Thursday, May 21, 2015

Guest post- Teen room decorating ideas!

Whilst every area of your home represents a design challenge, the interior of a teenage girl's bedroom is particularly exciting. This is one room where style is everything, and getting it right has never been so important!

First thing’s first: embark on some serious bonding. Your teenager daughter will most likely have some really creative ideas, so it is important that she plays a key role in the planning process. You might want to consider creating a mood board with examples of interiors that you both like. This is a great way to capture all of your ideas and a fun activity to do together.

Deciding on the color scheme is the first priority, and unless your daughter is very girly, there is a good chance the room could be influenced by bold, bright colors. The key then is to find colors that either complement perfectly, or contrast dramatically. Oranges and purples can look great together, as can navy and browns. Black, if used subtly and in the right way can also be very effective. Bright pink soft furnishings and black furniture, for example, can result in a strong look that is still feminine yet very edgy. 

Remember, subdued colors on the wall can be matched by brighter accessories such as rugs or lampshades. If you have one large wall, then a great way to create a unique space is through artwork or murals. A mural can really help to stamp your daughter’s personality, for example by featuring musical notes, a woodland scene or even a quote from her favorite book or film. 

If you are going for individual artwork, choose framed prints that tie in with the color scheme and theme. The subject of the artwork is again dependent on your daughter’s personality- classic black and white photo prints can work really well, as can modern graphic art such as images from Japanese Manga cartoons.

In terms of furniture, in most bedrooms the bed is the focal point, so it is worth shopping around- beds can differ greatly in both style and cost, you can find many options at stores like Tesco. Dress the bed with furnishings that match the color scheme, but do not be afraid to go for unusual fabrics such as vintage floral prints or stripes. Clothes storage will also be very important, you might like to go for something quirky such as a clothes rack or floating shelves for accessories. A dressmaker's mannequin can also add a nice, unusual element.

Remember that the layout of a room can be greatly affected by light, so it is a good idea to work out where the naturally light and dark areas of the room are. You might then want to think about adding more artificial light, by using up lighters, spotlights or mirrors, for example. The room should be an expression of your daughter’s personality, so involving her in the process is key. 

These quirky extras can transform a good room into a wonderful one. Invest time and money into getting it right and once it is finished, there is even a chance you might want to swap!

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