Thursday, January 15, 2015

Blinds in Your Bathroom: Be Trendy!

Home bathroom privacy is very important to most Americans. When you go into your bathroom to use the toilet, you are most comfortable if you have the room to yourself. It is easiest to do your business if you do not have to worry about constraining yourself because another person is in the room. Likewise, people tend to be most comfortable if they can bathe in privacy. They can feel quite vulnerable and exposed if they think that another person is watching them when they are not wearing clothes.

It is for these reasons that apartment and home dwellers add coverings to windows in first floor bathrooms. These rooms present certain challenges when deciding on the proper covering material in full and three quarter bathrooms. Many materials will become damp from humidity so it is important to make sure that water will not damage them. Some polyester curtains may work because they dry quickly.

Another option is to hang blinds in the bathroom. The right kind of blinds can provide a fashion statement that enables you and others to feel a particular ambience when bathing. For example, you may have a claw foot, freestanding bathtub. It may sit next to a window that offers natural light, but also needs to be covered to maintain privacy. In this case, you might install some waterproof, 1” mini blinds, which are made of a combination of aluminum and stainless steel to prevent rust.

If your bathroom fixtures are antique in style, you might want to match the décor by installing faux wood blinds. It can provide an old West feel to your restroom. Make sure that you do not install real wood blinds if there is a shower or bathtub. The humidity can damage the wood, which would be a shame since wood blinds are fairly expensive.

Another way to support a fashionable bathroom’s appearance is to hang vertical blinds over the window. They offer a modern feel that maintains privacy, yet allows natural light to brighten the room, too. Another advantage to vertical blinds is that the materials of which they are constructed are often resistant to a bathroom’s humidity. You can find many attractive, vinyl, vertical blinds that have interesting textures and come in many colors. You can also install faux wood vertical blinds to add a different look. This type of blind might be a good way to go if your cabinets in the bathroom have a wood finish or veneer.

The average bathroom is quite utilitarian, which can present a boring appearance. Most people use the bathroom because they must use it rather than desire to use it. Because of the nature of activities that take place in bathrooms, it is understandable that their appearance is downplayed. That does not mean that this room has to be boring.

If you are a person for whom style and fashion are everything, you will not want to neglect applying decorative touches to your bathroom. There is no reason that your bathroom cannot be as much a destination area in your home as is your bedroom. Just as you want to feel proud, safe and comfortable in your bedroom, you can decorate the bathroom so that it is fun to inhabit. Colorful blinds, a fun shower curtain, special faucets and fluffy, colorful towels all combine to beckon your or a guest into this room and to feel good while using it.

As long as your window treatments ensure privacy, all the rest is icing and fun.

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