Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Signs You Need To Replace Your Immersion Heater!

This post is provided by Laura Williams.

Immersion heaters can offer homeowners a wide range of benefits, such as the ability to continue working even if your gas boiler has broken down. Immersion heaters are also super easy to work in general. 

However, it is important to know what sort of signs you should look out for that your immersion heater is in need of replacing. Let us explore!

1. Reduced Efficiency

Firstly, if your immersion heater appears to be offering lower efficiency (whether gradually over time or quite suddenly), it could be a sign that your immersion heater is no longer up to the task.

Evidence of reduced immersion heater efficiency can include the water taking longer to heat up, hot taps or hot shower/bath water taking longer to become hot or struggling to reach the levels of heat (per the setting of the tap you have selected) that it would have before.

Of course, other factors could be at play, such as an issue with the pipework in your home (e.g. the building of slide and debris, which can be resolved by a professional performing a powerflush).

As with any of the signs listed in this blog, you will want to hire a heating engineer to come by and take a look. After all, you must hire a professional to repair or replace an immersion heater. Also, the heating engineer will be able to determine the nature of the problem to begin with (e.g. a faulty thermostat may prove to be the real culprit).

2. Immersion Heater Failure

In a similar way to the issues raised above, an immersion heater breaking down entirely could also be a sign that it is time to have it replaced.

Your immersion heater may be offering reduced efficiency, but it could also be simply failing to work. Should you find that your immersion heater is not working at all, while a repair may suffice, it is also possible it is in need of replacing. A professional must make this evaluation and perform the subsequent repair or replacement work if needed.

3. Other Issues

Here are some other signs that your immersion heater has run its course:

There is plenty of rust on your immersion heater element.

The immersion heater is leaking water.*

You notice strange noises coming from your immersion heater.

*Should you notice any water leaking from an immersion heater, it is important to take a very safe approach to avoid electrocution. You must turn off any energy source powering the heater tank. 

You can do this much more safely by turning off the relevant breaker at the circuit breaker box. Then, turn off the water supply if it is safe to do so, and you know exactly what to do. 

Finally, call out an emergency heating engineer to take a look. They may need to perform work there and then, so be sure to discuss the exact nature of the problem before they come by and briefly check whether they can fix the issue when visiting.

Cost Of A New Immersion Heater

If it turns out you need a new unit installed, you are looking at an average immersion heater cost of £100 to £120.

When looking to hire a heating engineer near you to replace your immersion heater, you should consider asking for quotes from 3+ professionals. 

This way, you can compare several quotes, looking at the pricing, levels of experience and any online reviews/ratings (if available) of each contractor/service you are considering. This can be a helpful way of securing good value for money.

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Going Green: Sustainable Benchtop Materials For Your Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Project!

This post is provided by Will Bail.

It is an excellent idea to go green for your home improvement project, but materials should be selected properly to have an eco-friendly environment. One of the best materials for sustainable benchtops is bamboo, which is a quickly renewable resource that has many environmentally friendly qualities. It is also very durable and would not break the bank when it comes to small home renovations. Additionally, you can opt for concrete countertops or look into recycled and upcycled options for a truly unique and sustainable aesthetic. With these sustainable benchtop materials, you can easily make your next home improvement project green!

1. Bamboo: A quickly renewable resource that is durable and cost-effective.

Bamboo is quickly becoming the go to when it comes to sustainable benchtop materials for any eco-friendly home improvement project! Not only is it incredibly durable, but its renewable aspect is pretty unbeatable. Plus, you would not have to worry about going over your budget with bamboo's affordable price! Whether you are looking for a material for a new kitchen or bathroom project, take some time to do your research and strongly consider bamboo as an option - the environment will definitely thank you.

2. Concrete countertops: An attractive and long-lasting material that also has sustainability benefits.

There is no better option for your eco-friendly home improvement project than concrete countertops. Designed to last for a lifetime, concrete countertops have an attractive finish that can range from subtle to vibrant. Plus, these materials are incredibly durable and will not easily crack or break - perfect for busy households and cabinets that get plenty of wear and tear. They are made out of natural resources such as gravel, sand, cement, and pigments so they are environmentally friendly at the same time they look stylish and modern. They will not only last longer  but also in how sustainably they can be produced. Add a contemporary look to your kitchen with concrete countertops – you would not regret it!

