Thursday, December 2, 2021

Alternative Holiday Traditions You Should Adopt!

This post is provided by Emily Roberts.

Christmas and Thanksgiving are great, arguably, but they are just so …everywhere. By the time the day actually comes you are sick of the songs, the food, the Santa and turkey graphics everywhere. Sometimes it is simply too much. Sometimes you are looking for something new.  

At the core of it, Christmas is about appreciating your immediate family, Thanksgiving your extended family, New Years gives hope for the future and birthdays are all about you. But what about the rest? There are a lot of gaps in the system that need filled, and nowadays there is a holiday for each of them. There is a day for that, and a day for that. Read our blog to find out all the details of each of them. 

Galentine’s Day

Spearheaded by Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation fame, Galentine’s Day is a chance for women, single and otherwise, to show their appreciation for their closest gals. Leave the men behind as you go out for a celebration of your best gal pals. 

Like a hen party with a heaping dose of sincerity, Galentine’s Day features mainly brunch, with the bottomless element included, and thoughtful gift bags exchanged, with perhaps a dance party thrown in. Leslie specializes in the handmade gift variety, but it is not mandatory. 

Since the closing of the show, the concept has grown in popularity, to the point that you will occasionally hear of gals hitting the town on the 13th of February for their Galentine’s brunch or hosting pink-themed Galentine’s house parties with a framed photo of Leslie Knope on the wall like Jesus. 

Exclaimer, you do not have to be born a gal to be part of Galentine’s Day. If you are one of the gals, and appreciated by the gals, you are invited. 


Friendsgiving is made for those who created their family, rather than inherited it. Again, with a touchstone in popular culture (some say it was started by too many re-runs of Friends and their annual Thanksgiving episodes featuring no blood relatives), Friendsgiving has grown into an annual meal of appreciation for the family you made along the way. 

Popular in university student’s struggling to get back home, especially seeing a rise since the recent lockdowns. The global appeal is there too, with the lack of historical aspect meaning that friends around the world are gathering for celebration of their friends. 

If you are looking to be a part of Friendsgiving, you can send out Friendsgiving invitations and have everyone round for a meal far grander than the bland turkey offered every year: pizza. Usually hosted the weekend before Thanksgiving, friends host a potluck dinner made up of all the favorites of your group. Sure, it can include turkey, yams and all the old favorites, but if you have to do it again the next week with your family, it can get tiring really quick. 

According to Google, there has been a steady rise in searches for Friendsgiving, spiking every Fall, since 2012 and Instagram is flooded with #friendsgiving photos every year. 


Chances are you already celebrate Samhain in some capacity. Samhain is the historical basis for Halloween, which in itself takes so many forms it is hard to choose one way of celebrating. 

However, Samhain runs from the evening of October 31st to the following evening on November 1st, so you have time to squeeze in some traditional Celtic rituals if you are interested.

The original point of Samhain is to give thanks for the bountiful summer you have had and pray for just as lucrative a winter. If you were Wiccan in the Middle Ages it is more likely you were asking for frost to not kill your crops, but today Wiccans ask for everything from true love to a job promotion via their various spiritual ways, much like how Christians would pray today. 

Plus, it is seen as a chance to speak to loved ones again, since the Celts believed that the physical world barriers between the spirit world and our world are broken down with the start of the season, allowing interactions between us humans and the Otherworld. Less a chance to star in your own version of The Conjuring and more in the spirit of Day of the Dead where you get to speak to your gran again. 

Pet’s Birthdays

There is nothing like the love of a pet. It is unconditional and pure, and yet we do not have a day to celebrate it. 

Sure, there is National Love Your Pet Day on February 20th, where you can share pictures of your furry, scaly, or aquatic friend on social media, but if you really want to show your love you can host a birthday party for them. 

Birthdays can be a little elusive. If you have a rescue dog, for example, that information might not have been readily available, so a good backup is the date you introduced them to your home. 

The fun of it is of course, the décor, the superior meal complete with treats, a fun day out, and perhaps a doggy birthday cake. But National Love Your Pet Day has a good list of pointers that will also help in your pet’s overall wellbeing, meaning that you will have a regular check-in that you will remember. 

These include checking if your pet’s vaccines are up to date, a grooming session, some extra training, and washing their bedding.  

Adoption Party

An adoption party can be along the same lines as a birthday party, but it focuses on the day your family grew and became whole. Not to be confused with adoption parties where the purpose is to connect potential parents with children, this form of adoption party is a private celebration of the family you have made. 

It can hit all the same milestones as a birthday party - gifts, cake, theme, and activities – but shared amongst the family. That means the little ones will have to go shopping for daddy, yes. 

You can do a family friendly activity together, like riding a bike trail, or stay in the house and have a movie day with popcorn and blankets. Like birthday’s, there are very little rules to stick to. The only rule is that you do it together. 

Friday, September 3, 2021

How To Try The Slow Deco Trend For Your Bedroom!

This post is provided by Antony.

You have heard of Art Deco, but have you heard of Slow Deco? 

Unlike its artistic counterpart, Slow Deco is not an artistic movement but a lifestyle movement. Slow Deco is all about introducing calmness and serenity into your interior design to slow spaces down and create a sense of peace. 

If all that sounds like gobbledygook, consider this - have you ever walked into a space for the first time and immediately felt at peace? Slow Deco helps you create that sensation in your home in a stylish, timeless way. 

There is no better place to introduce Slow Deco into your home than your bedroom because it is where you go to lie down and relax anyway. 

The "slow" trend 

Have you ever taken the scenic route on the way home? We could all do with a bit of slowness in our lives. Modern life is so hectic and so busy that it can be impossible to wind down and relax. There is just so much to do!

The "slow" trend is relatively new in interior design that encourages us to create spaces that prioritize serenity. Rather than physically slowing you down like the brakes on a car, Slow Deco creates spaces that help you unwind slowly. 

If you are anxious and never settled, Slow Deco could be what you need to create a tranquil, relaxing abode that improves your well being. 

How to try Slow Deco in your bedroom

Here is how to try Slow Deco in your bedroom? 


Slow Deco demands space, so the first thing you need to do is declutter your bedroom. Get rid of ornaments that are gathering dust and throw out the furniture you do not use. Pack unused items away, and do not be afraid to throw things out. 

