid wood!

With a solid wood surface, engineered wood looks just as authentic and striking as a solid wood board – you would not be able to see any difference once it has been laid! 

Structural stability

Wood naturally expands and contracts throughout environmental and seasonal changes. If a solid wood floor is not laid correctly or the environment is not stable enough it could warp or lift. By bonding plywood layers horizontally to the solid wood veneer a structurally solid board is created. With excessive heat and humidity fluctuations experienced in a conservatory and kitchen, wood flooring has previously been a no go due to the high potential for damage. However, with engineered wood’s ingenious construction the boards are less reactive to humidity and heat fluctuations than solid wood, barely moving throughout these changes and can therefore be laid in these rooms. Plus, unlike solid wood, engineered wood can also be laid over underfloor heating.

Wider boards

Wide flooring boards are much rarer than narrow boards due to the need for older and thicker trees to be harvested. On top of this, solid wood boards can only be made to a certain width as the wider the board the more susceptible it is to bowing. With the added support of the plywood back, bowing is no longer a problem and engineered boards can be made much wider. Plus, as only a relatively thin veneer is needed more boards can be made with a small amount of wood! 


Just like solid wood, engineered is available in a huge range of finishes, colours, grades styles and sizes available so you can pick the perfect wood for your home and lifestyle.


One of the best things about a wood floor is its longevity and its ability to gain more character as it ages. Engineered boards are incredibly durable and their ability to handle heavy footfall means they can last a lifetime. Over time wood can start to look tired (after around 10 years) and scratched but this can be solved by simply sanding and re-finishing it. Engineered wood can sand be sanded once every 1mm veneer, so long as 1mm remains (a 5mm veneer can be sanded 4 times). 

Cost = Investment

Although wood flooring is considered to be expensive, the longevity of the flooring as well as its timeless beauty and ability to add value to your home makes it much more of an investment. Besides this, with suppliers like offering a huge range of engineered and solid wood all at amazing low prices, wood flooring will no longer break the bank. A wood floor will add class and style to any room and with all the benefits of engineered wood you can get a naturally beautiful floor with an abundance of character combined with the valuable qualities provided by its effective structure. So if you are thinking of getting a wood floor, you might want to have a look at engineered wood as an option!