3. Engineered quartz stone: Often locally sourced and more affordable than natural stone, engineered quartz is a popular choice for benchtops with a modern edge.

If you want your home to be more eco-friendly, you should choose an engineered quartz stone benchtop. This sustainable material is often locally sourced and its affordability makes it a great option compared to natural stones. Perfect for modern homes, many people opt for engineered quartz for its robustness and reliability without compromising on style or quality. With the option to choose from various shapes, sizes and shades, quartz can fit into any type of design motif - making it easy to create beautiful benchtops that are affordable and environmentally friendly.

When it comes to eco-friendly home improvement projects, sustainable benchtop materials are key. From bamboo to engineered quartz and even Caesarstone's new porcelain benchtops, there is a range of options available to suit any style or budget. You can build your home more sustainable without compromising on aesthetics or quality by investing in materials that are both durable and environmentally friendly.

Monday, February 6, 2023

How To Stop Extension Costs Spiraling Out Of Control!

This post is provided by Kane Hughes.

You are not alone if you are considering building a house extension but need to find strategies to lower the cost of your extension. Since the cost of labor, materials, household furnishings, and fittings has all increased recently, people considering an extension may be approaching it cautiously. 

Most likely, you are adding an addition because you need more space. While it is reasonable to be concerned about how your budget may be impacted, there are solutions to cut costs. Instead of not developing, you need to learn to manage your costs more carefully. 

In light of this, we will outline various strategies for preventing out-of-control expansion costs.

Get Professional Advice

Planning will help you avoid spending much money and suffering later on. Write out your goals and desires and what you hope to accomplish as your first piece of homework. Then, instead of nice-to-haves, list your top priorities or must-haves. It is crucial to know what is feasible, given the budget. In this situation, an architect can be helpful. 

A talented architect will suggest additional design options that you or your builder may have yet to consider. As a result, you can accomplish your goals without spending money on a new extension. For instance, you might modify your home by tearing down interior walls or cheaply turning a loft or garage into a livable space.

Avoid Scam Artists

Like any other trade, the architectural and design industries have their fair share of con artists. These include those who grossly underestimate costs, either out of ignorance or to get a job; those who charge more for changes or "extras"; and those who request some or all of the payment upfront, leaving you with no recourse if they do not produce quality work. 

Always ask for references before choosing someone, and check them out. 

Additionally, only pay for work you are satisfied with after finishing it. Never pay for supplies up front. If a builder is unwilling to provide the materials, you should buy them yourself.

Pick A Straightforward Style

Keep your extension's design straightforward. Keep your designs square and rectangular. Stay away from strange forms if you want to prevent your extension costs from spiraling out of control. Building curves and L-shapes are expensive. A gable or pitched roof's exact shape makes it simple to build. However, a hip roof with slopes on all four sides requires more labor, and a curved roof is ten times more. 

Extensions with only one story are less expensive and easier to construct than those with two stories. Select standard-sized windows and doors because they are less expensive and easier to install. Avoid building close to drains or other underground facilities to save money on costly groundwork.

Limit Changes To The Structure 

When building an addition, you must consider how to make the remainder of the house accessible to the renovated space; this sometimes necessitates tearing down interior (and occasionally exterior) walls. Think about which of these layout modifications are required. 

Construction will require much more labor and money if structural changes, such as pulling down walls, are made to the current building. However, you can significantly reduce the cost of structural steel by designing your addition so that the window into the current open garden will serve as the new entrance to the kitchen addition.

Save On VAT 

VAT of 20% will be charged on several extensions for labor, supplies and professional services. Hiring self-employed tradespeople and specialists with a turnover below the VAT registration requirement is one option to reduce your construction costs. This might save you thousands of pounds on your construction expenses. 

Some additions, including those made to buildings that have been empty for two years, are eligible for VAT exemption. However, since you cannot personally claim the tax, you must hire a builder registered for VAT to be eligible.

Do Not Overextend

It would be best if you weighed the cost of your addition against the increased value it will bring to your house. Then, before extending, discuss the effect it will have on the value of your home with a reputable local estate agent. Then, moving rather than improving could be more cost-effective.

Repair, Recycle And Reuse  

Instead of throwing away existing resources, they can be repurposed or sold. It is possible to clean and refinish old flooring, doors, kitchen cabinets, and other items. What you are unable to use, sell or exchange. 