Bed frame

Your bed should be a sanctuary where you can lie down and relax. For Slow Deco, you need a bed frame that makes you feel comfortable. 

Warm materials like wood for a regular bed frame and velvet for an ottoman bed work very well. 

Calm tones

Slow Deco is all about bringing calm to our over-stressed senses, so the best colors are soft, calming tones like cotton white, pastel colors, and browns, and beiges. Grays tend to be too sterile for Slow Deco but can work well with the right décor. 

Soft textures

Soft textures work beautifully with Slow Deco design because they create a real sense of comfort. Soft rugs, cushions, and wall hangings look comfortable and cuddly without having to touch them, creating a welcoming vibe. 


Nothing is more stressful than a messy bedroom. You can organize your belongings with a divan bed or ottoman bed, storage boxes, and shelves. Slow Deco demands orderliness, so it is a good idea to have several storage solutions. 

Natural materials 

Slow Deco's most important design choice is natural materials like oak, pine, other woods, rattan, wicker, and cotton/linen. Natural materials create a sense of homeliness that metals and plastics can not make. 


Art is the most overlooked aspect of Slow Deco design despite being crucial. Utilize art that makes you happy and brings out your personality. Landscapes, portraits, and sculptures are good choices, or you might prefer abstract art for something modern. 


For Slow Deco, lighting should be warm, soft, and layered, with ceiling and wall lights on different switches. It would help if you had options with your lighting so that you can light spaces up individually. Dimmer switches are also a great choice. 

Design language 

The beautiful thing about Slow Deco is you can utilize it with any interior design, from Scandinavian to cottage farm. The idea behind Slow Deco is to create spaces that relax and calm you by subtly inspiring your design decisions. 

Let us know how you get on 

Slow Deco is one of the most worthwhile design trends to try. Please give it a go in your bedroom, and be sure to let us know how you get on.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Starting A Photography Business: Everything You Need To Know!

This post is provided by Luca Yates.

Photography is a fun and popular hobby, but for some, it is much more than that. If you have a passion for taking amazing pictures and editing them to perfection, then now could be the right time to start a photography business.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused challenges for the photography market, there will always be a high demand for professionals who can not only set up and take amazing images but also edit them and transform them into exactly what the client wants. 

As many of us now have more spare time thanks to remote work and reduced social activity, you could put this to good use and start a photography side-hustle. 

Alternatively, if you have lost your job due to the pandemic, you might want to consider launching a photography business to earn some cash and put your skills to good use.

Whatever your reason for starting a photography business, you need to make sure that you get it right the first time around. That is why we have put together this handy list of factors that you need to think about when starting a photography business. 

Choose Your Perfect Type Of Photography Business

There are many types of photography out there: from wedding photos to baby portraits, stock scenery pictures to product photographs. Equally, there are a wide variety of photography businesses on the market. Before you launch one, you need to know what you are going to offer and consider who your target market will be. If you are launching a specialized photography company, such as a wedding picture agency or a firm that focuses on baby pictures, then you will need to target specific niches. On the other hand, if you choose a more varied audience and to offer a range of services, then you can work with a wider variety of clients. 

You Will Need Insurance 

It is easy to think that as photography is a comparatively safe vocation, that you would not need insurance. However, every new company needs business insurance. While there are generic business insurance policies that could explore, you could also look into options that are specifically tailored to photographers. Get your photographer insurance now to ensure that you are fully protected before you launch your exciting new business venture. 

Make It Clear What Services You Will Offer

Photographers offer more than just picture taking. Most photography agencies will edit images, but you could offer additional type of editing, whether you will be able to add special effects, and if you can also print images and create products such as photo albums. By making it clear what services you are going to offer and how much you will change for them, you can ensure that there are no misunderstandings when you come to chase clients for their invoices. Consider offering packages that will allow clients to bundle services together and get exactly what they want from you. 

Create An Online Portfolio On Your Website To Show To Potential Clients 

The photography market is constantly evolving. Gone are the days of studios and printed portfolios. Today’s photographers rely on online portfolios to showcase their talents and get noticed. No photography business is complete without a well-made website and a comprehensive portfolio of past images. Learn about how to make the perfect online photography portfolio to ensure that yours meets your clients’ expectations and entices potential customers to collaborate with you on their photography project or event. 

Building a successful photography business takes a lot of time and hard work, but there are ways to make it easier for yourself and ensure that you do not make potentially costly errors. These tips should help you to get your new photography business off to a great start. 

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Easy Ways To Organize Office Documents At Home!

This post is provided by Steffi.

Due to the global pandemic, the majority of companies decided to let their employees work from their homes. This is the best way to combat transmitting viruses and bacteria. Moving all your office files can be hard at times especially if you have a lot of things going on. Creating your own office space can be time-consuming. With this task alone, you do not have the luxury of time to organize all your documents and files. 

Need an easier way to organize a pile of files and documents lying around your home? Below, here are three helpful and easy ways on how to do it and maintain it too.

Start categorizing

You can start by identifying your daily tasks. When you are done, you can now get folders or envelopes then start labeling them. Name each folder/envelope with your corresponding tasks. For example, if you are an office secretary where your tasks consist of administrative and clerical duties. Label each folder with “clients’ phone list,” or “financial statements”. This will help you finish your task on time because you already know where they are located.

Arrange them alphabetically

Arranging each and one of them from letters A to Z is an easy task? Think again. This is the challenging part when organizing files and documents. Do not worry, this will pay off in the long run because you do not need to repeat the cycle of organizing and cluttering it all over again. With this process, you can use vinyl stickers to show each letter. 

Clear out your drawer

Now that your files are well-arranged, you should look at your drawer and clean it. Getting rid of dust and unnecessary trash allows you to have a clean drawer where there will be no unwanted insects crawling into your files that might break or tear them.

3 Ways to maintain them 

When it comes to organizing files, consistency is the key. Make organizing your habit as you follow these three convenient ways of keeping them tidy and organized. 

1. Use an organizing box 

Whenever you have new files or paper works, you can make use of an organizing box and use custom stickers that say “to file” labels. This technique is a great way to keep your organized files and documents untouched. When you do not have time to add them to your organized files yet, you can set them aside and start organizing when you feel like it.      

