Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to Design Your Home Around Your HVAC Components!

This post is provided by Debra Lewis.

Decorating your home is a fun way to show your unique style and personality. However, sometimes important fixtures around your home can get in the way of that style or be unsightly. Whether it is a metal vent cover, an awkwardly shaped thermostat, or a cumbersome wall unit, HVAC components do not always jive with interior design. You can overcome the rough look of HVAC components with these five tips.

Disguise Vents

Vents should never be covered up because it can cause serious problems for your HVAC system. Your system needs to be able to take in and expel air throughout your home. Blocking these vents can harm your system and make it run less efficiently. However, that does not mean you can not disguise vents.

If you have a vent with a metal cover, you can paint the cover to match your décor or the color of your wall. If you are the artistic type, you may even want to paint your vent cover with a lovely image and put a frame around it. If your vents are low to the ground, consider placing a decorative bench or side table in front of the vent. As long as the vent is unobstructed under the bench or table, you can gracefully hide the vent cover without risking any problems for your HVAC system.

Cover Thermostats & Wall Units

Flat, rectangular thermostats are easily covered up with a little elbow grease. By adding a hinge to the back of a lovely picture or framed mirror, you can create a sneaky little hideaway for your thermostat. Wall air conditioning units may seem impossible to hide, but by removing the back from a small wall cabinet and hanging it in front of your wall unit, you can create a cute decorative element in your home. When it is time to turn on the AC, just open the cabinet doors and enjoy.

Garden Around Outdoor Meters

Outdoor meters and HVAC components can be a distraction from your gorgeous landscaping. You want everyone to see how hard you have worked on that luscious lawn and those beautiful rose bushes- not to see the ugly gray contraption alongside your home. Put your gardening skills to work by hiding your air conditioner unit with an attractive, breathable siding or by planting shrubs around the base. As long as the unit has proper air flow.

Create a Collage

Sometimes bulky thermostats, vents, or other HVAC components can not be covered up. In that case, blend these unattractive items in with a lovely collage of framed pictures, art, mirrors, and other wall décor. By surrounding a thermostat or air vent with personalized wall decorations, you will draw attention to your charming mementos rather than to that unsightly HVAC component.

Upgrade Old Components

Older HVAC components may be big and bulky. The next time your HVAC system is getting a tune-up during its regular maintenance plan, ask about newer, smaller components. Smaller items are easier to hide and can be more easily incorporated into your lovely home décor. 

Just because your home needs these uncouth HVAC components to function properly does not mean they can not be made over. Get creative by using these great design tips for hiding the HVAC components around your home.

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