Remember that purchasing salvaged materials can often be far less expensive than purchasing brand-new ones, and they also instantly provide character. For example, roof tiles, brickwork, interior doors, wood flooring, and fireplaces are inexpensive items. 

Reducing waste will also result in lower skip rental and disposal expenses. Also, remember that you are free to dispose of rubbish at your neighborhood council tip as a private citizen.

Identify Your Spending And Saving Priorities

If you want to stop your extension costs from spiraling out of control expansion, figure out where you can spend and where you should save. There are many ways to build a space with a wow factor without breaking the bank. Spending time and money working with a professional designer and architect may help you lower your overall expenditures with creative, cost-efficient house expansion ideas.

Be Your Own Project Manager

To compensate for their time supervising a project, builders often add 15% to 25% to the total cost of labor and materials. Therefore, you can save money by acting as your building contractor. To do this, you must hire tradespeople like electricians and plumbers, coordinate their work, acquire materials, communicate with your architect and the local government, and rent scaffolding and skips. Of course, it takes a lot of time, and your extension will take much longer to complete, but the savings could be significant.

Muck In The Easier Tasks 

Decorating the expansion yourself after it is constructed will lower the overall cost. Another option to save money is to sweep up the site at the end of each day. But it is usually advisable to hire a professional for the drawings, blueprints, electrics, plumbing, bricklaying, plastering, and roofing to minimize costly errors.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

How to plan jewelry storage in your bedroom!

This post is provided by Faisal Yaqoob. 

Who does not love good, traditional jewelry pieces? There can never be enough hoops or chains or bracelets in the world for us to own. But some of us definitely have limited storage or display capacities. A party and we can not find our matching earring or the ring your grandmother just loves seems to be out of sight. Every piece has its own value and place and their importance cannot be diminished. The meaning behind each piece can make it difficult to consolidate your collection and create an overwhelming and unorganized stash. Jewelry can also be very fragile so it is crucial that delicate items, such as family heirlooms or dainty necklaces, or mouth grillz are stored properly to avoid damage or tangling.

Do not worry we have all the right ideas for your jewelry organization and yes, we are not suggesting you get rid of them. We recommend on how to keep your special pieces neat, accessible, and safe. Read on for wonderful jewelry storage ideas.

1. Edit your jewelry

Before figuring out exactly how to store your jewelry, it is crucial to decide which items you love and which ones you no longer need. We recommend tossing or re-purposing any mismatched earrings, tarnished jewelry, or broken pieces that may be taking up valuable space. You can also donate trendy pieces to a thrift store and take meaningful pieces to a jeweler, to be reset, if they no longer match your style.

2. Invest in a jewelry box

Jewelry boxes are designed to keep all of your jewels safe, categorized, and easy to find when you are looking to accessorize. They will keep your jewels dust-free, visible, and safe especially pieces like earrings, mouth grills need proper placement to stay in shape. They are also chic enough to be put on display or can be stored neatly in a closet, drawer, or even under your bed.

3. Designate a special place for your regulars

It is easy to get into the habit of tossing your everyday rings, necklaces, and earrings on the nightstand next to your bed. But this habit can lead to necklaces getting tangled or to losing an earring in the middle of the night. Instead putting a catch-all on your nightstand or on your bathroom counter to ensure your jewels are secure until the next morning.

4. Compartmentalize

Another splendid idea is to use storage compartments that can fit Tetris-style into the drawer. Just separate your rings, earrings and necklaces into the different sections. Your husband can occasionally use it as well, for his cufflinks, mouth grillz; watches etc. Simply store your favorite pieces that you use often so that you have easy access to them.

5. The jewelry-as-home decor method

Sometimes we have pieces that should be kept on their own out of necessity. A tabletop or shelf display can easily be used to put jewelry and keep your favorite (most easily tangled) pieces out and ready to grab. Easy on the eyes and convenient for usage.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

How To Make Your Room Look Luxurious Using Comforter!

This post is provided by Faisal Yaqoob.

Bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house where we usually get our rest but what if your bedroom does not take away your stress, anxiety and tiredness? The answer is a simple one. You will become inactive and will face many health problems especially mental ones.

We only live once, and life is full of tensions and time passes quickly that we do not know what is happening. Everyone is busy and just running with the flow so if we are not mentally relaxed then this will affect our life and loved ones.

What should we do to keep us relaxed?

The most important thing is a good sleep and for this purpose you need something comfortable. The interior of your room is not going to do anything for a good sleep but comforters can.

