Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Book review- Carrier And Company: Positively Chic Interiors!

Have you heard of the newest design book, Carrier And Company: Positively Chic, authored by the husband and wife design duo, Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller? Thanks to Meghan Phillips from The Vendome Press, now I am the proud owner of this gorgeous copy!

The interiors inside this book is nothing short of stunning and absolutely swoon worthy! Here is a sneak peek!

The designers: Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller

Positively Chic Interiors is a visually delightful book that captures the designers' effortlessly chic, classic yet livable sense of style. With an impeccable eye and a flair for mixing eclectic furnishings from different periods and origins, the Carriers' work embodies a personal charm, sophistication with a curated and tailored approach.

Their design versatility is truly admirable, I love how their work ranges in style from the elegantly traditional to luxuriously minimalist to glamorously bohemian. With their unique aesthetic and incredible talents, it's not surprising that many top, stylish fashion-world clients such as Anna Wintour and Jason Wu selected the Carriers' as their designers of choice to decorate their most private spaces!

Fresh, visually exciting and engaging, I am thrilled to add this inspirational book to my collection. I know you will, too!

Don't forget to pick up your copy here!

*I received this book to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Remodeling Your Media Room: 6 Interior Design Ideas!

Having a media room in your home is not something to brag about unless it is done right. Before you begin transforming a space in your home into a media room, or if you are thinking about remodeling your existing media room, consider these six bits of design advice to help make your new media room the best on the block.

Select A Large, Top Of The Range Screen

The screen is the focal point of your media room, so you need to pick a high-quality screen that is large enough to make you feel like you are in the movies, but that comfortably fits within the space. The latest LG televisions offer a great choice of stunning picture quality with screens that elegantly blend into any media room design, including curved screens with 4K picture resolution four times that of a full HD screen.

Make Your Media Room Multipurpose 

In most media rooms, the main focus is creating a home theater; however, incorporating a bar or game area as part of your media room design will make the space more versatile. It will also make hosting parties and watching big games easier.

Choose The Right Lighting

Use dimmable, recessed lighting or simple wall-mounted lighting to create a cinema-like experience in your media room. If you have stadium-style seating, consider including low-level floor lighting to add to the movie theater experience as well as provide increased safety for you and your guests.

Design A Place To Relax In

Your media room is where you are going to want to kick back and relax while watching movies, TV shows, and sports. With this in mind, you should pick furniture that is plush and comfortable with cushions and blankets readily available for cuddling up. Also, choose warm or neutral tones to help you clear your mind. Lastly, resist the urge to fill up your media room with too many decorations or knickknacks because they will clutter up space you need for moving around and stretching out comfortably.

Consider Stadium-Style Seating

Building stadium-style seating in your media room design will enhance the theater experience and allow you to accommodate more people comfortably in a reduced space. It will also make sure that everyone has a direct view of your awesome screen. By blending in a mix of comfortable sofas and cushioned chairs, you will still be able to support a high level of comfort for you and your guests.

Do Not Forget About Sound

Though some of the newest televisions feature excellent sound systems, you will want to invest in a separate sound system to help put you in the middle of every action scene or live concert you watch in your media room. You can choose powerful surround sound set-ups from Bose or opt for advanced home theater systems that feature sound, 3D capabilities, Blu-ray, and Smart TV compatibility.

Combine these 6 tips with your own personal flair and no doubt you will soon have a media room where you can unwind or invite your friends and family over to enjoy and wish they had a media room like yours!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cool Ways To Decorate A Teenager’s Bedroom!

Teenagers can be very particular about their bedroom. Since they spend a huge amount of time in their sleeping, playing computer games, studying, and chatting to friends, they need a multi-functional bedroom that caters for a range of different things.

Girls and boys often have different ideas about design. Girls tend to prefer feminine colors and pretty soft furnishings whereas boys like minimalist designs with bold colors and functional furniture. It can get even more complicated if more than one sibling is sharing a room, especially if they are wildly different ages. But whatever issues you have to deal with, here are some cool ideas for decorating a teenager’s bedroom.


The bed is one of the most important features in any bedroom, but in a teenager’s room it is even more important than usual. Teenagers spend way more time sleeping than most people. Because they are going through an intense stage of growth and maturation, their bodies need the extra sleep, so the average teenager can quite easily sleep for 12-14 hours a night if left undisturbed. For this reason a bed needs to be both comfortable and large enough.

Many teenagers are as tall and broad as a full-grown adult, even if their emotions have not quite caught up yet. Younger children are comfortable in a single bed, but an older teenager will have more space to stretch out in an adult-sized Popular Number bed. Go for a King or Queen bed if you have the room. If the space is tight, consider a loft bed to allow for extra work space beneath.

Study Space

Study space is essential if your teenager is still at high school or college. A desk will give them a place to work, but they may also need some shelves to store files or books. Look for a purpose designed desk, or if you want something a bit more bespoke, have a custom desk constructed. The other option is to buy a loft bed, which as we have already mentioned combines sleep and storage space very effectively. Many have built in desks, too.

Storage Space

Teenagers are not always good at putting their belongings and clothes away, but if you ensure there is plenty of storage space they would not have any excuses. A walk-in closet is the ideal arrangement, but if there is no room in the bedroom, you might consider investing in fitted wardrobes and drawers. They are a more expensive option, but once your teenager leaves home, you can convert their bedroom into an attractive guest room and make good use of the storage space.

A Room to Relax In

Since teenagers, especially girls, love to socialize in their bedrooms and invite friends over, it is sensible to give them comfortable seating. A sofa can double up as a spare bed for sleepovers if you buy a sofa bed; alternatively, buy a few large floor cushions for a more flexible seating arrangement.

Color Schemes

Color schemes are a highly personal thing, so it is good idea to consult with your teenager before buying paint and bed linen. Just because you think they will love a particular color, it does not necessarily mean that they will – and if you get it wrong you could end up being forced to re-do the room.


Whilst a central ceiling light is the norm, mood lighting, bedside lamps and desk lights are all fun ways of personalizing a teenager’s bedroom. You can have great fun with the lighting, so use your imagination and experiment.

Window Treatments

Blinds are a good choice because they are easy to operate and come in a wide range of different fabrics. Blackout blinds are perfect for bedrooms. That way your teenager can sleep all day long, without being disturbed by the sun. You may want to consider roman blinds, venetian blinds, or vertical blinds. And if you have a Velux window, look for blinds that is designed to fit the opening exactly.


Carpet is warm underfoot, but laminate or wooden flooring is easy to keep clean in the event of food and drink spillages. If you do opt for laminate or wooden flooring, look at underfloor heating for a seamless way to provide warmth during cold spells.

There are many ways to decorate a teenager’s bedroom, but it is always better to consult them before you make any major design decisions. If you give them a say in the process, they are more likely to treat their new bedroom with the respect it deserves.