Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Guide To Interiors: How To Source Good Quality Products!

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Today, more people than ever before are choosing to arrange a stay in serviced apartments. The fact that these accommodations offer far more flexibility and comfort when it comes to space and privacy, has helped them increase in popularity amongst holiday makers, the world’s business community, and those looking just looking to re-locate for short periods of time.

As a result, more and more individuals are recognizing the significant return on investment that comes hand in hand with running a serviced apartment in a rapidly expanding sector. Of course, where there is competition, it is important that furnishing professionals offer a unique approach to integrating high quality linen, home comforts and other interiors into  their apartments.

To assist with blending an interior with good quality well sourced products, we have created a helpful guide that all furnishers can use for best effect.

Choosing your linen and furnishings

Although you will be able to find plenty of linen and soft furnishings in high street stores, we recommend turning to a reputable and experienced hotel linen supplier instead. 

This approach will not only allow for the guarantee of quality, solid durability and comfort in linen and soft furnishings, but this will also ensure your guests are able to enjoy the utmost hotel luxury. All of these factors help make an apartment stand out from industry competition.

Build a relationship with your supplier

Forging strong relationships with an experienced supplier is a great way to acquire a lot of insider tips and tricks for catering to guests. The majority of hotel linen suppliers are extremely experienced at sharing  knowledge of different types of linen with you, including the thread counts and weaves they possess, which will effectively allow you to source the very best products for your guests. 

Of course, professional linen suppliers can also help you choose the best products for your brand, regardless of whether your business falls under the boutique or budget category of furnishing requirements.

More choice

One of the main advantages of dealing directly with an experienced supplier is that you will be able to find far greater choice than you will when relying on High Street stores, especially when it comes to luxury or regular hotel bedding, duvets, linen and toweling choices. So whether you are looking for flame retardant soft furnishings or anti allergenic bedding for guests who suffer from allergies, you will be certainly able to find interiors that meet your exact specifications.

Tailor-made products

It is not unusual for many brands to incorporate an identity into individual décor choices as one of the many ways to boost brand identity. And another advantage of contacting a professional supplier is that the products you choose can be tailored to meet your  requirements, which is perfect if you want your apartment to look a certain way regarding  the color scheme, theme and décor you use. 

For example, many suppliers offer a service in which they help you achieve a variety of different appearances. From country chic through to a more contemporary urban feel, many well-established suppliers will even help you to choose the right fabrics and colors based on your vision. 

Blackout lining

There really is nothing more annoying than the sun shining through your window in the morning when you are enjoying a sound and comfortable sleep. And when it comes to purchasing curtains for your apartment, we would definitely recommend opting for curtains that have a blackout lining to ensure the quality of your guests' sleep is undisturbed.

You will be able to find these types of curtains from a hotel provider. If you stand any chance of optimizing the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your serviced apartment, it certainly pays to know how to source good quality interiors that will not let you down when it comes to style, cost and quality.

From connecting and engaging with the right suppliers through to choosing soft furnishings and tailor made solutions that reflect the style of your apartment, there are lots of ways that you can integrate high quality linen, home comforts and other interiors into your apartment.

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