Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Product review- Geluxury treatment slippers!

I always have dry, cracked heels because I have a habit of washing my feet everyday and never remember to put some moisturizing lotion on them (my bad, I know) so when the nice people from Geluxury offered to send me a pair of stylish treatment slippers to try, how I can refuse? Thanks Geluxury!

The great thing about Geluxury slippers is they help repair your entire foot especially if you have cracked heels, calluses, dry, tough skin and damaged cuticles allowing your feet to become smoother, softer, and younger looking with their deep-hydrating skin treatment. 

Each pair of Geluxury slippers is lined with their patent-pending SmartGel lining. The lining is infused with seven therapeutic botanicals and ceramides and enriched with aloe vera, green tea and willow. Plus, they are dermatologist tested and built to last for hundreds of treatments, how fabulous is that?

Currently, they have two slipper designs to select from: Leopard or Cuddle Cow. I picked the leopard of course, it was a no-brainer!

The beautiful model absolutely rocked those leopard slippers.

My turn to try rock the leopard slippers! :)

These slippers are made for indoor use only but they reminded me of those stylish flats you want to wear everyday when you go out.

A peek at the SmartGel lining!

The soles.

My verdict? I love my fabulous Geluxury slippers! The design is beautiful and the slippers seems well-made. When I put the slippers on, they feel cold, smooth and gel-like. A few minutes later, they warm up to the temperature of my body and envelope my feet in the coziest way. They feel comfortable and not oily at all.

To achieve optimal results for your feet, you will have to wear them for 20-30 minutes everyday for 30 days. I have only wore mine for six or seven times and I already see some difference. Now my feet feel softer and smoother. I have to remember to wear them everyday to achieve the best results!

You have to love a product that is convenient, fairly inexpensive, effective and looks great at the same time. Highly recommended!

Don't forget to get yours here.

Disclosure: I received this product to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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