Thursday, December 11, 2014

Guest post- Your guide to antique furniture styles!

Antique furniture has become hugely popular in the past few years due to its ability to fit into any style of household. They can become a great accent to any home. Antiques are known for their historical connection and are available from thousands of antique dealers across the country.

However, what many people fail to realize is there are many different styles of antique furniture available in the market today. Here is your guide to the different styles of antique furniture available:

Wooden antique furniture

Wooden antique furniture adds a homely, warm feeling to any household. With the use of wooden furniture around the home, it is much easier to decorate accordingly and it adds a richness and appeal to the home – which is perfect for the winter months.

Asian antique furniture

Many more people are interested in purchasing Asian antique furniture than ever before. The popularity has risen due to its intricate and delicate design work and great quality. Much of the Asian antique furniture currently available was originally made for the royal families of Asia and therefore carries a great historical meaning.

Asian furniture is available in chests, mirrors, beds and antique sculptures.

Walnut antique furniture

Walnut antique furniture is popular due to the fact the wood lasts longer than more traditional materials. The range of finishes available in walnut furniture varies also- from that of oil to gloss. There are also different styles of walnut furniture, ranging from neo-classical to Grecian.

Victorian antique furniture

Victorian antique furniture is incredibly unique and has a style of its own. It is rich with influences from the neo-classical and Tudor periods. Many pieces of furniture were created in the style of the Gothic and were made from wood in order to keep an English feel about it.

However, whilst the designs were ornate and unique, the colors available were limited as chemical dying had not been mastered at this point. English oak was a huge favorite during this era and most Victorian antique pieces will be made from this.

Pine antique furniture

Pine antique furniture is now more popular than ever before due to its versatility. The color of the wood is light and ages well. Pine is often found in simple yet practical pieces of antique furniture including: chairs, tables and bookcases. Pine antiques are also popular because they can be easily mixed with non-antique furniture because of their coloring and styles.

Oak antique furniture

A vast amount of antique furniture on sale today will be made from oak. Oak is predominantly used for bedroom and study furniture due to its sturdy nature. It is worth remembering though that any antique furniture made from oak may be extremely heavy and difficult to lift. The color of oak also comes in a medium hew with a distinguished grain to it.

Mahogany antique furniture

Mahogany antique furniture is perfect for any homes due to its dark color and sturdy nature. Mahogany furniture has the ability to remain intact for decades to come due to the materials it is made from. All antiques made from mahogany are considered a great investment due to their ability to remain in fantastic condition no matter their age.
When purchasing antiques, the materials and terminology used is important to understand in order to ensure what you are purchasing will lead to a future investment. 

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