Thursday, September 12, 2013

Guest post- Top 5 pool and landscape designs!

This article is provided by Lacey Chic.

Swimming in your swimming pool can be one of the most relaxing and joyful parts of the summer.  And when you are entertaining guests at home, your pool and landscape are sure to be the center of attention.  A pool is a great place to lay around and socialize into the night, and a nice waterscape can make the party that much better.  But spending the time to transform your waterscape into a beautiful haven can seem like an arduous task, and there are so many different ways to approach the project.  Here are a few design ideas to help you determine what kind of landscape you want to design around your pool to make it more inviting and peaceful.

1)  Shade

The first thing to decide on when landscaping your pool is how to create shade throughout the area.  The most common way to shade a pool and enhance your poolscape is by planting trees around the pool. When choosing a tree though, make sure it is something that does not shed leaves such as an evergreen or tropical trees.  Another popular way to create shade is to install a gazebo either over part of the pool or even in the patio area.  Shade is a very important part around a pool, and can be fun to experiment with.

2) Height

If you are designing a new pool, make sure to add height around the pool.  Height can have a big effect surrounding a pool as it adds depth of perception due to the pool being perfectly horizontal.  Ways to enhance height around a pool can include building waterfalls or adding higher walls to different parts of the pool.  A great poolscape will normally have a raised bed next to the pool which you can plant various flowers and trees in.

3)  Pergolas and trellises

The pergolas can be categorized as a shade item, but what pergolas and trellises have in common is that it is possible to grow ivy and vines from them, which creates more vertical and natural appeal.

4)  Fire area

Fire pits and fireplaces make for a great place for entertaining, and there’s no better place to have a fire pit than by the pool.  Fire pits are great because they offer you enjoyment of your pool, even when it is too cold to go swimming. 

5)  Choose the right plants

It is important to have lots of plants around your pool to create a comfortable and relaxing poolscape.  You must choose wisely though.  It is ideal to pick up plants that do not have large leaves, thorns, or large roots which can all be detrimental to a pool. 

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