Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to maximize small living spaces!

We have all heard about the impossibly small living spaces that landlords are offering these days, especially if you happen to be renting in London.

With that in mind however, there are a few nifty tricks for making the most of the smallest spaces.

Make use of the light

There is nothing worse than a small room without any light. By cleverly positioning windows (if you can) and mirrors, you can make a room look far larger than it actually is.

What's more, when your windows are open, ensure that the entire thing is clear so that nothing is obscured. Instead of hanging your windows inside the frame, consider hanging them from the ceiling so that you can make most of the window.

Install smart drawers and doors

We have all seen them and the truth is that smart drawers that make the use of kitchen spaces can be the best thing ever for rooms (and kitchens) with small spaces. Another idea might be to make use of sliding or bifold doors rather than swinging internal ones. There is nothing worse than having to squeeze through a tight space when a simple sliding mechanism could be used instead.

Invest in a sofabed

For those who happen to be living in a studio flat, a sofa bed might well be the thing for you. Although people often tend to think of sofa beds as uncomfortable, second rate contraptions, the truth is that they are now getting more comfortable and stylish as the years pass.

What’s more, if you are the kind of person who likes watching television in bed, you could even get one of those to save even more space.

Make the most of your storage options

You can invest in some great storage ideas without making your home look cluttered or messy; whether you wish to add a few strategic hooks here or there, or even make use of the space under your bed.

Additionally, more and more people are buying things digitally, whether it is magazines, films or books. If you live in a small space, there is no reason why you can not buy your books online and donate all your old things to charity.

Be strategic with your space

I have recently done my bedroom - it is not huge at all, but I have looked at the room and said, "Right, that is my sleeping space for the bed, that is my storage space for my clothes, and that is my practical space for my dressing table. Once you have 'mapped out' what each corner of the room is likely to be used for, then you can use it to its full potential."

In other words, map out your space with a notepad and clearly define what each area will be used for- you would not live to regret it!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Guest post- Teen room decorating ideas!

Whilst every area of your home represents a design challenge, the interior of a teenage girl's bedroom is particularly exciting. This is one room where style is everything, and getting it right has never been so important!

First thing’s first: embark on some serious bonding. Your teenager daughter will most likely have some really creative ideas, so it is important that she plays a key role in the planning process. You might want to consider creating a mood board with examples of interiors that you both like. This is a great way to capture all of your ideas and a fun activity to do together.

Deciding on the color scheme is the first priority, and unless your daughter is very girly, there is a good chance the room could be influenced by bold, bright colors. The key then is to find colors that either complement perfectly, or contrast dramatically. Oranges and purples can look great together, as can navy and browns. Black, if used subtly and in the right way can also be very effective. Bright pink soft furnishings and black furniture, for example, can result in a strong look that is still feminine yet very edgy. 

Remember, subdued colors on the wall can be matched by brighter accessories such as rugs or lampshades. If you have one large wall, then a great way to create a unique space is through artwork or murals. A mural can really help to stamp your daughter’s personality, for example by featuring musical notes, a woodland scene or even a quote from her favorite book or film. 

If you are going for individual artwork, choose framed prints that tie in with the color scheme and theme. The subject of the artwork is again dependent on your daughter’s personality- classic black and white photo prints can work really well, as can modern graphic art such as images from Japanese Manga cartoons.

In terms of furniture, in most bedrooms the bed is the focal point, so it is worth shopping around- beds can differ greatly in both style and cost, you can find many options at stores like Tesco. Dress the bed with furnishings that match the color scheme, but do not be afraid to go for unusual fabrics such as vintage floral prints or stripes. Clothes storage will also be very important, you might like to go for something quirky such as a clothes rack or floating shelves for accessories. A dressmaker's mannequin can also add a nice, unusual element.

Remember that the layout of a room can be greatly affected by light, so it is a good idea to work out where the naturally light and dark areas of the room are. You might then want to think about adding more artificial light, by using up lighters, spotlights or mirrors, for example. The room should be an expression of your daughter’s personality, so involving her in the process is key. 

These quirky extras can transform a good room into a wonderful one. Invest time and money into getting it right and once it is finished, there is even a chance you might want to swap!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

How to create a stylishly comfortable home!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I love all things stylish and beautiful. Life is too short to surround yourself with unattractive things, don't you think?

We all love attractive pieces for our home but let's face it, most of us have a decorating budget to adhere to so buying merely pretty things to decorate our home isn't going to work. My solution? Give your home decor purchases some thought and only buy stylish, decorative items that are both practical and versatile!

