Thursday, September 5, 2013

Guest post- Top design tips for bringing the summer indoors!

This post is brought to you by Laura Wright.

We all love summer. Whether your favorite part of the summer season is the early sunrises, sunny weather, BBQs, late sunsets or just being outside, it is a great time of the year.

If you love the summertime, but can not spend the whole time outdoors, why not bring that summer feeling inside? Here are a few top design tips to help you bring the summer into your home.

Add a splash of color

Bring those summer colours into your home by painting a feature wall for a fresh look – think yellow, orange, lime green, pink and baby blue. These colors work wonders and will transform your home to a warm and summery haven.

If you do not want to get the paintbrushes out, you could choose to use colourful fabrics to magically make the room feel more summery.

Accessorize with flowers

Your home will look like a new place just by adding some gorgeous fresh flowers. Whether you have decided to buy your favorites from the local florist or simply pick a few from your garden, your interior will suddenly come alive. 

If you have a fireplace that roars during the winter, update it for the warmer months by replacing those logs or coals with flowers. It does not always have to be fresh flowers though; you can even bring the outdoors in by using floral napkins and tablecloths. 

Swap dark hues for light shades

During the miserable winter days, your home becomes warm and snugly thanks to dark colours. From your pillows to your throws and rugs, just about everything is a mix of browns, blues and blacks.

To bring the sunshine inside, store these items away until next winter and bring out the bright and light colours. Cover your sofa with a white or cream throw, add bold cushions and cover that dark wooden flooring with a brightly coloured rug.

Let in the light

In the cold months it is important to keep the heat in our homes, so we hang thick and heavy curtains. You could completely transform your interior into a light and airy summer home by pulling back the curtains, swapping them for white or pastel drapes and opening those windows.

Do not let your interior design keep you in the dark - lighten up the place and bring the summer inside. 

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