Thursday, September 24, 2015

Remodeling Your Media Room: 6 Interior Design Ideas!

Having a media room in your home is not something to brag about unless it is done right. Before you begin transforming a space in your home into a media room, or if you are thinking about remodeling your existing media room, consider these six bits of design advice to help make your new media room the best on the block.

Select A Large, Top Of The Range Screen

The screen is the focal point of your media room, so you need to pick a high-quality screen that is large enough to make you feel like you are in the movies, but that comfortably fits within the space. The latest LG televisions offer a great choice of stunning picture quality with screens that elegantly blend into any media room design, including curved screens with 4K picture resolution four times that of a full HD screen.

Make Your Media Room Multipurpose 

In most media rooms, the main focus is creating a home theater; however, incorporating a bar or game area as part of your media room design will make the space more versatile. It will also make hosting parties and watching big games easier.

Choose The Right Lighting

Use dimmable, recessed lighting or simple wall-mounted lighting to create a cinema-like experience in your media room. If you have stadium-style seating, consider including low-level floor lighting to add to the movie theater experience as well as provide increased safety for you and your guests.

Design A Place To Relax In

Your media room is where you are going to want to kick back and relax while watching movies, TV shows, and sports. With this in mind, you should pick furniture that is plush and comfortable with cushions and blankets readily available for cuddling up. Also, choose warm or neutral tones to help you clear your mind. Lastly, resist the urge to fill up your media room with too many decorations or knickknacks because they will clutter up space you need for moving around and stretching out comfortably.

Consider Stadium-Style Seating

Building stadium-style seating in your media room design will enhance the theater experience and allow you to accommodate more people comfortably in a reduced space. It will also make sure that everyone has a direct view of your awesome screen. By blending in a mix of comfortable sofas and cushioned chairs, you will still be able to support a high level of comfort for you and your guests.

Do Not Forget About Sound

Though some of the newest televisions feature excellent sound systems, you will want to invest in a separate sound system to help put you in the middle of every action scene or live concert you watch in your media room. You can choose powerful surround sound set-ups from Bose or opt for advanced home theater systems that feature sound, 3D capabilities, Blu-ray, and Smart TV compatibility.

Combine these 6 tips with your own personal flair and no doubt you will soon have a media room where you can unwind or invite your friends and family over to enjoy and wish they had a media room like yours!

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