Here are my tips to create a stylishly comfortable home! 

1. Decorate with beautiful, unique mirrors that make a design statement! Not only they are decorative in nature, mirrors reflect light and instantly make any room look bigger.

2. Pick a pretty lamp or two. When they are lit, they create a warm and lovely ambiance. When they are not lit, they serve as decorative pieces. Win-win!

3. Hang a big, oversized clock! Not only it's easier to tell time from afar, they make a huge design impact in any room.

4. Get some pretty boxes. Not only do they add some color and visual interest to your vignettes, they hold small items like paper clips, rubber bands, loose coins, keys and other small random items to keep your space looking clean and organized.

5. Get Kleenex Perfect Fit tissuesWith spring season upon us, unfortunately it also means seasonal allergies, so you need to be well prepared!

Sneezing, sniffling and runny noses are common in our household during the spring season so facial tissues really come in handy at the moment. But let's face it, most facial tissues on the market are either ugly, bulky or both! Fortunately, there's Kleenex Perfect Fit, a stylish, prettier option to your regular, boring facial tissues.

I love how Kleenex Perfect Fit slim cylinders fit into small, tight spaces! Its stylish good looks also helps blend into my decor which is always a plus! Remember how I am drawn to stylish, practical products? Now, I don't have to deal with big, boring, bulky facial tissues lying around our house during the spring allergy season anymore!

Here's how I use our Kleenex Perfect Fit!

1. On the nightstand in the master bedroom for those sudden allergy attacks (read: sneezes, runny noses, etc) .

2. On the nightstand in the guest bedroom for our guests' convenience.

3. On my office table, just in case!

4. In our car. We used to have regular, bulky facial tissues on the back of our car but they often fell off the seat and got crushed. With the slim profile of these fabulous Kleenex Perfect Fit, they fit right inside the cup holders. As a bonus, they are easy to reach and not getting ruined anymore since they fit snugly inside those cup holders!

5. I decided to put another Kleenex Perfect Fit tissues at the back row of our car for my son's convenience. These will come handy before and after our son's snacking session!

I hope you find my tips to create a stylishly comfortable home useful. Where would you put your Kleenex Perfect Fit? Don't forget to get your own Kleenex Perfect Fit at Sam's Club. They are available for a limited time only, now through May 31st, 2015 so get yours today!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Beautiful Map Wallpapers!

As far back as human history goes, people have always been fascinated by maps. What is it about them? They chart the way from A to B, give a birds eye view of our landscape, and let our minds run away with all the possibilities that ‘other places’ seem bursting with – and they do all that whilst being beautiful renderings of the world around us. But more than anything, they tell a story.
People look at maps and see where they have been, where they are from and where they are going. Wallpapered bring our ingrained love for these wonderful visualisations of our world to life by offering a range of beautiful, bespoke wallpaper maps for your space. Each map is completely customizable to your needs. If you have a specific area in mind that you would like mapped, along with a color palette to suit your space, Wallpapered will work to your requirements. It is a really fun and unique approach to personalizing a space. Here are a few of our favorites!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Product review- Maple Harbour comforter and sheet set!

Recently, I was contacted by Maple Harbour, a Canadian-based luxury bedding company offering a unique variety of bed linens and textiles for a product review. 

Some of the products on their website that caught my eyes!

Which one is your favorite? For today's review, I have selected the Capistrano Comforter and Anna Simona Sateen 100% Cotton, 400 Thread Count 4-Piece Sheet Set for our guest room.

Check out our guest room's mini makeover below!

I am very pleased with both my new gorgeous comforter and 4-piece sheet set! 

The ivory comforter has a unique mix of stitched on and printed floral design, providing a textural feel and a lot of visual interest.

The underside of the comforter has a contrasting white fabric and feels soft.

I really like the thick white contrasting band on the edges of the comforter. This lovely detail definitely exudes a high-end designer look!

The 100% cotton sheet set with a 400-thread count 4-piece sheet set feels super soft to the touch and has a subtle, beautiful sheen. Love it!

Both products are well-made and are very nice quality. The pictures really do not do this fabulous bedding justice! 

*I have received these products to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are my own.

Currently, Maple Harbour is having a Mother's Day sale with sales ranging from 20%-50% off from May 4th through May 10th. Shoppers in Canada also enjoy free shipping, how fantastic! 

Don't forget to check out their website when you get a chance. Happy shopping!