What Points Should One Keep In Mind While Buying A Comforter?

The right time to buy a comforter is usually in late winter or early spring.

Alternative down comforter is generally less expensive, easier to clean and better for allergy sufferers.

Fill Power: the higher the fill power, the warmer the comforter. Bottom line: If you want to be extra warm, choose a comforter with fill power of 600 or higher.

Thread Count: A thread count between 250 and 500 is considered high quality.

Size: In the US, we tend to like our comforters to hang over the bed, more like a bedspread. If you are looking for more drape, an oversized comforter will suit your style better.

Read The Care Label For Washing Instructions

Always find out the best way to wash the comforter before you buy. If the label only mentions spot cleaning, consider choosing a different one; you want to be able to give it a good, deep cleaning when needed. Some comforters are machine washable, but others are dry clean only.

Machine washable comforter should be clean in a front loading washing machine on a gentle cycle. Add an extra rinse to make sure you are removing all of the detergent. At drying, use dryer balls to make it fluff. If the dryer seems stuffed full, take breaks throughout the drying cycle to shake out and fluff the comforter.

At The End

Creative people always make a place beautiful. At Luxurier Bedding, we believe that a luxury bedroom can be made using affordable products. Visit our site and explore the wide range of luxury comforter sets, pillows, curtains and more! We look forward in helping you design something extraordinary.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

New Home? Great Gifts!

This article is provided by James Fitzpatrick.

Gifts are important and can make the recipient feel happy that you remembered them. Choosing a gift is complicated, but it is essential to your relationship with someone you care about. It is an excellent way to show how much you appreciate them and make them feel special.

Great Gifts For The New Home Owner

1. Artwork: art is an ideal gift with just about any decor. You can create something personalized for your loved one by selecting artwork from their favorite artist or painting. If they like paintings, you might choose a canvas print that will add depth to their walls. A framed piece of artwork would be perfect for hanging in an entryway or living room.

2. Wine bottles (and wine glasses): if your friend has been eyeing a specific bottle of wine for some time now, this could be the perfect occasion to pull out all the stops. Whether he prefers red or white, sparkling or still, there is no better way to celebrate his latest accomplishment than by pulling out all the best red sweet wines available and serving him up a feast! Wines are always great; they are versatile because they go well with many different foods.

3. Live plants: plants are great because not only do they look beautiful, they are great for keeping rooms fresh and clean. Select a plant that represents healthy, happy relationships, one which symbolizes love, friendship, loyalty, and trust. Try a succulent or cactus as a fun, low-maintenance alternative that adds a pop of color and life to indoor spaces. To ensure your selection thrives, consider choosing ones requiring minimal water and light.

4. Home goods and décor items: home goods come in many different shapes and sizes, so there is sure to be something here that will be a hit. Home goods include everything from plates to candles. You could even go out and get a housewarming party to give away what you have accumulated over the years. The decor is a wonderful gift idea because it allows the receiver to customize their space however they see fit. They can use your gift to decorate their bedroom, kitchen, or living room.

5. Gift cards: gift cards are one of the most versatile ways to give a gift without breaking the bank. Hundreds of brands and retailers offer gift cards to fit almost anyone's tastes, budgets, or hobbies. Whether they prefer shopping at local stores or online, you can find a card for every budget. When the recipient sees what they want, they can use the gift card to buy whatever makes them smile.

6. Personalized gifts: Personalized gifts are always unique, and you know exactly what they will mean to the person who receives them. Personalization does not have to be expensive; there are plenty of affordable options that can turn heads and hearts alike. Personalized keepsakes from custom mugs to photo frames can keep your friends and family members feeling extra special throughout the year.

7. Decorative scented candles: treat your friends to scented candles that smell amazing, whether it is lavender, citrus, chocolate, coffee, or something else. Candlemakers also offer seasonal scents, so check those out if you want to stick to a certain theme. Candles are luxuries that can truly make people feel pampered and relaxed.

8. A dramatic vase or serving bowl: vases and bowls are wonderful additions to the kitchen. Find a big, bold piece for the dining table or a small, simple one for the breakfast nook. They can also hold flowers, fresh herbs, or anything else you would like to see on display. Choose a piece that fits well into your space and lets the design speak for itself.

