Thursday, December 14, 2017

Backyard Games The Whole Family Can Play!

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Kids and the great outdoors go together like milk and cookies. Or at least they should. However, numerous studies show that today’s youngsters are spending way too much time in front of screens and not enough outside, getting the physical activity their growing bodies need.

Or the adventures that will power their minds and imaginations.

The secret is to make it fun, not work or exercise. Tempt your kids with activities they will want to be a part of. Here are several backyard games that will appeal to your young ones and let them (and you) get the fresh air and fitness time needed.

Tug Of War

A good thick rope is about all you need in the way of equipment. This is the perfect activity for when you have a bunch of people over, such as during a family reunion, a birthday party or block party.

Simply stake an area between the two starting points that is the “lake of fire” or “endless pit” or other forbidden zone each team is going to try to pull the other into. Avoid frustration by making sure the two teams are as evenly matched as possible in size and strength. The kids will work up a good sweat and burn off whatever sugar highs they might be on while enjoying the competition.


This yard game is classic. The equipment is not very expensive and it can inspire hours of competitive fun. You can lay out the playing field any way you would like. No matter the size, shape or topography of your backyard, you can make this game work.


Here is another beloved backyard game for “kids” of all ages. Bean bags and an official cornhole board are all you need for fun even in a relatively small playing space. Since the game accommodates just about all ages and physical abilities, you will find a spirited game of cornhole to offer a marvelous bonding opportunity for generations of family and friends.

Hide And Seek

If you want to see running, jumping, crawling and squeezing into tight spaces - all good exercises - instigate a game of hide and seek. Kick the can is a variation of this outdoor sport that kicks the physical activity up another notch and gets young hearts racing even faster. And it is always fun watching dad trying to stuff his body behind a small tree stump.

Backyard Campout

This activity might not burn off a whole lot of calories, but it is a great way to hang out together and inspire your kids’ love of the great outdoors. Burn a fire for warmth, roast marshmallows, listen to the slightly scary outdoor sounds and study the awesome constellation display spread out before you in the night sky. 

Someone is sure to tell a ghost story or two during an escapade your children will treasure forever.

How is that for idea starters? Add a few of your own, then get out there! Let the backyard family fun begin.

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