Thursday, December 28, 2017

How To Achieve a Farmhouse Look with Your Decor!

One of the hottest trends in home design and decorating is farmhouse style. Made popular by home designer Joanna Gaines, her show Fixer Upper has inspired homeowners with innovative ways to turn their home into a comfortable and cozy space. Farmhouse design is easy to achieve. Even you can easily transform your outdated furniture and walls into something that is eye-catching and welcoming. Here are a few tips on how to achieve the look.

Farmhouse Must-Haves

White and light colors are the main thing everyone knows to adhere to when transitioning to farmhouse design. But what are some of the must-haves you need to make your home stand out from others that you are leaning to a farmhouse look? Here are some examples:

*Wraparound porch and white, wood fence highlighting the exterior.
*Highlight your entryway with white shiplap walls and black iron coat racks.
*Showcase light-colored antiques and vintage treasures such as old books, ironstone, and wood decor accents.
*Show off vintage mixers, dishes and metal baskets in the kitchen.
*Lighten barn wood doors and reclaimed wood whenever possible.
*Keep wood plank floors stained dark.
*Use big, white overstuffed furniture in living areas and bedrooms.
*Display farm animal print wall art.

Visiting your local antique market for one-of-a-kind home pieces is the best place to get started with the farmhouse look. Do not forget to look for architectural salvage accents like old chicken feeders, scales, and large spools to turn into clocks and wall accent items. Add plaid material sparingly for a splash of color if needed.

Focus On Wall Color

Some of the main color hues that are the main focus of Farmhouse decor are lighter colors, such as beige, whites and light grays. Stark white with red or black highlights can also work, as long as colors flow seamlessly. Some farmhouse kitchens, mudrooms, and living rooms have white walls and white cabinets, highlighted with pastel or jute rugs. 

A popular farmhouse highlight is shiplap. Similar to a paneled look, shiplap is actually wooden wall board that is often used as an exterior surface for many building projects. Many farmhouse lovers desire the look of shiplap and prefer to paint it white and use it as a main focal point in a room. Keeping your wall color light gives you a good starting point for bringing your overall farmhouse look together.

Keep Things Minimal

The key to farmhouse decor is to keep it simple- just like how things used to be on your grandmother’s farm. Dairy fresh, checkered curtains and galvanized metal accents can create contrast in a room and give off a homey vibe. Do not forget about outdoor decor. Salvage old gates as well as sinks to serve as new tables and planters. Show off your veggie gardens and line small areas with white picket fences. Plant large old-fashioned farmhouse flowers such as hollyhocks, foxgloves, and cosmos, to give your outdoor area a bright, warm farmhouse welcome.  

Spruce Up Dark Furniture

Getting rid of dark colored furniture, including dark leather and dark-stained tables and cabinets is essential to complete the farmhouse look. Ditch your outdated oak table and trade it in for a large, white or gray farmhouse table to seat 10 to 12 people or more. Get rid of dark stained buffet tables and hutches and lighten them up with white chalk paint. Put photographs away, as well as dark-themed home accents. Replace with minimal antique items that are light colored and not overbearing. 

If you have a collection, such as milk glass or vintage Pyrex- bring them out and use them as decorative accents. Use textiles on your furniture- such as cotton, canvas, and chenille, whenever possible. Wood that is scratched or nicked does not have to be thrown out. Use well-worn furniture and home accents in place of new, contemporary items. You can also keep things simple by implementing natural stone, wicker, rattan, sisal and other organic materials into both indoor and outdoor decor. The key is to keep things simple, reduce clutter, and not overdo it with home accents and knick-knacks.

Getting that comfy, easy-living feeling the second you walk into your home, is what farmhouse design is all about. Pulling the charm out of your home and showcasing corners and empty spaces with classic decor will get your guests talking and give you a space you will love to relax in.

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