2. Create a weekly or daily routine

Do not want new files to pile up over time? Set up a schedule where you have the free time to place them in your organized drawer. In this way, you will get a hang of it and you can make organizing office files and documents part of your routine.    

3. Let others know your organizational system

When you give access to someone with your files, you should educate them with your organizational system. If you are the only person who can only access them, you can skip this part. This step will only help you to maintain the system you created with someone to whom you give access to your files.

With all these ways, your workplace at home will be spotlessly clean and you will be more productive to finish all the tasks that have been given to you.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

2 Steps On How To Create A DIY Garden Marker!

This post is provided by Steffi.

Nowadays, people love gardening. If you are also an avid fan of it, you can try a DIY garden marker. This is a convenient way to label plants especially if you have a bunch of plants displayed all over your garden. Using a garden marker works best when you grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Without these, you will experience confusion and you might pick the wrong plant.

Making these adorable labels is easy and cheap. We are here to show you how to make it. We will help you choose the right material for your plant marker and the long-lasting way to label them. The best way of making gardening more interesting is by giving the activity a touch of style, it can help express your creative side while showing people your garden is full of life. For that, you need some convenient and durable custom stickers for easy labeling.

Step 1: Choose the right plant marker 

Below, we will give you some materials that have the potential to be used as a plant marker.

Coffee lids

They are round and they have a luxurious space to label on them. If you love buying take-out coffee in cafes and you love planting, this item is the right one for you. Also, this is a creative way on how you can reuse them instead of throwing them away.  

Metal spoons

If you are not into drinking a cup of coffee in cafes, you can take a look at your kitchen pantry. Spoons can be a great addition to your garden. They have a shallow oval or round bowl with a long handle that makes it the right kitchen tool to use.   

T tag plant marker

This item is intended for you to buy whether online or at a garden shop. They are available in plastic, wood, and metal. It has a durable design that is intended to label different varieties of plants.

Step 2: Pick the best label tool

There are three kinds of label tools you can use and we lay each and one of them below.

Waterproof Marker

A waterproof marker is great to use if you love a handwritten label. You should be choosing the waterproof variant because they guarantee to last. 


This is your go-to tool if you are taking DIY projects to the next level. All you need is paint color, a brush, and lots of creativity. 

Lettering Decals

Want something that would not get your hands dirty? You can always rely on lettering decals. They are made up of durable vinyl that makes them suitable for outdoor environments. It gives you the assurance that they would not fade fast.

These are just two steps on how you can create a garden marker. You just need to pick among all the options that we provide you and you can now have happy yet peaceful gardening!

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Chic Decorating Ideas For Your Home This Summer!

This post is provided by Luca Yates.

Decorating your home for the summertime is a great way to refresh the look and feel of your living spaces, in preparation for those sunny, warm days and night. Doing this will help you to make the most out of the hotter months and can really help to boost your mood. Here are some of our favorite ideas for decorating in preparation for the summertime, whether you are midway through August, or preparing during the spring.

Bright And White

When painting your walls and buying new furniture, always think about how the colors you choose will affect the entire look of your home. White walls are a safe option here as it will not only reflect natural light, but it will also look fresh and clean! Do not go overboard with an overtly clinical look though. Add some bright accent colors to your theme and gently pepper it throughout, using cushions and rugs.

Switch Out Heavy Drapes

Nothing can make your home feel more stuffy than thick, dark curtains. Of course, these are perfect for cozy winter evenings, but replacing those heavy drapes in time for the summer will give a completely different feel to your home. Light and flowy curtains will help to let more light through, helping you to really benefit from those brighter, longer days. It will also help to stop your rooms from overheating. You could even go that extra mile by using some of these curtains outdoors, hanging from your pergola. A white net curtain will give you some added privacy and offset the heat of a blistering midday sun. 

Make Use Of Outdoors

The quality of British weather is questionable most of the time. As an island country, downpours like to strike at the most inopportune moments. But that does not stop us from getting the sun loungers out at every opportunity. If possible, create a nice and accessible patio area so you can get outside and relax. Look here for some gorgeous and reliable awnings to combat both the intense summer sun and protect you from the rain when needed. Nationwide LTD provide bespoke awnings and other great garden options, and their awnings can be either free-standing or attached to your home, depending on where you will want your seating area.

Fire Pits And Bars

For those nights of entertaining friends, additions to your home and garden such as open air fires will help to keep the chill off, but will also add that irresistible atmosphere that only flickering flames can deliver. As well as this, adding a drinks bar, whether static or movable, will give you and your guests that feeling of being on holiday. Providing everyone with some vacation vibes is the perfect way to enjoy your home in the summertime.

Using Light

To further create a great feel to your home, put a strong emphasis on your use of lighting. Smart lights are a brilliant way to change the entire feel of your house, whether you are dimming them or changing the color entirely. Accent lighting is also a great choice. Fairy lights and Edison filament bulbs can give a beautiful warming feel, which is perfect after dusk. Avoid glaring, uncomfortably bright bulbs as they can really offset the mood. 

Thursday, June 24, 2021

A Room-by-Room Guide To Adding Value To Your Property!

This post is provided by Natalie Wienert.

Thinking of selling your home? Living in a house that has been in the family for generations and want to ensure it sticks around for many more? There are lots of reasons to do home renovation projects. They add tremendous value to your home. Even if you are not thinking of selling right now, a home renovation can make your home worth more in the long run and ensure it sticks around for years to come. Here is a room-by-room guide broken down to best tell you how to add value to your home. 


The kitchen in your home really is the bread and butter (get it?) of your home value. In fact, recent studies by real estate experts indicate that home buyer specifically look for homes with renovated kitchens. After all, besides the bedrooms, you spend most of your time in the kitchen while at home. Here are some things you can do to the kitchen that will increase the value of your home. 

Replace the cabinets. Installing quality cabinets in your kitchen can increase its value dramatically. Because their durability will be higher, you would not have to replace them as soon in the long run. For many homeowners, it is important to have long-lasting, durable items – especially if you have growing children, grandchildren or pets. If the items you have are not sturdy, then you will spend more money, in the long run, replacing items. 

