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How to decorate a Southern California Home!

Southern California homes are stylish, casual, and comfy. Everyone’s design aesthetic is different, but well-decorated homes typically feature open floor plans, clean lines, and are filled with brightness and color. How you decorate your home is going to depend on what style home you have. In general, Southern California has the following property types:

·  Bungalows
·  Beachfront
·  Ranch
·  Mediterranean and Spanish mission
·  Modern contemporary

You will find all of these architectural styles in Southern California: from real estate in San Diego to San Luis Obispo.

How to Decorate a Southern California Arts & Crafts Bungalow

Charles and Henry Greene are the originators of the bungalow. During the early 1900s, the Ohio-native architects were inspired by the arts & crafts movement. They designed the bungalow using natural materials, so it makes sense to decorate similarly. 

Bungalows typically feature covered porches, open floor plans, and manicured gardens. Bungalows are best decorated with hand-crafted furniture, and artistic wall-hangings. Choose paintings that are bohemian in a way, such as the painting of Gustav Klimt.  

How to Decorate a Beachfront Property

In Southern California, there are no shortage of beach houses. There is so many different styles that it is hard to narrow them down. For instance, some beach homes are small, single story homes. Others are expansive mansions. One thing does remain the same - beach homes are typically outfitted with verandas, and feature large windows. Both provide excellent views of the ocean, and large windows allow a lot of natural light into the space. 

Beach homes are best decorated in bright colors, such as white and aqua. Furniture should feature a neutral palate, but you can add brighter colors with accents (just make sure they are in uniform in color).  

How to Decorate a Ranch Style Home

In So-Cal, ranch homes are often referred to as ramblers. These one-story homes often feature plentiful windows and open floor plans. There are a few ways to decorate a ranch home. The rambler style home is very rectangular, so to offset this, choose furniture that features non-linear lines and new shapes. Colors should be natural, but here and there you can throw in something dark or eye-catching. For example, you can paint a room a heather grey, but include bright red accent pillows on the furniture.

How to Decorate Mediterranean and Spanish Mission Style Homes

Mediterranean and Spanish mission homes are easy to spot. They feature terra cotta roofing, and are influenced by Spanish architecture, such as stucco finishing and covered entryways. Walls should be painted in warm, natural colors, such as earthy oranges, sandy brown, and sea green. Mosaic tiles make great backsplashes, and can become focal points in any room (use them around appliances, as well as fireplaces and wood stoves). Finish with hardwood and wrought iron furniture to keep with the Mediterranean theme.

How to Decorate Modern Contemporary Homes

The phrase 'modern contemporary' is rather redundant because both words have the same meaning: new. Despite this, modern contemporary is the name given to So-Cal homes built in the 20th century. These homes are typically decorated in minimalist style, with clean lines and neutral colors. Shades of grey and white are perfect for the walls, and furniture should offset this color palate accordingly. For splashes of color, add plants potted in terra cotta.

How You Decorate is Up to You

This guide is simply to provide you with a jumping off point. When decorating, do not be afraid to allow your natural instincts to take over. It is your space, and you are the one who has to look at it every day, so why not infuse it with your personality? 

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