Thursday, November 27, 2014

Guest post- How To Find The Right Tankini For You!

A tankini only entered the fashion world in the 90's and it was invented to combine the modest coverage of a one-piece halter without losing the effect of a sexy bikini. The tankini is quite young in history, but has already claimed the market with its innovations and traditional style. This suit came to birth as a solution to undesirable characteristics we do not want to show. The tankini offered a flattered fit to your body.

There are many types of tankinis. Let us evaluate them all:

Halter tankini: This is the most popular one. This halter highlights the shoulder, collarbone and cleavage areas. It looks absolutely stunning. Women who are full-figured will benefit from this design.

Apron tankini: It is a banded top with drapes that acts like an apron. This unique tankini bares more skin than the traditional one since it leaves the back uncovered. Almost all apron tankinis are full color and sleek fabrics to accentuate the design.

Underwire tankini: The best one of all since it offers the benefits of a two piece swimsuit supporting the bust. This is usually designed for women who do not want to expose much skin, but do not want to use a cover up.

Boy short tankini: Consist of tank tops and shorts that will cover your hips. Perfect when you are looking to be comfy and relaxed. The tank will cover much of your belly, but will show some of your middle section. Perfect for new mommies or women who just want to feel secure and modest.

After you decide which tankini is better for you there are other things we need to consider in our final decision:

1.  Design: Flattering and enhancing to your figure.

2. Color: Dark ones make you look slimmer and brighter ones will enhance your curves.

3. Fabric: For comfort spandex or cotton. The best one a high quality one.

After all, tankinis are perfect for mix and match because you can combine anything with it. There are endless combinations and things you can do with them. There are unique challenges we all have to deal with when it comes to the bathing suit season, but fashion has given us the opportunity to make lemonade with the lemons we have. They are a magnificent alternative to camouflage certain parts and move freely.

We need to add some attitude into our lives and free ourselves from the regular bathing suits. Are you tired of the same old same old and are ready to try something new? Well, there is the tankini, a unique, stylish and modern suit that provides us with that freedom we have been waiting for. 

Last season I wore a tankini for the first time and let me tell you I have never felt so sexy and comfortable in one suit. Whatever the reason you are choosing a tankini, you are required to enjoy it for all its effects. A great place to shop for your tankinis is, a unique place where there are many styles, colors and designers to choose from. I challenge you to try it because I know you would not regret it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Product review- Geluxury treatment slippers!

I always have dry, cracked heels because I have a habit of washing my feet everyday and never remember to put some moisturizing lotion on them (my bad, I know) so when the nice people from Geluxury offered to send me a pair of stylish treatment slippers to try, how I can refuse? Thanks Geluxury!

The great thing about Geluxury slippers is they help repair your entire foot especially if you have cracked heels, calluses, dry, tough skin and damaged cuticles allowing your feet to become smoother, softer, and younger looking with their deep-hydrating skin treatment. 

Each pair of Geluxury slippers is lined with their patent-pending SmartGel lining. The lining is infused with seven therapeutic botanicals and ceramides and enriched with aloe vera, green tea and willow. Plus, they are dermatologist tested and built to last for hundreds of treatments, how fabulous is that?

Currently, they have two slipper designs to select from: Leopard or Cuddle Cow. I picked the leopard of course, it was a no-brainer!

The beautiful model absolutely rocked those leopard slippers.

My turn to try rock the leopard slippers! :)

These slippers are made for indoor use only but they reminded me of those stylish flats you want to wear everyday when you go out.

A peek at the SmartGel lining!

The soles.

My verdict? I love my fabulous Geluxury slippers! The design is beautiful and the slippers seems well-made. When I put the slippers on, they feel cold, smooth and gel-like. A few minutes later, they warm up to the temperature of my body and envelope my feet in the coziest way. They feel comfortable and not oily at all.

To achieve optimal results for your feet, you will have to wear them for 20-30 minutes everyday for 30 days. I have only wore mine for six or seven times and I already see some difference. Now my feet feel softer and smoother. I have to remember to wear them everyday to achieve the best results!

