Thursday, August 16, 2018

Tips For Decorating Your College Bedroom!

The years that you spend in university will undoubtedly be some of your most memorable times. Setting off alone into the big world can be a life-altering time for most young people. The excitement of personal freedom, new friends, and new teachers can all be overwhelming at the start.

Many students want to live the full college experience with living in the dorms on campus. For others, they may want to try living independently in off campus housing. Either way, for most new college students it will be mean a brand new living space that is all their own. Whether you are sharing a dorm room or an apartment off campus, this will be your first opportunity to decorate your own space to really reflect your personality.

Your new space may have limitations about whether you can paint the walls or make any big changes, but at the end of the day it is up to you to create a comfortable and unique space of your own. Use these tips to help you design your room to be comfortable and functional with some small reminders of home.

Add Color And Flair

You may not have too many decorating options as far as the basics in your new room, so you have to be creative. Add a bright and cheery rug to the floors, and choose elements that are easily changed, like bed linens, to make a personal statement with your favorite colors.

It is not advised in most rental spaces or dorms to mount things on the walls, so you might consider using a hung wall tapestry instead. Tape up your favorite band or team posters to cover empty wall space. Dot your room with colorful throw pillows to help brighten up any dull areas.

Use A Cork Board

No matter what size you choose, a wall cork board in your college bedroom can be both functional and decorative. Use it to pin all of your essential papers and notices. It is a great way to keep your class and work schedules in plain view and in a safe place where they would not get lost.

Along with keeping all your papers and receipts in order, a cork board can be used as a display case as well. Pin up family and friend photographs or maybe a used pair of concert tickets. It is a great opportunity to create a visual snapshot of your college experience.


Do not rely on the basic lighting that you will find in your new room. You will generally find a basic overhead light or even fluorescent lighting in some dorms. Bring a desk or a floor lamp with you to either brighten your work space or soften the effects of the overhead lights.

It a situation where you may be sharing a space, always remember to be considerate. If you are a night owl, make sure that you bring a book light or bedside lamp to use when others are trying to sleep.


Adding plants to any space is a great way to bring life and softness into the room. Plants not only provide you with better air quality but they can add a pretty flair to your space. For many students who have had to leave their family pets behind, it is a great way to still have something living to take care of. 

Under Bed Storage

Storage space is at a premium in college housing. Your personal space is already pretty tight, so it can be tough to find space for all of the rest of your stuff. Keeping things organized is the best way to stay on track.

Invest in some low level storage bins with wheels that can be easily rolled under your bed, giving you space for extra or bulky clothes and coats, blankets and bedding, shoes, books and personal items.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Four Timeless Bridal Jewelry Ideas!

This post is provided by Clarissa Caouette. is finally happening! Can you believe your “big day” is just right around the corner? Well, actually you are probably still running around like a mad woman trying to prepare every last detail and have not had any time to think about anything else. 

However, there is one little thing you will need to decide. And that is choosing which bridal jewelry you are going to wear for the wedding. Do not worry, I am gonna help you out. 

I will give you four timeless jewelry ideas and all you will have to do is choose your favorites. Let us begin. 

1. Crystal drop earrings

Of course, you are already going to look like a princess on the day of your wedding but a crystal drop earring can take you from a princess to a queen. They are elegant and classy plus they are able to complement any wedding dress and hairstyle. 

2. Pearl necklace

If you are looking to pull off a little more sophistication. Why not go with a timeless favorite- a white pearl necklace. It is an amazing way to look both polished and effortless at the same time. 

A shorter pearl necklace can fit perfectly with a strapless dress so that the necklace will be the accent on your look. And then you can go ahead and pair them with a pair of pearl studs or a beautiful ring with a crystal. 

Finish the look off with an elegant hairdo and you will be ready to walk down that aisle.  

3. Shoulder jewelry 

On the day of your wedding, everyone’s attention will be on you. You can keep it that way by opting out for some super noticeable shoulder jewelry. 

This is completely unique when it comes to bridal accessories and it also has a real sense of attractiveness to it. It is retro but also original because these days we are not used to seeing this type of body jewelry at weddings. It is definitely one of my favorite timeless looks. 

You can go with a very bold and detailed shoulder necklace or a more feminine and subtle one. Regardless of which one you choose, they will both look very remarkable and original. 

4. A floral head wreath

Since destination weddings are basically “the norm” now, I had to include the flower wreath in the list. A wreath made from beautiful, fresh flowers pairs perfectly with a Boho-inspired wedding dress. 

This wedding look is more relaxed and will allow for less stress and easy picture taking. 


Your wedding will be here and gone before you know it, so be sure to enjoy the big day when it arrives. Next thing you know, you will be preparing for kids and moving into your first home

Choosing your jewelry may seem like such a small detail in the grand scheme of all your planning. But sometimes it is the little things that stick out the most.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

How Long Does A Standard Security System Last?

This post is provided by Jesse Hughes.

Buying an alarm system for your home is usually a big investment. After all, you want one that does the job properly. This means it needs to have movement sensors and the ability to detect if any door or window is opened when it should not be.

Unfortunately, many people believe that after such a large investment they do not need to do anything else but use the system. However, even the very best security system would not last forever.

There are several factors which dictate the life of your security system:


You need to use a reputable electrical security services firm and have your system maintained at least once a year. Regular maintenance and a change of batteries will help to ensure your system lasts for many years.

In fact, regular maintenance can help to ensure the key components of your system do not need replacing; you simply add new features or replace worn out parts as needed.


One of the biggest issues to face your security system is actually technology; it advances so quickly that it is possible your system will be out of date as soon as it is installed.

The advancement of smart technology has made this even more noticeable but also increased the risk; hackers and other criminal elements are working hard to find their way into your system remotely. You need to keep updating your system to stay ahead of them.

Fortunately in many cases this is possible by simply upgrading your software or specific parts of your system; the core components should not need replacing for years.

Contract Changes

A high quality security system will involve a contract; you will need to know that the company will respond in the event of the alarm going off. 

In many cases the company will install the equipment and then charge you a monthly fee. This can mean that parts of your set up are never actually yours. This is not an issue unless you decide to change contractors; then you may need to upgrade part of your system.

In fact renewing your contract is a good opportunity to review the protection you have and make improvements to your security system.


Choosing to fit and maintain a security system yourself can be more cost effective. However, this is often a short term saving. You will not be connected to a monitoring station. In fact the security system will do little more than make a lot of noise to wake you and your neighbors; assuming you and any of them are home.

If you are serious about home security, it is best to invest in a quality system that you know will give you years of service.

It may not last a lifetime but with proper maintenance and the occasional component upgrade you should not need to replace the basic hardware of your system. In return you will have peace of mind as you, your family and your possessions are protected against those with criminal intent.