Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to Create the Perfect Fall Garden Living Space!

A well designed fall garden living space will help you make the most of the last vagaries of the warm and sunny weather, and be ready for the cooler and cloudier short days and long nights this season brings.

Fall is well underway, and we have already started to see the leaves turning from summer green to orange, red, purple, brown, and yellow. These vibrant colors lend themselves beautifully to fall containers, extending the season and providing focal interest to what could otherwise be an uninteresting landscape. Matching the colors to a room in the house or garden can liven up both areas beautifully

Outdoor Living Space

A stylish living space can be created in a garden simply by investing in a garden building tailored to suit your lifestyle. Imagine walking into your own bespoke garden room, a gym, a games room, an office, a bedroom, or perhaps a music room, just perfect for work, rest or play.

Just beginning to explore garden buildings? Then you will likely be amazed by their flexibility, and be excited to discover that, in general, there are no complex building regulations that need to be met, and usually obtaining planning permission is not necessary. This makes them even more affordable and a very wise choice.

Functional or Frivolous

Fall is the season when many birds leave the UK for sunnier destinations and traditionally children fly the nest heading for university, or want to spread their wings and move into their own space and show their independence. With property prices rising beyond affordability for many young adults a great solution is a purpose built garden building. A garden building can be easily turned into a more private abode.

Of course, garden buildings can be used for many other things too. Maybe you need some extra space for visiting guests, an extra shower room, or some extra storage space. The possibilities are endless. For more ideas, take a look at the selection of garden buildings by GardenSpaces. You will be surprised by the selection of options available to you.

Garden buildings bring a dormant garden to life and come in many stylish forms to blend seamlessly with existing garden designs, and inspire new ones. Water features, patios, chimineas, sensory areas, swimming pools, play areas, and outdoor seating can all change and enhance the appearance of a garden. And, the right garden building can ensure optimum use of this valuable space all year round.

Garden Gifts - Five a Day

Finally, why not plant some fruits and vegetables in your garden living space? You can grow everything from apples and pears to potatoes and cabbages! Herbs and spices can also be grown in pots and placed either on your windowsills or in small containers outside. Different foods will need to be planted at different times, however most are harvested during fall, and the range of colors that you will see in your garden before harvesting will truly liven the space.

With so many different ways to transform your garden, which one are you going to implement?

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