You have to love a product that is convenient, fairly inexpensive, effective and looks great at the same time. Highly recommended!

Don't forget to get yours here.

Disclosure: I received this product to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tips to spruce up your home interiors!

Sometimes, it so happens that even if you have invested a whole lot of time and money into decorating a room, it can still look quite dull and uninteresting. You may have bought the best of furniture and accessories, but sometimes even they cannot make a room look appealing and attractive.

The following are a number of tips that you can incorporate into your home interior design in order to spruce up and revitalize its look.

Update the furniture

Having proper and appropriate furniture is probably one of the most important ways of adding an element of interest to any room. If you think the current furniture in your home is lacking that something special, it may be time to think about updating its look. This can be done by purchasing new key pieces that will uplift the look of the room by adding a touch of freshness and rejuvenation to it.

Experiment with textures

When it comes to interior design, you do not have to match textures. Experimenting with different types of textures in accessories, furnishing and furniture can really make a room appear interesting and unique. Smooth silk cushions look great with rugged upholstery and glass has a way of complimenting rugged wood. Victorian column radiators, like those from, look great when paired with antique furniture and matching accessories. Having said this, there is no rule to say what you should and should not do when it comes to playing around with textures so you can be as inventive and imaginative as you like.

Think practical

Yes, you may want to have rooms in your home that look great and feel luxurious, but what happens if the issue of practicality is not paid attention to? You have guessed it – you will end with a beautiful looking home that is not all that practical. Pretty pointless, right? To spruce up your home interiors, you must ensure that each room in your home is designed and adequately furnished to fit its purpose. Making this simple change to your home can instantly make it look more inviting and fell more practical and enjoyable to be in.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

Accessories can be made use of very cleverly in order to create a focal point of interest in a room. Interesting pieces need not always be expensive pieces. In fact, your local flea market may be able to provide you with key items that will be effective in sprucing up the look of your home interiors. A little time and money investment in accessories can go a long way when it comes to transforming the appearance of any room.

Other things like adding beautiful flower arrangements and abstract art pieces can also work wonders for your home décor. As with the accessories, sprucing up the look of your home does not have to cost you an absolute fortune. It just needs some careful thought, meticulous planning and lots of creativity and practical thinking. When the time to give your home a makeover comes around, following the above advice is sure to have it looking like new in no time at all!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Guest post- Giving your home a funky and unique makeover!

It seems that many of us are looking for unique and funky ways in which to decorate our homes. Decorating your living space is an exciting project and no matter whether you have an entire property to work with, or just a single room, getting creative and putting your own stamp on things is an awesome way of expressing your personality. 

No matter what your budget, there are plenty of ways for you to give your home an interesting makeover, from re-claiming and upcycling old pieces of furniture and ornaments, to distressing newer pieces and giving them a contemporary look. Here are a few simple ideas to give you inspiration for giving your home a makeover with a difference.

Source Vintage And Antique Pieces

There is no better way to create an interesting home than mixing new with old – think 60s meets the 20s meets 2014! Antiques and vintage pieces are becoming more and more popular when it comes to decorating – and I can see why, as even the process of sourcing these pieces is exciting.

Taxidermy (or if you would prefer not to have animal bones mounted on your wall, crochetdermy), can add an old-time look to your home. Mix this with more contemporary, conversational patterned wallpaper and you can add an interesting focal point to any of your rooms. Victorian Gothic pieces are a great way of drawing attention to your decorating style too. However, if you prefer something a little more subtle, then there are plenty of easy to do projects that you can do at home that incorporate both old and contemporary. 

Give New Furniture A Makeover

If you want to refresh your home, then there is no better place to start than by adding new furniture. I am sure many of you are drawn to vintage furniture rather than newer pieces, but do not panic! There is a huge amount of potential in new pieces of furniture and so many ways in which you can give it the character of an older piece. 