9. An elegant dinnerware set: Dinner sets are usually high-quality, beautiful pieces guaranteed to impress. From china to glassware, dinner settings can liven up a table. The key is selecting a style that matches your home's overall theme; think about choosing dishes with intricate patterns or designs. You may even choose to pair complementary colors such as black with white.

10. A stylish cookbook: People adore cooking books, especially with pictures and step-by-step instructions. They are perfect for beginners looking to explore different types of cuisine or expert cooks looking for inspiration. Some cookbooks even include meal plans and recipes, which can help families stay organized when feeding a crowd. Make sure to pick a cookbook with dishes you know the recipient will enjoy.

Home is where we spend 90% of our time. Therefore, it should be a place that brings us joy and happiness. If you are looking for some great ideas on how to plan for your next housewarming party, then this article has got you covered.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

How To Increase Storage Space In The Home!

This post is provided by Kane Hughes.

Storage space is something that everyone needs more of. It does not matter if you live alone or have a large family, it always seems that there is never quite enough room to store everything in your home. Here are a few tips to increase the storage space in your home and keep everything neat and tidy.

Decide What You Really Need

The first thing to do when looking to increase the storage space in your home is to take stock of what you have and what you actually need to keep. It can be easy to hang on to everything you own “just in case” and never get rid of anything. However, this quickly leads to overflowing cupboards and drawers, leaving no space for the things you need. Go through the things you are storing in your home and decide what you need to keep and what can be gotten rid of. Be as ruthless as you can and remove old items and things you no longer use. You will be surprised just how much unnecessary stuff you are hanging on to, and once those things are gone, just how much extra space you have got for the things you really need.

Use External Spaces

The garage is often a great space for storage that can be overlooked. Make sure you use this area to store things that you might not need daily access to and that can be kept in a cooler environment. Even if you keep your cars in the garage, installing shelves or racking can still mean that the garage becomes a space with plenty of room for storage while still keeping your vehicles safe at night.

If you do not already have one, consider purchasing a shed for your garden. Again, these can be a great space to store garden related items such as tools, garden furniture, and your mower. Large items like these can take up lots of space inside the house, so moving them out into a shed can free up lots of extra storage for you to utilize within your home.

Do Not Forget The Attic

Another great space to store things you do not need regular access to is in the attic. Consider boarding and insulating your loft to add a huge amount of extra storage space to your home. The cost of this will of course depend on the size of your attic but you will be shocked at just how much you are able to store up there once the space is able to be used. An added benefit of having your attic insulated will be lowered heat bills, with the insulation reducing the amount of heat you lose through your roof and keeping your whole house warmer.

Make A Plan

It can be easy to just toss things wherever is convenient when you need to get them out of the way. However, this can quickly lead to storage spaces becoming disorganized and messy, and reducing the number of items you are able to keep in them. With a bit of planning beforehand, you will be able to make the most of the storage space you already have by organizing items more efficiently. Start with larger items and things you do not need regular access to. Once those are in place, you can place smaller things around them to really squeeze every inch out of your storage spaces. A little planning goes a long way when it comes to storage.

Look At Storage Solutions

To go with the above point, consider investing in some storage solutions for your cupboards and other storage spaces. Partitions and dividers can make a huge difference to the number of items you can fit into a given space by sectioning off areas for specific things and creating extra shelves and hangers. Think about whether smaller items can be condensed into boxes that can then be stacked neatly, not only reducing the amount of space lots of smaller items will take up but also keeping everything neat and together. Also, look at whether hooks and hangers can be used to increase the amount of space you have. For example, a shoe rack can be hung on the back of a door, removing shoes from the floor and creating more space to store other things.

Organize Your Paperwork

Too often we end up just dumping letters and other pieces of paperwork on whichever counter or surface is closest to hand, leaving us with a cluttered and disorganized home. Consider setting up an organization area for all of your paperwork to keep it neat and out of the way. Small racks of folders or dividers can be cheaply bought and hung on walls or cupboard doors. These organizational tools may not seem like much, but they will go a long way to tidying up stray pieces of paper and documents that were otherwise taking up space on your counters.

Hopefully, these tips have given you a few ideas for increasing the storage space in your home. With a little time and planning, it is easy to find ways to keep all of your family’s things neat, tidy, and out of the way, no matter how much space you have.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Ways To Design A Small Bathroom!

This post is provided by Diane Hutton.

Just because you have a small bathroom does not mean you can not put effort into designing it anymore. You can still improve its appearance and make your bathing experience comfortable. Here are some tips for decorating your bathroom. 