Change out the hardware. Whether it is faucets, handles or light switch plates, you will want to change out the hardware in your kitchen. Features such as touchless water faucets make life easier, as do pot fillers. If you are able to add these features to your kitchen, you will probably see a large return on investment (ROI). 

New flooring. New floors in your kitchen are a great way to add value. Floors see some of the most wear and tear in your home, so installing new flooring can really go a long way to ensuring your home retains a good amount of value – or increases!

Living Room

Whether you host game nights or watch hours of television, the living room can serve as a great space for families to enjoy their time. For many homeowners, the living room needs just a few new features to really maximize its value. 

Built-in shelving. Built-ins are a back-and-forth trend with homeowners. However, they are easy to fill in if a new homeowner wants to use the space for something else. Most buyers want to see as much storage available as possible in a home, so having one or two built-in shelving units available for them is a great addition. They can store books and display photos, artwork and even the kids’ sports trophies. 

A Smart Heating and Cooling System. Smart HVAC systems are all the rage these days – and for good reason! These systems have a variety of features – Bluetooth, auto-temperature control and music controls. Installing a smart heating and cooling system will definitely increase your home’s value. They are also so much fun to use!


A bathroom should be an enjoyable, relaxing space. Here are some ways you can increase the value in your bathroom.

Replace the tub. Your bathtub should not have any cracks in it. If there are too many mold spots, it creaks when you step in it or the scum on the tile would not come off anymore, it might be time to replace your tub. A fresh, new bathtub can add value to your space. 

Create a space to get ready. A vanity is great for any homeowner. There are so many ways you can design a vanity, too. If you really want to get into the spirit of home renovating, why not replace your vanity with some RTA cabinets? They are also great for smaller home renovation projects because they are more cost-effective, helping you get a better ROI on your reno. 

Nix the over-the-toilet organizer. Instead, install some floating shelves. Easily removed and beautiful in any space, floating shelves are perfect for your bathroom. Line up the towels, add a small succulent and display some decorative signs to make your bathroom space really feel like an oasis. 

Make sure there is a bathroom for every bedroom. Bathrooms really add value to your home. Buyers will love that each bedroom has its own bathroom. Bonus points if you add a half bath off the living room.


The bedrooms are also a place to relax and unwind. Here are some simple ways to upgrade your bedrooms to add value.

Paint the walls. A fresh coat of paint can really go a long way. The bedrooms will look brand new with a new layer of neutral paint. Buyers will jump at any bedroom that looks like it is the perfect place to sleep through the night.

Install shelving in the closets. Shelving in the closets really makes a difference. For some buyers, having shelving in their closets can negate the need for a dresser, which will maximize the floor space in the bedroom.


You can not neglect the outside of your home. Here is how you can add some value to your outdoor space. 

Power wash. Hiring some professionals to power wash the exterior of your home and clean the windows can make it look brand new. You will be the envy of all your neighbors with such a pristine home. 

New landscaping. Plant some fresh trees and flowers periodically to make sure your home looks well taken care of. You should also treat the grass in your yard. 

Hang up some string lights. Give your backyard some ambiance with string lights. They are perfect for outdoor entertaining and home buyers love to envision how they can use different spaces. 

Renovating your home can seem like a difficult task. However, it can also bring a lot of value to your space. Tackling smaller projects throughout the time you live there can drive up your value slowly so that when you do decide to sell, you will have a great ROI. 

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Seven Reasons Summer Is The Best Time To Renovate!

This post is provided by Kristina Marshall.

Summer is the perfect season for camping, enjoying a sip of lemonade while suntanning by the beach, and renovation. Yes, renovation. That is why remodeling professionals and homeowners consider the sunny season as the peak period for renovation works. 

Reason #1 - School Is Out 

Homeowners with schoolgoing children will enjoy the benefits of avoiding renovation disruptions during the summer holidays. Additionally, you can prevent nerve-racking scenarios of children running around and exposing themselves to dangerous worksites. 

It is a great time to plan a vacation while entrusting your home remodeling experts with the heavy lifting as you spend quality time with your kids. With sufficient planning, you would have a seamless renovation process - resuming your children’s lessons at the end of the project. However, remember to stay contactable if you decide to have some time away - you will still need to make some critical decisions from a distance. 

Reason #2 - Increased Availability Of Contractors 

Home remodelers are busy people - but they know summer is the season to remember. You will have a good chance of scheduling a project in the summer, with remodelers going the extra mile to make the most of the opportunities of the period. With greater availability comes a higher chance of hiring the professional you want to satisfy your reno expectations. 

Reason #3 - Optimal Weather

Summer provides copious sunshine and longer days ideal for managing a renovation project. Unlike other seasons, contractors can focus on their work full steam ahead without worrying about relentless sleet, snow, or rain that slow down or disrupt the process. The dry weather also brings a couple of perks that might accelerate the project. For example, if there is digging involved, dirt removal will be much easier than soggy conditions.

Reason #4 - Enjoying Outdoor Features Without Delay

Comfy gardens, pool/jacuzzi combos, or stylish outdoor kitchens are features to enjoy in the warmer months. 

Social distancing has led to a rise in outdoor remodeling works that provided homeowners with a private R&R retreat to stay healthy and cool themselves off during summer. There is a recent surge of pool projects, tripling in demand, while landscaping (i.e., decks and patios) services doubled. 

Completing your remodeling projects in summer means wasting no time breaking into your residential add-ons. You can avoid the restlessness of staring at them longingly during the colder seasons. 

However, note that a major remodeling project usually takes approximately three months for completion, so timing is crucial. 

Reason #5 - Discounts Galore 

As with summer vacation traditions - it is a time for sales with unbelievable offers. From choosing the furniture for your hall to selecting the tiles for your new bathroom - there is a significant amount of potential savings to gain from a summer renovation. 

Remember to mark the special dates (labor, memorial, and independence day) on your schedules, where offers are usually at their best prices. 

You might even have the opportunity to strike a deal with your remodeler to help trim some ends on your budget. 

