Thursday, September 8, 2016

Give your office a modern start-up culture vibe!

This post is provided by Michael Hendsbee.

The impact the ‘start-up’ movement has had on companies across the globe is undeniable. Emulating a start-ups' eclectic and unconventional sense of style is one thing- but i is equally undeniable that non-start-ups are taking a page out of the start-ups' book when it comes to considering how office design will improve their business and how a change in style can, in many ways, communicate their corporate values. 

A meeting space is much more practical than a conventional boardroom especially if you can incorporate minimalist elements into the design. Minimalist style offers increased legroom while taking up less office space than a typical meeting area. 

Unlike a conventional board-meeting table, the Bungee does not overpower a room and its metal frame and wood top is a welcome blend of contemporary and modern elements. Where the Bungee earns its points as a useful piece of office furniture however is in its adaptive design. The top is comprised of nine sections that can be re-configured in many different shapes and groupings that can satisfy a number of uses. This setting uses a patented bungee system to group different segments in place. 

Workspace Lounges Foster Creativity

Break rooms should act as an oasis for employees. Natural light and open spaces provide an inviting area where employees and managers can converse and collaborate in a more casual setting. Comfortable furniture and warm accents lessen the appearance of a work environment and create a setting reminiscent of a home away from home. Bright colours, trendy lighting, and minimalistic furniture inspire creativity.

Fun and Games

Conventionally, businesses have attempted to minimize distractions in the workplace. Start-ups on the other hand, embrace them. Bringing a little fun into the workplace provides an outlet for employees to reduce stress levels and create an excellent opportunity for team building exercises. Many companies have used these types of setting to recruit and retain top talent.

Incorporating the Outdoors into the Office Setting

While many companies have started setting up shop in unconventional spaces, infusing the work area with greenery allows employees to feel connected to the outdoors even if long hours prevent them from leaving the office.

Walls Without Walls- Transparency and Natural Light

Start-ups have always been a showroom for unique office furniture and unusual office design. Transparent walls provide employees with their own space while keeping them feeling as part of a larger team. This particular design, hailing from a firm in Berlin, features clean lines, and low-profile workstations and contemporary office chairs for an inviting and futuristic look.

Start-ups may have been the launch pad for unconventional office workstations, but their approach to creating work environments has taken root in corporations around the globe; ensuring office spaces everywhere will continue to evolve.

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