Thursday, August 7, 2014

Guest post- Security versus Style - why home security does not have to be an interior design disaster!

We all want a beautiful home, but then we also want to feel safe and secure within it, and all too often it can feel like domestic security comes at the expense of interior design. After all, can an intruder alarm or window grille ever look attractive?

Believe it or not, domestic security measures do not have to be visually intrusive. Read on as Banham - one of London's most trusted providers of home and commercial security solutions - offers their advice on staying safe without compromising on style.

Window Grilles with a Difference

Studies have shown that it is the windows of a property where it is often at its most vulnerable, but when you think about window grilles your first thought is probably that of a prison. Barred windows that may be secure but look terrible from an aesthetic point of view.

However this does not have to be the case, and there are actually many stylish and discreet collapsible, ornamental grilles that can provide your home with a high level of security without affecting the look of your property during the day. They can be made to measure while their intricate lattice designs provide a surprisingly attractive aesthetic.

What is more, they can simply be folded back behind curtains or blinds during the day when they are not needed - you would not even know they are there.

Modern, High-tech Access Controls

We all love our gadgets don't we? If it is electronic and has a screen we are all over it, so with this in mind, a contemporary access control system could be right up your street. Far from an unattractive feature, one of these security systems will look great within a modern property. The Banham K50 range of digital access control keypads have been designed for either surface or flush mount fixing and with a polished, satin chrome or brass finish.

The security benefits are numerous, enabling you to electronically restrict who has access to your building. If keys for traditional or mechanical locks are lost or stolen it can prove extremely costly - not to mention a big inconvenience - but this is not an issue with access controls.


If you are looking for a discreet and unobtrusive way of protecting your most prized possessions you can not get much more discreet than with a safe.

Specifically designed to be hidden away and incredibly difficult to break into - you could even put a painting over one of them just like in the movies! There are all kinds to choose from too depending on what you need, such as wall safes (built into the wall), freestanding safes, cash boxes and key cabinets.

But remember - visibility matters

It is understandable to not want the aesthetic of your property spoiled, however it is important to remember that a big part of domestic and commercial security is making it visible.

An effective deterrent is half of the battle against criminals, and a burglar is far more likely to target a home that does not have clear security measures installed than one that does. Most criminals are opportunists, and a well defended home simply does not represent a good opportunity.

What techniques have you used to avoid your home security becoming a bit of an eye sore? Let us know in the comments below.

This guest blog was written by John Rooney on behalf of Banham - providers of the very best alarms and locks for over 80 years.

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