Reason #6 - Preparation For The Festive Holidays 

Renovating in the summer gives you the time needed to prepare stunning results for the year-end visits. Perhaps you would like to refresh your entryway (it is the second thing that catches a guest’s attention after the driveway) or give your kitchen a facelift (it is a popular hangout for intimate conversations). And do not forget the bathroom - guests are likely to take a trip if they stayed for a while. 

With the proper planning, your home will be ready to receive guests and, yes, take their collective breaths away. 

Reason #7 - Everything Looks Better In Summer 

Natural lighting is precious when selecting the best coat of paint, installations, or furniture for your remodeled home. And summer provides the healthiest illumination out of all the other seasons (while the dim lighting of cooler months may affect your judgment). Summer is the ideal month to make your rounds to the showroom and make the most out of the selection process. 

Renovations can drastically raise your property value while providing your family with a comfortable and charming place to call home. Additionally, some changes (e.g., smart home setup and quality fences) to your home may result in a higher resale value if you decide to sell your property sometime down the line. 

Remodeling projects enable you to flex your creative muscles to make your dream setting a reality. With all things aside, the summer sun will give you the energy and enthusiasm to oversee your project with unmatched optimism.  

Since you will probably be having some renovation works done along the road, it is best to take advantage of summer for the most fulfilling experience. 

If you are planning for a summer reno, check out Home of Cozy for the latest deals in quality furniture deals that will instantly spruce up your spaces. 

Thursday, April 22, 2021

6 Unique Garden Projects To Create Paradise!

This post is provided by Luca Yates.

Garden work can be dull, especially if you are feeling uninspired. Sometimes it feels like all you do is cut the grass and clean up mess.

That is why it is fun to give yourself unconventional projects, as not only does it make your garden more exciting but it also gives you something to look forward to and to keep your hands busy.

So below you will find a list of project ideas that you perhaps had not really thought about working on before. If you find these ideas are not for you or your garden then hopefully, they have at least given you an idea of a different perspective of garden work for the future.

Greenhouses And Allotments 

You may already have a greenhouse in your garden, either sat there neglected or just not filling its potential. The great news is that there are plenty of options out there for you when it comes to renovating your garden.

Most classic greenhouses are simple glass structures, with just enough room for one person to step in and work. Something fun you can do, if you are buying prebuilt/flat packed, is to buy two smaller greenhouses and build them together. So, you could build them up normally but leave one side each empty so they can be pushed together.

This will allow you to have more space to walk around, plant and also have more entrances if you want to fit it into a natural spot in your garden without blocking walkways.

If you are feeling stuck for inspiration, you can always check out what others have done with their own greenhouses.

We can go a step further too. If you do not think a greenhouse works for your garden and you want to be a bit outside of the box, then you can do no wrong with starting an allotment. Usually, an allotment refers to an external piece of land you rent for the primary reason of growing flowers, fruit and vegetables. But what some people never really consider is, you can do this in your own garden. 

You could create your garden into a classic allotment style. Pave your own pathway through an organised crop of different home-grown foods. It will really give your garden a farm/jungle feel. You can make it an ‘organised mess’. What this means is that you can spread the vegetables around sporadically to make it look natural, whereas in fact, there are still paths and labels so you know what is going on.

Flower Art

If you have spent time in public green spaces, then you will have noticed the amount of care and detail that goes into flower displays. People are always impressed by flower décor but never really think of doing it at home.

Many people will grow flowers at home but want a variety, which is fair enough. But if you are feeling like going for something more unique and personal for you, then flower art is for you.

A fun method of creating a flower garden is to pick some small flower seeds of your favorite color and pick a spot. It is all about knowing your garden and what will work for you.

Some design ideas could be floral. Which simply means use the flowers to create flower designs as per the season. Or you could do more shape-based art, which is more contextual. It is all about making the design fun for you. If you are someone who wants an ego boost, then why not write your name into soil using flowers! Big or small, just like a signature on a painting.

Chimney Pots

When thinking of garden projects, you can be forgiven for not thinking about utilizing former chimneys. However, they serve a very fun purpose for a garden project if you have got the imagination. 

For example, you can use them as unique plant pots, as a feature for a water garden or just added into some stone to add to the aesthetic. You could make it into a wonderful insect colony if that was your thing! Basically, the possibilities are endless with whatever you want to do.

You could get unique reclaimed chimney pots from a proven reputable seller such as Cawarden. They can provide a variety of different sizes and designs. You can search for colors, age, material and model depending on what ideas you have got. 

These chimney pots are sure to make any garden feel unique and are worth browsing to see what shouts out to you.

Star Watching

A garden hobby that often goes under the radar is star gazing. People think of this as a hobby where you need to be out on the hills far away from city life, but that is not quite true.

A cute and inspirational idea is to build yourself a little stargazing hut in your garden. You could make a tiny little shed for star gazing books, charts, tools and telescopes. Have a retractable roof or have ample window space to pop the telescope and the variety of lenses out. 

This little star gazing spot could be your perfect peaceful paradise. Even in a city where light pollution blocks out the night, you can still explore the sky and penetrate dark spots to find natural beauty. 

It can be awe inspiring as a hobby but will also give your garden a really unique feel. Who knows? Maybe you will have people want to come and hang out to see it for themselves.

BBQ Pits

A fine addition to any home and garden is a BBQ grill. Most of the time, people will purchase a standard metallic gas ran BBQ set. Which is perfectly fine and will still serve a useful purpose, but what is stopping you from going further?

A few decades ago, we started to see the innovations of BBQ pits. People would start sculpting their own stone-built log-fumed pits outdoors for cooking food. This changed everything and is a great idea for any garden. There are a number of designs you can build, but the fun here is that you can create anything you would like with some bricks and cement. 

Once you have got your ideas and started on your stonework, you have got to consider where the fire will go. You could go all natural for a wooden cook or work in a gas cooker. Usually, it is best to use wood for outdoor cooking, for aesthetic reasons as well as safety reasons.

Your garden will feel truly unique with a fun twist on BBQ evenings. Make sure you consider your neighbors and build safely.


If you want your garden to feel more modern, then perhaps looking at lighting is for you. Lighting within gardens can be used a number of different ways. Perhaps you could insert electronic lanterns onto walls of houses, gazebos etc. Or maybe you want to add some cute fairy lights amongst some flowers. 

