Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A product review- Tube Top Table Lamp by Pablo Designs!

Confession time! Most of you might not know it but I have a serious lamp addiction. Why, you might ask? Because I think lamps and lighting in general are one of those things that make the biggest design impact in any room. In my opinion, lighting serves as decorative objects when they are not lit but once they are lit, they create a delightful ambiance and lift your mood, don't you think? Anything that is both pretty and highly functional is a winner in my book!

Currently, I have over 22 lamps (table lamps, desk lamps and floor lamps combined) in my home and I predict there will be more lamps in the near future. I remembered when I was working part-time about 10 years ago, I bought two beautiful lamps that costs me almost $400 (half of my paycheck at that time) that I had been eyeing for a while. It was definitely a splurge for me but it was worth it because I really enjoy looking at them. 

So, when contacted me if I would be interested to receive a lamp for a review, of course I agreed immediately. offers high quality lighting with products range from classic to contemporary with every category of lighting fixture included.

For this review, I was given six table lamps to choose from. Usually, I am undecided when I was given a few good choices but this time, it was a no-brainer for me. You see, I have always admire the Tube Top Table Lamp so I was pretty excited when it was one of the six lamps offered for this review!

Picking a color for the Tube Top Table Lamp is hard when there is eight vibrant colors to choose from. 

Aren't these fabulous? I was torn between getting the green (my favorite color), blue and pink table lamp. I think the green and blue lamp is more gender neutral and can be easily transferable to my son's room and any other rooms in the future but my heart was yearning for the pink lamp. Finally, I decided to go with what makes me happy so I selected the pink Tube Top Table Lamp by Pablo Designs.

Here is what it looks like!

I am absolutely in love with my gorgeous table lamp for its minimalist and sculptural design! Not only is the design strikingly beautiful, it casts a lovely, pinkish glow on my walls when it is turned on. As a bonus, it also includes a full range dimmer, a favorite feature of mine. The lamp base is made of high quality acrylic and the shade is made of lightweight polyester mesh. Oh, and did I mention it comes with a free light bulb as well?

Measuring at only 14 inches, I wish this pretty lamp comes in a taller version as well. Nevertheless, I am still very, very satisfied with my Tube Top Table Lamp for its beauty and wonderful quality. I will buy another one in a heartbeat. I would highly recommended this product to everyone*!

*I received this product to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are my own.

What do you think about my lamp? Which color would you pick if you were me? You can get yours here.

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