Invest in good, solid pieces of furniture such as the pieces available from Furniture Plus Online and use paint or colorful fabrics to give them a whole new look! If you have access to a sewing machine, you can easily create some gorgeous chair slips in your favorite fabrics, which can be made to match other aspects in your room – simple and cheap!

All The Small Things

From the color scheme you choose for your walls to the pictures you hang, the finishing touches speak volumes when it comes to décor. Adding clusters of succulents and cacti to coffee tables, or using vintage wooden stepladders to display plants around your home is a sweet way of bringing the outdoors in. Do not over clutter! This is something that is so easy to do – especially if you are a hoarder of beautiful things like me - but should be avoided as much as possible as it can make a place look messy and disorganized. 

I hope this gives you plenty of inspiration to transform your space into something spectacular! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Product review- Prize Candles!

I love how scented candles lift up your mood instantly. So when I was offered an opportunity to try a new scented candle, I instantly agreed, thanks to the nice people at Prize Candle!

If you are new to Prize Candle, allow me do a little introduction. Prize Candle is an eco-conscious candle line that is sophisticated and refined, yet affordable and festive. So, what differentiates Prize Candle from other scented candles? While other scented candles offer you candles (obviously), each Prize Candle comes with a surprise! Every candle comes with a hidden ring that ranges from $10 to $5,000. How fun and exciting is that!

Some of the fabulous candles offered on their website.

Since I love the smell of nature, I picked two candles that are nature-related, the Garden Rose and Provence Lavender. Here they are!

I love their beautiful packaging designs!

On top of the packaging, they read, "Discover a prize valued at $10 to $5,000 in every eco-conscious premium soy candle".

Here's what the candles look like after the packaging are removed!

My beautiful Garden Rose candle when it was lit.

I forgot to take a picture of my Provence Lavender candle when I lit it for the first time. Here it is after a few hours of burning time!

Here's my hidden ring from the Provence Lavender candle!

My verdict? I really love both the candles I selected! Made of all natural pure premium soy wax, they are produced in the USA and do not contain any parabens, ammonia, chlorine or lauramide DEA & pesticide free! 

Both candles exuded a distinct fragrance even when they were still in their boxes. The Garden Rose candle smelled sweet and delightful while the Provence Lavender candle smelled fresh and invigorating, reminding me of a scent from a bottle of high-end perfume! Even when they are unlit, I always catch a whiff of the scents when I am at a distance. Each of their 9 oz candles are designed to burn up to 60 hours. The best part is, they are smokeless and they burn cleanly.

To retrieve my hidden ring, I lit the Provence Lavender for about two to three hours before I found a small piece of plastic container inside. Inside the plastic container was a baggie with a ring accompanied by a tiny piece of paper that had a code on it. 

To find out the value of the ring, I simply entered a code at the company's website for an instant appraisal and guess what, my ring is worth $10! Although the ring is not exactly my style and is a little too big for me, I had a great time prying it out from the candle. The anticipation definitely made it a fun experience!

Overall, I am very satisfied and impressed with the quality of these fabulous candles! I would personally buy it for myself even if there is no fun, hidden rings inside each candle because the candles themselves are well worth the money in my opinion. Highly recommend!

*I received these products to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are my own.

These candles are eco-conscious, beautifully packaged with fun surprises thrown in, what's not to love? I think they are perfect for gift giving, don't you think? 

Don't forget to visit Prize Candle to check out other amazing offerings! Happy shopping!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Guest post- Get chic décor on a budget!

Decorating and picking out stunning pieces of décor is such a fun task and there are so many options available to us. The problem is, so many of these gorgeous home goodies come with a high price tag and if you are decorating on a specific budget, the whole process can seem more than a little disheartening. Fear not, there really are so many things you can do with a limited budget so do not lose heart! Here are a few ideas to help inspire you to bring chic into your home without a high price tag.

Make your own chalkboard paint

Painting a wall, or at least an area of a wall, can add a fun and functional feature to your home. This would work well particularly in the kitchen as an alternative memo board or in your children’s bedroom to allow them to express themselves without destroying your favorite wallpaper. No need to splash out on expensive blackboard paint either; you can easily create your own for next to nothing and you can do so in any color you like – not just boring old black. 

