Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Guess who is getting one year older?

Guess who is getting one year older? I am! I turned 35 today! Well, time really flies when you are having fun! 

Sure, getting older sucks for the most part especially physically which means I have less metabolism now and it's incredibly hard to shed all those extra pounds (boy, I missed my 20-something skinny size zero body where I looked good in absolutely everything!). Now with the extra pounds I carried around my tummy, thighs, legs and arms, I have to be very careful with the kind of clothes I pick!

However, the good thing about getting older is I have equipped with better skills (people skills, cooking skills, make-up skills, etc) and my taste and style (in fashion and decorating) is getting better, in general. I have also learned to be more patient and not sweat the small stuff as much. I am still far from being perfect but I hope to become a better person as time goes by.

So what plans do I have today? Not much. Hubby will be taking us to our favorite restaurant for some fancy and delicious sushis tonight, I can't wait! I have also received two pair of beautiful shoes as presents. Besides home goods, I am obsessed with gorgeous handbags and shoes! These are the ones that I picked!

I have always love the look of pretty closed toe shoes and this one comes without the discomfort of high heels and painful blisters, what's not to love? They are casual and stylish with a hint of understated glam, comfy to boot and goes well with everything, definitely my kind of shoes! Now you know why I needed to get two pairs in different colors! :) I will be wearing one of these for my celebration tonight!

I am fairly easy to please. Two pair of nice shoes and a nice dinner is enough to make me a happy girl. What about you? What is your ideal birthday like? I would love to know!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Aren’t All Wine Glasses the Same?

Many new wine drinkers can be overwhelmed by the extensive selection of glassware associated with enjoying various types of fine wine. Wine glasses are made in an endless number of variations, but with the highest quality glassware, these differences are far more than just cosmetic. The construction of your wine glass can have an enormous effect on the experience of savoring your wine, and the proper glassware can make the best qualities of a prized vintage shine through to even the most inexperienced wine drinker.


A wine glass rim is where the drinker’s mouth makes its first contact with the wine of choice, and so is critical aspect of its design. Quality wine glasses feature precision cut rims to enable undisturbed wine flow from the glass as well as minimize its effect on the flavor of the wine. A glass with an inferior rim enhances the taste of the crystal rather than the wine, negatively impacting its full character.


The bowl of a wine glass is the part that physically contains the wine, and common wine glass designs feature bowls that grow slimmer toward the top to direct the aromas of the wine toward the nose and mouth of the drinker to be inhaled with a sip.

Different bowls are made for various types of wine, but a good rule of thumb is that red wine glasses have large, shallow bowls to showcase the bold nature of a deep, rich vintage while small, slender bowls are more appropriate for subtle whites to funnel their more delicate profiles to the drinker.


A wine glass typically starts with a stabilizing base known as a foot, which lets the glass stand upright. The foot is attached to the stem, which allows the drinker to hold the wine without the heat from their body bringing a chilled wine to too high a temperature, which can dramatically impact the flavor. Some wine glasses may even have flat bottoms, lacking stems and feet entirely to take advantage of this effect for wines that are best served at a warmer temperature.


The clearer a wine glass is, the more it contributes to the visual experience by allowing the true appearance of the wine to show through. The best wine glasses are unadorned and crystal clear, allowing the wine itself to serve as embellishment. Colored and ornate wine glasses offer variety, but the beauty in a glass of wine is in its color and character, and a clear wine glass is a blank canvas that puts the true artistry of a fine wine on full display.

There are many factors that determine the ideal glass for a wine, and understanding the construction of a wine glass is a helpful tool in finding the perfect glass to accompany your choice of wine. While food pairings and personal preference are equally important to the experience of a fine wine, the proper glassware can ensure it puts its best sip forward.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Five Home Improvements That Will Increase The Value Of Your House!

Thinking of selling your home? Before you put your house on the market, consider ways in which you can increase its value. You might have to pay out a bit of money but when you sell the house you are more likely to make a big profit. You need to be smart with your spending and only invest your money in home improvements that will get the best return. It is surprising how much of a difference to the price of your house some home improvements can make. Here are 5 home improvements that are likely to increase the value of your home.

1. An extension

2. Redecorate or get a new kitchen

When people view a house one of the key rooms they tend to focus on is the kitchen. You always remember the kitchen when you go into someone’s house. New buyers are looking for a kitchen that is well laid out, efficient and of course stylish and great to look at. You can either invest in a brand new kitchen to wow potential buyers or improve your existing kitchen by redecorating. A coat of paint and new cabinets can help to transform your kitchen.

3. Conservatory

A new conservatory can deliver a 108 per cent return, according to UK Business Zopa. A conservatory is an added extra that many people look for when buying a home. It can certainly wow potential buyers during viewings and make the difference between buying a house or not. A conservatory essentially provides a whole extra room to your house, increasing its size.

4. Improve your garden

According to Paul From Peak Architects “How a garden looks is extremely important when selling a home. If you have an overgrown garden that needs a lot of work then potential buyers will instantly be put off”. The garden is an important part of the overall package. Get some gardeners in or get to work yourself and make your garden look impressive. Consider putting some decking in your garden as this is another home improvement that can help to add to the value of your house. Decking is also easy to maintain and it looks very attractive.

5. Get double glazing

Potential buyers will be instantly put off if they realize your house does not have double glazing. It is a must have feature in all modern homes, especially those that are just about to go on the market. Double glazing will make your house more energy efficient and warmer which will most certainly appeal to prospective buyers. According to, double glazing can add up to 10% of the value of a home.