Thursday, December 18, 2014

The art of decorating with art work!

Dressing up an empty room or bare walls sets a tone to the atmosphere of the house. Starting with a piece of art is a great way to introduce color and complement the rest of the furniture. And best of all, adding art work is a great way to reflect your values.  

Make a statement  

Hanging an overscale art work draws people in and can define a room. Display China plates on the wall or on floating shelves to create a vintage/retro display. Or if you have bold colors of plates, that can add a pop to the room.

Combination of pieces

Framed or unframed accessories that you do not often use such as jewelry, a bangle that is just sitting in your jewelry box that you never wear, or a big statement necklace that is not you- these pieces can be hung against a wall or put it in a shadow box frame and leaned against a wall along the top of a shelf to boost interest to the space.


Grouping framed art work in different shapes and sizes can be as artful as an art gallery. Allow 2 or 3 inches of distance between each other, I find works best.  


The off-center placement of hanging art work can add a little fun to the space, who does not want that?

Let there be light

By adding a light fixture to highlight your art work, you increase the impact of the art by making it 'the focus' of the room. This can also change the mood of the room. By browsing different examples of classic picture lights, you can see a few different ways to achieve this.  

Art of reflection 

Using a mirror on the wall not only gives the illusion of making a space look larger, it can reflect another area of the house that makes everything connected.  

Create a story  

A mix of photographs or postcards can make a room inviting and serene.  

Do-it-yourself projects  

Children's paintings, DIY canvases, DIY typography prints, are a great way to add a dab of whimsical personality. It serves as a collage of rainbow colors that can emphasize a room. DIY projects are also easy on your wallet. A good reference for interior inspiration is Brit + Co.

Collective objects

A collection of treasures from your travels can be showcased on bookshelves, coffee table, consoles, or end tables. It also supports each item uniquely serving as a reminder of the beautiful places you have visited.

Art of contents

Paintings will add color to the room. Sculptures will add texture and with this combination, it will harmonize the content of the space. With the right balance, it should not look busy or cluttered, it should be pleasing in the eyes. Finding the right art work that suits your personality may need a little bit of patience, but it is worth it in the end.

Search for ideas online or scout your local thrift stores, flea markets- you can find inspiration anywhere. Once you find it, adding that art work to a space definitely enhances the ambiance of a home.  

What are your ways of incorporating art work in your house?

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