Thursday, November 28, 2019

How To Maximize Space In Your Home!

This post is provided by James Fitzpatrick.

Having enough space in our home is something we all strive to have in our lives. Living in a cramped space, especially when you have growing families, can make daily life a real hassle. You do not want to be stepping on or over each other to get where you need to be in your home. There is something you can do to maximize even the smallest living space. With just a little research and creativity, you can give your home the space you need without too much effort.

This article is designed to help you manage your home space and even give you a chance to gain more space in your home with a little renovating and decluttering of your home. If you or someone you know desperately needs help to maximize the space in their home, continue to read on for the best way to maximize your living arrangements.

Bypass Sliding Doors

One incredible way to save and maximize space is to install bypass sliding door hardware and put in sliding doors in your home. These doors allow for less room to be used than a traditional door uses up. These doors are great ideas for those that live in apartments and need more space. You will not have a door that has to open and take up valuable space.

A Clawfoot Bathtub

This may sound a little old-school, but changing out your bathtub with an antique type bathtub, a clawfoot bathtub, can save you a ton of room. These bathtubs not only look cool and can give any home a retro look, but it has benefits, too. Clawfoot bathtubs can:

-Save several feet of the bathroom space in your home.

-Allow for a larger sink that will offer more space for your toiletries and styling products.

-Become an integral piece in your home that will get people talking.

This bathtub is great for those with cramped bathrooms, a good bathtub for those who need to stretch out and relax, or for families with two or more kids. It also gives your space a trendy, minimalist look.

Kitchen Spice Rack

If your kitchen lacks space, you can free up a bit of space with a spice rack organizer. This allows you to install a small shelf big enough for all the spices you own and place it on your wall. This, in turn, saves you counter space which can be used for prep cooking, needed appliances, and more. This gives those who are in the kitchen most of the time the space they need to cook and make it easier to clean.

Corner Shelves

If you find yourself lacking space in your living room due to too much stuff and little room to walk around, you can try corner shelves. These shelves help by:

-Taking knick-knacks, gaming consoles, movies, etc., and organizing them on a small, space-saving shelf.

- Allows you more space to walk around your home.

This is a great idea for small apartments or even a small one- to two-bedroom home, saving you space and sprucing up your decor.

Kitchen Window

Lastly, a great way to add space is by taking out a bit of a wall that divides the living room from the kitchen area for a kitchen window. This window creates an area for you to place decorative items, be able to look out from the kitchen while you are cooking and speak to your family, keep a closer eye on your children, and add some space to your kitchen area. This is an idea for smaller homes or apartments.

There are many wonderful space-saving ideas that anyone can try. These are the top picks by those who have used these tricks for their own homes or have found these to be popular ideas by talking to interior professionals. Whatever you decide, you are sure to gain space and lose stress from an overcrowded home. Give these a try today and see how these five space-saving ideas help you. You will be glad you took the time to save space in your home and make your home a little less cramped.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Stylish Details That Will Give Your Home A Luxurious Feel!

This post is provided by Stephen Marshall.

Everyone wants their home to feel like a castle but not everyone is part of a royal family. 

It is quite unfair, we know. However, there are more budget-friendly things you can do to spruce up your miniature castle and give it a more luxurious feel. It will feel great to have friends and family admire your ingenuity and flair for design and details. 

Without further ado, here is what you can do to make yourself and your home feel like a million bucks.

1. Use Molding And Trim To Round Out The Space

A lot of people use this little trick to turn a room from a basic box to an inviting space. Details like these give a visual cue that the decorator took every detail into account while arranging the interior. 

The most common types of trims you might want to incorporate are:

Baseboards – baseboards are placed at the lowest point of the wall and run the parameter of the entire room, they are not very expensive and with the help of a few online tutorials you can install them yourself. 

Casing – they are used to frame doors and windows and give the space a more elegant look.

Crown molding – placed along the ceiling of a room.

Chair rails – molding placed at the height of a chair and that runs horizontally around the perimeter of the room.

2. Design A Focal Point For Every Room

According to the experts at, another great way to give your home a luxurious and elegant ambiance is to highlight one design detail for every room. It draws the attention and makes the space look for thought-out. 

The best way to pick a focal point is to just emphasize an already existing architectural detail. Maybe it is a beautiful, old fireplace that you can add a new mantle to. Maybe it is a large window with a beautiful view outside and lots of natural light. Then you could consider adding a window seat and to accentuate its loveliness.

3. Hang Art On The Walls

Another classic trick is to hang some pictures on the wall. Not everyone has money to buy paintings although there are lots of very talented street-artists with very affordable and impressive looking work that could lend you a helping hand. Another option is to get digital prints, those are indeed very cost-effective and the best part is that with all the options you will have no problem finding something that matches the color scheme of the space.

4. Use A Warm Color Palette

What makes a space feel luxurious is an inviting ambiance. You will want to use colors that make you, your family and your guests want to spend time there, to feel like this is a great place to unwind. According to the research done in color psychology, warm colors such as red, orange or yellow are perceived by the human eye as cozy and intimate while cooler color like gray and green can be used to make a space look larger and induce calmness. So we recommend you use mostly warm colors with touches of gray or green in smaller spaces.