The aim of adding lights is to make your garden seem magical at night and to make your garden feel more alive during the day, with props and what not.

You can go more advanced too, and use lighting that can be switched on or off via an app. These days, you can even have lights that are programmed to follow patterns and commands. Meaning you can truly create a lightshow in your own garden!

Thursday, April 15, 2021

How To Deter Burglars!

This post is provided by Luca Yates.

Nobody likes the idea of coming home to find that their house has been burgled but it happens all too often in Australia. How do you stay safe and make sure that you are not the next victim of this detestable crime? 

Do Not Make Their Job Easy

Make their job as difficult as you can for them by securing their points of entry. Burglars will usually try to enter your home through the doors and windows, so make sure that these are secure, even if you are only popping to the shop for five minutes. Fit Meshlock doors to your home and this will deter criminals. Meshlock doors are available from Westral and offer the strongest stainless steel doors in the country.  

A burglar knows that if it is going to take them a long time to break into your home then there is more risk of them being caught. This will deter them from trying and they will move on. 

Do Not Leave Valuables On Display

Do not leave items such as money or jewelry on display. It is easy to get comfortable in your home and leave valuables on a hall table or window sill by mistake, but it would not take long for a burglar to reach in through an open window and help themselves. Invest in a safe to lock away your valuables, even when you are in the house, and they will be a lot more secure.

A fancy car is a great status symbol but park it on the driveway and it sends a message to a potential burglar about your status too. If they know you are wealthy, they will think that you are more likely to keep valuables in the house too. If you have a garage, then make sure you always use it to park your car. That way you are not advertising your wealth to a criminal.

Social Media

Steer clear of advertising when you are out of the house by posting your whereabouts on social media. This can be like a red rag to a bull for a savvy burglar. Knowing where you are and how long you are likely to be away for can let them know how long they have to burgle your house. This is especially true if you have gone on holiday. Post pictures of your hotel or airplane and the burglar will know they have a week or two to clean your house out entirely. 

Deterrent Sticker

One novel but effective way of getting burglars to leave your home alone is to purchase a ‘beware of the dog’ sticker. You know you do not have a dog but no burglar is going to risk a tussle with a rottweiler to prove that you are bluffing. This is a sure-fire way to have the thief running for the hills.

Follow these anti burglar tips to make sure that you stay one step ahead of the criminals and do not become the next victim of their hateful crime. 

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Eco-Friendly Home Features To Consider In 2021!

This post is provided by Luca Yates.

It is 2021, and there is no longer any excuse as to why we cannot live more eco-friendly and considerate lifestyles. Even the smallest of adaptations to our lives can make a difference, be it eating less meat, installing solar panels, or having a compost bin in the garden. However, not many of us are aware of these changes and how impactful they can be. 

If you are a homeowner, there are many small changes you can make to your home so that you can live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. These changes do not need to be expensive either, but if you have the finances to make larger adaptations, it can be a great return on your investment as it could power your home and lower your utility bills, for example.

Read on for a list of eco-friendly home features that could make your home modern, but also much more environmentally friendly. 

Invest In Products That Are Made From Recycled Materials

You may need to invest in and buy new furniture or products for your home. However, buying new products does not necessarily need to be considered wasteful. Nowadays, you can buy products made out of eco-friendly materials or materials that have been recycled, reducing the waste and labor needed to create the products.

One amazing way to bring in products made from recycled materials is through decking materials. You may wish to have a decking installed in your garden - and why not? It is a wonderful addition to a home! However, you may worry about your carbon footprint. Fortunately, companies such as Ecoscape offer beautiful composite decking panels that not only look sleek and clean, but are also made up from 55% reclaimed wood fibers and 45% recycled HDPE. By investing in products from companies like Ecoscape, you are getting the best of both worlds: a wonderful decking that can improve the value of your home and make you enjoy your garden more, but decking that also reduces your carbon footprint due to the eco-friendly nature of the materials.

Have A Compost Bin

There are various benefits of having a compost bin. Not only does it add nutrients to the soil and help plants grow and photosynthesis, but it can also help plants retain water and repel certain plant diseases due to the presence of specific microorganisms. However, other benefits include the compost being a viable place to recycle certain food waste, reducing the amount of rubbish that is in your home and being thrown in the bin, only to be taken to landfill. Although your food waste will decompose in the landfill, this still takes time and can cause landfills to expand in nature. Rather, you should be using the nutrients coming from the decomposing food for your own garden!

Furthermore, composting is free! Rather than spend money on fertilizers that are a) costly, but also b) only available in stores, a compost is easily accessible and also more environmentally friendly than the factory-made chemicals. Your plants will be a lot happier and thrive with an all-natural compost!

Install Double Or Triple-Glazed Windows

While you would expect most houses to have at least double glazing installed, this is not necessarily the case. Many homes still only have single glazing, and this can be wasteful. Single glazing can increase your property’s utility bills due to the heat loss you will experience. This means you may need to use more power keeping your home warm during the colder months, but this power will also be lost due to the lack of insulation your home has. 

Besides the benefits of energy cost savings and staying warmer during winter and cooler during summer, other benefits of double or triple-glazed windows include:

Less condensation (reducing the amount of moisture collecting on your window panes)

Less noise pollution (your home will be quieter, which can be wonderful for homes placed on busy main rounds or in cities)

Install Skylights

You may be wondering how skylights can be sustainable. Are not they simply windows in your ceiling? Well, skylights can offer sustainable improvements to your home because they provide a great source of natural light that can warm up your home when the sun is directly above your house. Ideally, you will want to place a skylight on the southern part of your home so that your house can be warmed up the most during the winter. Plus, you will want a skylight that is made with wood, fiberglass or vinyl window frames so that there is a reduction in draughts. When your home also becomes too warm, your skylight becomes a great way to cool down your home.

There are several ways you can make your home more eco-friendly. By making these little changes, you can make a world of difference, and although some may be expensive and considered an investment, you are likely to experience a reduction in energy bills, meaning you are also getting a return on your investment. 

Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Latest Bedroom Design Trends To Consider In 2021!

This post is provided by Luca Yates.

