Thursday, January 1, 2015

Urban living: Decorating loft conversions!

Finding space

Decorating and living in small spaces requires a lot of patience, creativity and planning. Everyone always likes to maximize the value of their property since there is limited accommodation space in urban cities. Most people expand the number of rooms in their home to accomplish this goal. As a result there have been a large number of loft conversions spreading across the UK.

Furnishing loft conversions

You may have just converted your loft in your home to create a makeshift office or family room because you needed the spare bedroom for your new little one. Your new converted family room is small and furnishing it will take some planning. The process of selecting furniture for the new converted room above the narrow staircase is proving to be challenging. You will have gone to all the shops to find small end tables and chairs that will fit up the narrow staircase initially but the ultimate challenge remains. A modular sofa or corner sofa will maximise space in the loft to create a family room and office. It may not make sense to purchase any ordinary sofa because of design inflexibility or being able to get it through the front door and up the narrow loft stairs.

In addition, there may be a future need to store the sofa in order to create a guest room. A sofa solution that works would involve creating a modular or corner sofa (example below) for your new converted loft room that fits thorough the front door and up the stairs.

In order to achieve this, you would need to construct and collapse the sofa with ease and simplicity. It would also be optimal for you to choose your own fabric and customize its size. Most importantly, the customization of the sofa cannot cost a fortune as family decorating budgets are limited.

Placing the sofa in the new room

You would also need to place the sofa in the room in a manner that maximizes space and comfort. There is nothing worse than going into a newly decorated room and feeling uncomfortable in it. Here are some tips on putting your new sofa and all of the other furniture to make the room more appealing.

Easy access to the sofa

If there is only one door you should have easy access to get to the sofa and leave some room on each side for people to pass through. This is important for modular or corner sofas, too. If you plan to put your sofa away from the wall, leave a few feet of space behind it for people to pass through.

Use of a longer wall in the room

Put your sofa against the wall and people will move around it. It will create a focal point and allow for the illusion of a larger space.

The placement of furniture in the room

Do not put all the large pieces at one end of the room as it will look off-balance. Try to balance each additional piece of furniture that is large other than the sofa to the other side of room to create better balance.

Break up your modular sofa

In order to create more balance in the room, break up the modular sofa by putting the largest piece against the longest wall to create a focal point in the room.

Additional tips for making the room seem larger
lighter hues: 

If you love light and airy colors, then you will love the way they also help small spaces feel just a bit larger. Colors such as blue and green will also add to the effect.


Think soothing tone-on-tone for paint techniques, fabrics, and patterns. Creams, icy blues, pale greens, and butter yellows are just a few of the combinations that will make the room appear larger.

Eliminate obstructions 

The further you can see into, and through, a space, the larger and more open it will seem. Whenever possible, arrange furnishings to open up areas of floor and avoid blocking views to windows and doors. Smaller benches, ottomans, and armless chairs are just one way to accomplish this.

Match furniture to wall color 

You might want to consider painting some of the furniture to match. Even large chests and armoires will begin to melt into the background when finished in a color that is close to the wall tone. Add tone-on-tone stencil details to doors for added interest.

More light 

Uncovering windows and adding additional light fixtures will remove dark shadows in a room.

There are a wealth of things you can do with a loft in order to convert it into a livable room, especially with adaptable furniture, so start researching and experimenting today.

Bio: This post was created by the creative team at Nabru who specialise in making the most of limited space with their bespoke custom built sofas. With years of experience in the industry they have built up a portfolio perfect for those looking for urban living.    

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