Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dark Walnut floors: Look rich without costing a fortune!

This post is provided by Nexus Flooring.

Aristocratic, distinctive and elegant are some of the words which come to mind as soon as you see walnut wood. The deep rich color, the soothing texture and the mesmerizing gradients can really add character to your home.

Sourced in the US, walnut has been used as a flooring option for centuries (think Gone with the Wind), and this stunning variety of rich and dark colored wood is available in two formats: highly regular and complex grains. The added beauty of walnut (for those of us who have to consider our pockets), is that whilst it looks very lush, rich and expensive, it is actually one of the most affordable wood flooring options currently on the market.

Nexus Flooring is the hub for all types of engineered oak flooring including the very best walnut options, but as with all wood flooring options, you need to go through a checklist to make sure you are making the right decision when choosing your walnut floors:


Walnut flooring is a great option for offices and homes alike and one of the benefits of using engineered wood flooring is its toughness and ability to withstand heat and moisture fluctuations, so it would not suffer in areas like the kitchen. However, this variety of wood is a little softer than engineered oak, so it is not the best solution for areas of really high footfall.


The beauty of walnut is it dark rich coloring and the various shades of the panels, which allow you to get quite creative with your engineered dark walnut floor. You do not really need to be an expert to be able to mix and match the right color combinations with your floor designs, but it is an option that gives you a lot of flexibility with the looks you can create- from the smooth classic, to the very contemporary. 

What Finish?

Another top tip from our experts at Nexus is to always choose a pre-finished wood option with a UV filter. A UV filter is the final finishing touch for your wooden floors, since it protects the dark floor from losing its shine and color gradients, even after years of wear and tear. It acts like a sunscreen for your floors, helping them stay in their original colors throughout their life span, and even if you have not selected the UV filter on other floors, it is actually something that can be added after installation- so it is never too late.

The Final Word…Creating The Perfect Balance

Interior designers usually prefer walnut flooring over any other types of flooring options. In order to balance out the colors and make your interiors more appealing, it is advisable to use light colored furniture in your premises. The lighter the shades, the darker the flooring would appear. Just imagine the hues of your interiors and the contrasting floors, so that you have the perfect balance of colors in your house or office.

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