Having spent the better part of 2020 in our homes, it is no wonder that DIY and home improvement is now more popular than ever.

Searches for DIY projects have risen by more than 1200% over recent months, so it is clear that homeowners are eager to upgrade their properties.

One room that we have all spent a lot of time in over the past 12 months is our bedrooms. From sleeping in them, to even working from bed, many individuals have found that their bedroom has become their sanctuary recently.

If you want to upgrade your boudoir in 2021, then here are some of the most popular bedroom design trends that you should consider using this year. 

Create A Bedroom Fit For A Queen

Forget minimalism: 2021’s bedroom trend de jour is a masterful regal room, complete with a statement bed and luxurious furnishings. Inspired by the need for comfort and popular culture trends for period dramas, such as Bridgerton and Downton Abbey, luxury and indulgence are the orders of the day. Consider choosing classic, timeless styles and statement pieces of furniture, such as a bold bed or a comfortable armchair, which can help you to turn any bedroom into a restful oasis.  

Incorporate Technology 

While old-fashion grandeur might be the order of the day, that does not mean that you can not include modern technological flourishes to make your life easier and more comfortable. Technology is changing the way we live, and it can be incorporated into your dream bedroom easily in 2021. For example, you could consider including an entertainment system to make bedtime more fun. Another approach is to include a TV in your bedroom or even your bed. Some homeowners might be thinking: Is A TV Bed The Ultimate Affordable Indulgence? The answer, as this article shows, is most definitely yes. A TV bed will give you the chance to watch your favorite shows and films from under the comfort of your covers. Consider incorporating tech into your bedroom this year to make it a great place to relax and unwind in after a long, hard day. 

Jump On The Rustic Trend

Rustic furnishings, with natural color schemes and materials such as wicker, wood and cotton, are a longstanding interior design trend that is not going anywhere. We first saw the rustic trend in homeware several years ago, but it remains popular thanks to our love of nature and the coziness that this style of interior design implies. So, if you are considering redecorating your bedroom this year, then you could consider incorporating rustic items and botanical prints to bring the beauty and glory of nature into your bedroom. 

Embolden The Room With A Statement Wall

While the furniture and furnishings in your bedroom can quickly and easily be changed, the flooring and wall colors require more time and effort. As such, you should try to choose neutral colors and traditional patterns that will stand the test of time. If you want to make your bedroom unique while still choosing neutral colors, then consider creating a statement wall. Learn how to create the perfect statement wall, so that you can create a beautiful and innovative bedroom that you will love for many years to come.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

How To Cut Costs With Free Boxes!

This post is provided by Laura Bell.

Free boxes are one of the most important ways people save on a move. Instead of buying expensive boxes from a moving company, the home owners or apartment dwellers start collecting free boxes wherever they can be found.

What Boxes To Look For

So, first of all, what are you looking for in a box? There are several criteria for good boxes which you can discover if you look in hardware stores or online, you can see that there are some definite qualities you should hope to find.

Thickness is the first goal. You do not want thin cardboard. Thicker is truly better for breakable items. This is the first layer of protection, and while it can not do the job alone, it is critical. This does not mean some thinner cardboard would not work for certain items, but overall, you should favor thicker cardboard whenever possible.

Compartmentalized boxes are a big seller. You can achieve this with shoeboxes inside of a larger box. However, if you can find boxes which were already compartmentalized for a product, then you will have excellent boxes for packing dishes and other breakables.

Last, but not least, you want boxes that look new. You do not want to move items in a box that has been wet. You can only determine this by looking for water stains. It may not be water, but you will know something got it wet, and now it may not be strong enough to contain your belongings on a move.

It is also important not to have a box with food stains. This attracts all kinds of pests and may also invite smells or mold. You never know how long your moving box will be used.  Sometimes it goes straight into a basement, attic or storage unit.  

How Many Boxes Do You Need

Next you have to figure out how many boxes you need. Almost everyone needs more boxes than they realize. That is why it is critical to pack everything you can early, determining that you will need more boxes.  

Heavy items, such as books, need to be packed in smaller boxes, or the load will be too heavy. Breakable items need to be packed in similarly sized boxes. So, you will want more of this size than anything else. If you are trying to count how many boxes you want, start with the idea of one box for every 14 books and one box for every 10 glasses. This should get you started toward a realistic count.

By the way, you will need more if your move is done by professionals or if it is a long distance move. Why? In these cases, it is less likely that you can use substitutes such as big trash bags for pillows and blankets. On the other hand, if you are moving slowly across town, you may be able to unpack boxes and take them back to be repacked. 

Where To Find Boxes

The best way to find free boxes is to go scouting. You will want to check out what is at the liquor store and grocery store. You should be able to ask the manager what happens to used boxes. They may be willing to call you when boxes are available. 

Some stores put out their boxes, hoping someone will pick them up. This may even reduce their recycling fees or trash fees. Be sure to keep all extra cardboard pieces you find. These can be used inside other boxes as extra protection for plates or framed pictures.  

The key is to start your search earlier enough to find the best boxes. In addition to the compartmentalized boxes you may find at liquor stores, there may be some large boxes at grocery stores that can be used for lightweight items. 

Friday, March 26, 2021

Why Is Crawl Space Encapsulating A Great Investment?

This post is provided by M Zahid.

When you have a crawl space at your property, you may wonder how to go about keeping it in good condition. The crawl space of your home can cause huge issues around your property if it is not cared for. However, some people do not have the time, tools, or knowledge when it comes to looking after this part of the home. Well, one thing you can do is to turn to a crawl space specialist to learn more about protecting this part of your home.

One of the things that these experts can do is to look at crawl space encapsulation for the space under your home. This is a great way of protecting not only the space itself but also the rest of your home. It can also save you a lot of time, hassle, stress, and money in the future, as the space is far less likely to experience major issues that cause serious headaches for homeowners. In this article, we will look at why encapsulation is a great investment for homeowners.

Some Of The Reasons To Have This Work Completed

There are many reasons why you should get this work completed at your home. Some of the benefits you can look forward to are:

Reducing The Risk Of Serious Problems

One of the huge benefits that can come from encapsulating your crawl space is that it reduces the risk of serious problems occurring in your home. All sorts of issues can arise if you have problems in the space beneath your home, and this can have a big impact on the condition of your home, the health of those inside the property, and even your finances. By having the space encapsulated, you can protect the area, and this then means that your home also has a higher level of protection.

