Thursday, August 14, 2014

Guest post- Exotic Pool Designs: 4 Outstanding Choices!

So you do not want just an ordinary swimming pool in the backyard? You would like something more eye-catching for those times you head out to swim or lounge? To get off the beaten path of pool designs, think outside the box. Here are four choices that can be outstanding, depending on what you want:

1) A rock pool. 

If you have a hillside on one side of your pool, put in a rock wall or rock accents along that great terrain. Then use rocks in the design of the pool, to enhance and highlight the rock effect. With a few native plants, and some exotic decking, the pool has been transformed into a native paradise, with the feel of being in the South Pacific or Caribbean any time you step outside.

2) A lighted wall. 

You have a small back yard built into the center of wings of your house. It is open on one side and a little too visible to the neighbors. Thinking creatively and try putting a 10 foot wall at the exposed end of the pool. From that wall, small fountains jet forth into one end of the pool, providing a soothing waterfall effect. Accent lighting, which you can find at this website, provides a soothing and soft colored effect. You can also using blue lights to highlight the pool. The wall provides privacy and a wonderful soothing water sound any time you are at the pool.

3) An infinity pool.

For a striking effect, an infinity pool is one of the best designs available. The basic concept is that the wall on the side of the pool next to the view only comes to water level. If your house and back yard pool happens to be on a hillside facing outward, no pool walls block part of the view, and the hillside is mirrored in the water. For pool owners fortunate enough to have a pool facing a lake or the ocean, the effect is all the more dramatic – a seamless tapestry of water extending outward.

4) Pools with curves. 

For those owners who do not want square edges, adding curves to the pool can provide a very pleasing visual effect. Curves along the sides of the pool provide a softening effect that relaxes a pool owner every time they walk into the back yard. If the owner wants a hot tub – have the curve effect accented by a circular or round hot tub that highlights the curves. Depending on the size and shape of the pool area, the curves can bend and weave, and the pool itself becomes a vital feature in the look of the yard, enhancing the look of the pool area.

The main question to ask for a pool owner who wants to have an exotic pool – what is pleasing to the eye of that person? Using that criterion, and a design professional to accommodate that look, the pool will provide a wonderful escape that never feels ordinary, and is constantly enjoyable when the owner walks into the back yard.

Carol Atkins has been a freelance writer for a long time, and currently writes for An Apple Per Day. When she is not delivering her youngest child to soccer practice or band rehearsals, she still finds time to read and work on her golf game for relaxation.

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