Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our guest bedroom (work in progress) Part 7!

Thanks for coming back and check in on my guest bedroom progress.

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To recap, I wasn't quite happy with our art placement situation last week so I enlisted the help from hubby to change from this ..........

to this..........

I am loving my"new" artworks in their new location and the scale feels just right. I think the "new" artworks "ground" the wall so much better and since they are black and white, they don't compete with the faux deer head on the opposite niche wall, a concern which I had earlier.

If you think the fashion sketches artworks look a little familiar, my guess is you probably saw them on my home tour before. They were used as stand-ins in my living room for a brief period and were replaced by a white faux deer head. Yep, I definitely have a thing for faux taxidermies. I just love their sculptural beauty.

As for the previous artworks, I have relocated them on either side of the door.

The coat hooks were removed from their previous location and will be installed at the bottom of the artwork on the left.

During the Columbus Day sale, I bought this delightful wastepaper basket on clearance for $40 plus tax (with no shipping fee). Usually, a decorative wastepaper basket likes this cost over $70, still a splurge for me but a good deal nevertheless.

Isn't it pretty?

In other news, my bedding has arrived. Unfortunately, my duvet insert hasn't arrived yet. I was told that it will be delivered tomorrow. Hopefully, I can show you my bedding once everything is here!

Don't forget to follow along for another update next week!

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  1. I like your changes. Love those fashion sketches!!!

  2. I can't wait to see the bedding! I am so in love with those black and white fashion sketches- I remember when they were in your living room and they look so great in here.


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