Use light colors 

Having light colors in the bathroom will make the area look more spacious. It is also easy in the eyes. The bathroom should provide a sense of comfort and relaxation, and the use of light or neutral tones can help achieve that goal. 

Place mirrors

Of course, a bathroom needs to have mirrors. You also need them to create an illusion of space. Even if the room is not big enough, it feels more comfortable. Life-sized mirrors are suitable while you prepare yourself to head out. 

Do not hesitate to buy a tub

Again, a small bathroom should not prevent you from enjoying quality bathroom furniture and accessories. Hence, you may opt for a freestanding bath if you do not have sufficient space. It is an excellent centrepiece that comes in different sizes. You can also put it in any corner of your bathroom. Your bathing experience will be unlike any other when you have one. 

Consider a single sink

You do not need huge sinks or separate ones if you have a small bathroom. A single sink can do the job. As long as it produces hot and cold water, you can use it to clean yourself. 

Buy vanity furniture

You need space to put on makeup before going to work or night creams before going to bed. So it makes sense to have vanity furniture. The good thing is you can buy one that fits the limited space you have. You may also use a bedroom vanity instead to avoid taking up space in your bathroom. 

Use open shelves

Open shelving lets you hang towels and wet clothes. You do not need an entire cabinet for storage. You may also use it to store other bathroom essentials. 

Use a glass shower wall

You do not want obstruction in your bathroom. For example, the wall that separates your shower from the rest of the room may take up space. Using a glass shower is an excellent idea. It frees up more room and creates a seamless connection between the two areas. 

Keep the bathroom tidy

If your bathroom looks messy, you will find it stuffy and crowded. Remove unnecessary things inside. Regularly empty the bin and keep the used clothes in a laundry basket. Once you start cleaning up the bathroom, it will look more spacious. 

Consider remodeling

After doing these tips, you might still find your bathroom small. If you believe remodeling can help, you must do it. Of course, you should prepare to spend a lot. You can make it happen as long as there is sufficient space to extend the bathroom. 

Hopefully, you will start feeling comfortable in your bathroom again. If you do not feel good, it forfeits the purpose of having a bathroom. You will still feel terrible once you step out. Thus, positive changes are necessary even if you need to spend more. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Featured post- Nelson Cabinetry!

This post is sponsored by Nelson Cabinetry.

My lovelies, you know how I adore beautiful kitchens and my passion for trying new recipes? Because I spend so much time in the kitchen everyday preparing meals for my family, I really hope to have a kitchen of my dreams in the future. The reality is a beautiful kitchen always cost an arm or a leg, don't you think? Most of the time, it's the kitchen cabinets that take up a big chunk of that kitchen renovation budget. But don't fret, I have the perfect solution for you. 

Introducing Nelson Cabinetry, a company that offers high quality, ready to assemble kitchen and bathroom cabinetry at wholesale prices!

Currently, they have two wonderful collection to choose from, the Gray Collection and the White Collection. Here's a glimpse of some of their offerings!

What I really love most about their website is they have almost every kitchen and bathroom cabinet combo you can ever imagined! Their website is also very user-friendly so you can basically customize your own kitchen or bathroom with all the different bases, corner cabinets, tall cabinets (pantry) and even accessorize with crown molding, dishwasher panel, fridge panel, toe kick, etc with a simple click of a button.

If designing your own kitchen is too overwhelming for you, you might opt for their FREE 3D Kitchen Design. Seriously, how amazing is that? To receive design assistance, all you have to do is provide your personal info and attach supporting documents such as kitchen pictures, blueprints, or layout to their website!

As a bonus, all their cabinets are made with all wood construction, all wood drawer box with finished sides of cabinets and soft close plus with a limited lifetime warranty. And best of all, they offer a flat rate shipping of only $299 for any number of cabinets and at any distance!

So if you are planning to do a kitchen or bathroom renovation in the near future, don't forget to check them out HERE!

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Alternative Holiday Traditions You Should Adopt!

This post is provided by Emily Roberts.

Christmas and Thanksgiving are great, arguably, but they are just so …everywhere. By the time the day actually comes you are sick of the songs, the food, the Santa and turkey graphics everywhere. Sometimes it is simply too much. Sometimes you are looking for something new.  