Better Living Conditions At Home

You will also benefit from better living conditions at home when you have this work carried out, and this means that you can relax more and enjoy a comfortable environment. By reducing the risk of problems such as mold, low air quality, dampness, and pests, encapsulation can help to maintain a comfortable and healthy home environment. So, you and your loved ones can enjoy spending time at home in a pleasant setting.

Avoiding Ongoing Costs

You can also avoid ongoing costs by having this work carried out, and this can have a huge positive impact on your finances. If you do not protect the crawl space, the many problems that can arise could end up costing a fortune to deal with and eliminate. You could be affected by everything from higher energy bills to paying for damage caused by pests and mold. However, protecting the space under the home will reduce the risk of these issues, which means huge savings in the long run.

These are some of the reasons why encapsulating your crawl space is a great investment for your home. 

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Decorating Your Backyard For A Marriage Proposal!

This post is provided by Lora Young.

Have you decided to pop the question to your special someone? Before you do, you have to make sure you have made the necessary preparations, such as shopping for the perfect engagement ring. Aside from choosing from a host of peach sapphire engagement rings, you also have to prepare the venue. The backyard is perfect, since it allows you to reconnect with nature. No matter where you choose to ask her hand in marriage, decorating it can increase the chances of getting the much-awaited “yes”. Here are some ideas to help you win her heart when proposing in your backyard:

Invest In String Lights

There is just something about string lights that can instantly liven up a space. Plus, there are tons of styles and designs that you can choose from. You can go for lacy white lanterns, or choose to have that vintage filament bulb light. Not only will it help create an elegant and romantic backyard setting, but they can also be reused as a permanent decoration in your home.

Keep It Romantic With Pictures

If you do not have enough budget for expensive decorations, you can always rely on your pictures together to document how far you have come in your relationship. You can print them and DIY a frame to hold them together. What is nice about this decorative piece is that you can reminisce how the two of you started as you plan on creating more memories in the future. 

Decorate By The Season

One of the key things you should do when decorating for your marriage proposal is to decorate depending on the season. Not only will it help you source the best items to spruce up your backyard, but you also use it as a mainstay in your backyard. For example, you might want to decorate with pinecones and string lights when proposing during the Christmas season. When proposing during spring or summer, you can go all in with flowers. 


Nothing beats surprising your loved one with a decoration that you did yourself. If you have a dull-looking backyard space, you can build a backdrop that you can decorate. Wood pallets are a great option if you want to save some money. You can search for some ideas on the lattice work that you can copy. 

Blankets And Lanterns Will Go A Long Way

The most romantic marriage proposals are often the simplest ones. In fact, you can decorate your backyard with pieces that you can find at home. For example, you can set up a teepee tent using a few wood planks and a blanket. You can even bring out some of your furniture. Throw in some pillows from your bedroom, and you will have a simple yet breathtaking set up. Do not forget to light up the space with some cute little paper lanterns for an added romantic vibe. 

Spell It Out

If you think that you are going to stumble on your words when you propose, you can go for a decoration that would speak for itself. Go out and spell out the word, “Will You Marry Me?” using the most creative letterings that you can think of. You can print out the words, or you can have custom letterings for it. If you have a strip light, you can use it as well. 

Use The Pergola

If you have a pergola at home, you can make this the focus of your marriage proposal decor. You can use this spot where all your ideas can come to life. You can get your string lights, and cover the posts with it. You can also use the photos you have framed and let it hang on the space along with some flowers. 

Backyard proposals are romantic enough to get you the answer that you have been longing for. You just have to carefully plan it out so your partner would not ruin the surprise. 

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Tips For Purchasing Furniture Online!

This post is provided by Jacqueline Diaz.

Shopping online has become the new thing nowadays. It may seem that there are some products you can easily buy and reorder using online sites, but some purchases may prove to be intimidating. Furniture can prove to be a big purchase for your home. And a shopping view that cannot be seen can be terrifying. So you have to take the initiative and surf the internet for options, designs, and brands. Like making an online purchase of anything, taking time to acquire the details is crucial. Here are some useful tips for purchasing furniture online.

Prepare Yourself

You should have in mind what you require before shopping. Below are some of the things you should have in mind in advance.

1. Budget Determination

Before shopping, it is advisable to check what amount of money you are comfortable spending. Also, it is important to save some money for assembly and shipping charges.

2. Take measurement twice

It is important to know your particulars, therefore to be on the safe side, it is advisable to take some measurements, write them down, and repeat the process twice. This enables you to choose pieces that will work for the space you have.

Look For The Style That Pleases You

When you are not certain about what style to go with, an option is to browse the internet for similar spaces to yours and check what looks, finishes, and styles they have used and if they interest you.

Costs Of Shipping

You can get information about the shipping policies of the stores on their About or FAQ pages. Review the policies thoroughly before making any purchase from that website. Online stores such as amart furniture store employ different companies like UPS and several others for shipping and offer handling and shipping rates that vary. Some stores charge high shipping costs or introduce a fee for handling to recover the low prices they sell their products for. It is advisable to purchase a piece of furniture after you have reviewed their handling and shipping costs first.

Choosing A Website That Deals With Furniture

The operation of the internet can be described as if it is a market place. Certainly, not all retailers from the internet are reliable and reputable. Purchasing furniture from popular websites that are secure can help you keep your financial information intact. This also minimizes the chances of a problem arising after the purchase is done. You should take your time and research several websites keeping in mind the furniture you want to purchase. This helps you get a deal that suits you.

Price Comparison

Most retailers operating on the internet sell items that other retailers also have. You can browse through these websites and compare the prices of the furniture you want to purchase. Write down the price of the furniture, shipping costs, and the probability of the store to charge for re-stocking and return shipping.

Purchasing furniture online saves you money and time, although you have to browse through stores like amart furniture store and several others to avoid scams. Also, browse through several stores for deals that suit you. It is advisable to use trustworthy sites, look for low prices and go for the method of shipping that you would not regret when it is time to do some upgrades in your future.