Thursday, May 20, 2021

Seven Reasons Summer Is The Best Time To Renovate!

This post is provided by Kristina Marshall.

Summer is the perfect season for camping, enjoying a sip of lemonade while suntanning by the beach, and renovation. Yes, renovation. That is why remodeling professionals and homeowners consider the sunny season as the peak period for renovation works. 

Reason #1 - School Is Out 

Homeowners with schoolgoing children will enjoy the benefits of avoiding renovation disruptions during the summer holidays. Additionally, you can prevent nerve-racking scenarios of children running around and exposing themselves to dangerous worksites. 

It is a great time to plan a vacation while entrusting your home remodeling experts with the heavy lifting as you spend quality time with your kids. With sufficient planning, you would have a seamless renovation process - resuming your children’s lessons at the end of the project. However, remember to stay contactable if you decide to have some time away - you will still need to make some critical decisions from a distance. 

Reason #2 - Increased Availability Of Contractors 

Home remodelers are busy people - but they know summer is the season to remember. You will have a good chance of scheduling a project in the summer, with remodelers going the extra mile to make the most of the opportunities of the period. With greater availability comes a higher chance of hiring the professional you want to satisfy your reno expectations. 

Reason #3 - Optimal Weather

Summer provides copious sunshine and longer days ideal for managing a renovation project. Unlike other seasons, contractors can focus on their work full steam ahead without worrying about relentless sleet, snow, or rain that slow down or disrupt the process. The dry weather also brings a couple of perks that might accelerate the project. For example, if there is digging involved, dirt removal will be much easier than soggy conditions.

Reason #4 - Enjoying Outdoor Features Without Delay

Comfy gardens, pool/jacuzzi combos, or stylish outdoor kitchens are features to enjoy in the warmer months. 

Social distancing has led to a rise in outdoor remodeling works that provided homeowners with a private R&R retreat to stay healthy and cool themselves off during summer. There is a recent surge of pool projects, tripling in demand, while landscaping (i.e., decks and patios) services doubled. 

Completing your remodeling projects in summer means wasting no time breaking into your residential add-ons. You can avoid the restlessness of staring at them longingly during the colder seasons. 

However, note that a major remodeling project usually takes approximately three months for completion, so timing is crucial. 

Reason #5 - Discounts Galore 

As with summer vacation traditions - it is a time for sales with unbelievable offers. From choosing the furniture for your hall to selecting the tiles for your new bathroom - there is a significant amount of potential savings to gain from a summer renovation. 

Remember to mark the special dates (labor, memorial, and independence day) on your schedules, where offers are usually at their best prices. 

You might even have the opportunity to strike a deal with your remodeler to help trim some ends on your budget. 

Reason #6 - Preparation For The Festive Holidays 

Renovating in the summer gives you the time needed to prepare stunning results for the year-end visits. Perhaps you would like to refresh your entryway (it is the second thing that catches a guest’s attention after the driveway) or give your kitchen a facelift (it is a popular hangout for intimate conversations). And do not forget the bathroom - guests are likely to take a trip if they stayed for a while. 

With the proper planning, your home will be ready to receive guests and, yes, take their collective breaths away. 

Reason #7 - Everything Looks Better In Summer 

Natural lighting is precious when selecting the best coat of paint, installations, or furniture for your remodeled home. And summer provides the healthiest illumination out of all the other seasons (while the dim lighting of cooler months may affect your judgment). Summer is the ideal month to make your rounds to the showroom and make the most out of the selection process. 

Renovations can drastically raise your property value while providing your family with a comfortable and charming place to call home. Additionally, some changes (e.g., smart home setup and quality fences) to your home may result in a higher resale value if you decide to sell your property sometime down the line. 

Remodeling projects enable you to flex your creative muscles to make your dream setting a reality. With all things aside, the summer sun will give you the energy and enthusiasm to oversee your project with unmatched optimism.  

Since you will probably be having some renovation works done along the road, it is best to take advantage of summer for the most fulfilling experience. 

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