Add Plenty of Frames

This is a fun task as collecting the frames is half the fun! Mismatched frames are extremely popular right now and whether you create a feature wall with them or lean them against walls around your home, you can add plenty of character. Search charity stores and flea markets and you are sure to be able to pick up a bargain or two in the frame department. Once you have collected enough, fill them with whatever you like, from photographs to pretty wrapping paper to pictures your kiddos have drawn. 

Opt for a Package Deal

Adding new furniture to a room is the simplest way of refreshing your home. As gorgeous as vintage or reclaimed furniture is, if you want it to last then you are likely to have to pay a hefty price for it. Why not go for something more contemporary? Companies such as David Phillips offer a range of furniture packages, which allow you to set a budget and stick to it, whilst getting everything you will need in terms of furniture for your room in one go.

Forget Carpet

Buying new carpets can be extremely costly, but strip away that shabby carpet and you are left with a perfect opportunity for creating something beautiful. Sanding down and varnishing your floorboards or white washing them could save you an absolute fortune and you will end up with aged and chic looking flooring, no matter whether your house is new or old.

Whatever your budget, hopefully this will have provided you with a little inspiration so that you are able to create a fabulously chic home, with plenty of ideas for things you can do yourself.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Renovating and decorating: Doing it the chic way!

We all want our homes to look as though they have popped straight out of the pages of our favorite home design magazines, and so when the time comes for decorating and renovating them, there are just so many things to think about. From color schemes to what type of furniture to choose, to whether or not you want to change the layout of your home completely, there are so many decisions to make it home sweet home. 

Obviously, some rooms are easier to give that chic makeover to than others and it can be difficult to think up ways to make the laundry room and the bathroom look as sweet as the rest of your home. Here are a few tips to help make changes to your home a lot more fun and so much less scary!

Keep Original Features

We are forever in search of the perfect home and if you have decided to get the contractors in, then you are likely to want to make some major changes to get your house just so. From getting the layout the way you want it, to adding an extension above the garage, there are plenty of considerations if you are thinking of redesigning a building without knocking it down completely!

If you have a house with any interesting or original features then, if you can, keep these! See what can be done to change the areas around them, without having to damage or get rid of them completely and they will add to the character of your home by mixing old and new. 

If you are planning on making any major changes to your home, whether or not you are getting people in to do it for you, then be sure to take out renovation insurance from a reliable company such as Internet Insurance Services to cover you should anything go majorly wrong.

Simple Color Schemes

Once you have made the big changes, it is time to start thinking about the exciting smaller things. When you are deciding on a color scheme, it is so easy to pick out something bright and breezy. Problem is, if you pick out bright paint or wallpaper you are sure to find somewhere along the way that your favorite bedding or armchair clashes with it horribly. Pick neutral colors, pastel colors or even plain old white. It may seem dull but it will mean that you can add color throughout your home in other, more subtle ways. If you really are a fiend for colors that stand out, why not consider a feature wall? This way, you can add that conversational print wallpaper, wall decal or your favorite bright blue to your home, without it being too overbearing.

Rental Problems

If you are renting rather than buying then there are no doubt a whole heap of clauses in your rental contract banning you from making major (and minor) changes to your home. This is not a major issue as there are plenty of temporary options and easy ways to decorate without doing anything drastic. If you can not hang frames, lean them! Shelves are a great help here as you can create a gorgeous feature with your frames by simply leaning clusters of them against the wall. If you want to change the way your magnolia walls look, then use washi tape to create a simple but eye-catching striped pattern on the walls around your home. If you do not feel confident enough to attempt this kind of project, then there are peelable transfers you can buy that look fantastic and would not damage the paintwork – perfect for giving your children’s bedroom a makeover.

Hopefully this will provide you with a little inspiration to help you to make changes to your home and turn it into something amazing.