At the core of it, Christmas is about appreciating your immediate family, Thanksgiving your extended family, New Years gives hope for the future and birthdays are all about you. But what about the rest? There are a lot of gaps in the system that need filled, and nowadays there is a holiday for each of them. There is a day for that, and a day for that. Read our blog to find out all the details of each of them. 

Galentine’s Day

Spearheaded by Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation fame, Galentine’s Day is a chance for women, single and otherwise, to show their appreciation for their closest gals. Leave the men behind as you go out for a celebration of your best gal pals. 

Like a hen party with a heaping dose of sincerity, Galentine’s Day features mainly brunch, with the bottomless element included, and thoughtful gift bags exchanged, with perhaps a dance party thrown in. Leslie specializes in the handmade gift variety, but it is not mandatory. 

Since the closing of the show, the concept has grown in popularity, to the point that you will occasionally hear of gals hitting the town on the 13th of February for their Galentine’s brunch or hosting pink-themed Galentine’s house parties with a framed photo of Leslie Knope on the wall like Jesus. 

Exclaimer, you do not have to be born a gal to be part of Galentine’s Day. If you are one of the gals, and appreciated by the gals, you are invited. 


Friendsgiving is made for those who created their family, rather than inherited it. Again, with a touchstone in popular culture (some say it was started by too many re-runs of Friends and their annual Thanksgiving episodes featuring no blood relatives), Friendsgiving has grown into an annual meal of appreciation for the family you made along the way. 

Popular in university student’s struggling to get back home, especially seeing a rise since the recent lockdowns. The global appeal is there too, with the lack of historical aspect meaning that friends around the world are gathering for celebration of their friends. 

If you are looking to be a part of Friendsgiving, you can send out Friendsgiving invitations and have everyone round for a meal far grander than the bland turkey offered every year: pizza. Usually hosted the weekend before Thanksgiving, friends host a potluck dinner made up of all the favorites of your group. Sure, it can include turkey, yams and all the old favorites, but if you have to do it again the next week with your family, it can get tiring really quick. 

According to Google, there has been a steady rise in searches for Friendsgiving, spiking every Fall, since 2012 and Instagram is flooded with #friendsgiving photos every year. 


Chances are you already celebrate Samhain in some capacity. Samhain is the historical basis for Halloween, which in itself takes so many forms it is hard to choose one way of celebrating. 

However, Samhain runs from the evening of October 31st to the following evening on November 1st, so you have time to squeeze in some traditional Celtic rituals if you are interested.

The original point of Samhain is to give thanks for the bountiful summer you have had and pray for just as lucrative a winter. If you were Wiccan in the Middle Ages it is more likely you were asking for frost to not kill your crops, but today Wiccans ask for everything from true love to a job promotion via their various spiritual ways, much like how Christians would pray today. 

Plus, it is seen as a chance to speak to loved ones again, since the Celts believed that the physical world barriers between the spirit world and our world are broken down with the start of the season, allowing interactions between us humans and the Otherworld. Less a chance to star in your own version of The Conjuring and more in the spirit of Day of the Dead where you get to speak to your gran again. 

Pet’s Birthdays

There is nothing like the love of a pet. It is unconditional and pure, and yet we do not have a day to celebrate it. 

Sure, there is National Love Your Pet Day on February 20th, where you can share pictures of your furry, scaly, or aquatic friend on social media, but if you really want to show your love you can host a birthday party for them. 

Birthdays can be a little elusive. If you have a rescue dog, for example, that information might not have been readily available, so a good backup is the date you introduced them to your home. 

The fun of it is of course, the décor, the superior meal complete with treats, a fun day out, and perhaps a doggy birthday cake. But National Love Your Pet Day has a good list of pointers that will also help in your pet’s overall wellbeing, meaning that you will have a regular check-in that you will remember. 

These include checking if your pet’s vaccines are up to date, a grooming session, some extra training, and washing their bedding.  

Adoption Party

An adoption party can be along the same lines as a birthday party, but it focuses on the day your family grew and became whole. Not to be confused with adoption parties where the purpose is to connect potential parents with children, this form of adoption party is a private celebration of the family you have made. 

It can hit all the same milestones as a birthday party - gifts, cake, theme, and activities – but shared amongst the family. That means the little ones will have to go shopping for daddy, yes. 

You can do a family friendly activity together, like riding a bike trail, or stay in the house and have a movie day with popcorn and blankets. Like birthday’s, there are very little rules to stick to. The only rule is that you do it together.