Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The One Room Challenge- Week 4!

Where did the time go? It feels like we just started this challenge a week ago yet it's the fourth week of The One Room Challenge already. (In case you have missed the previous installments of this series, click here for week 1, click here for week 2 and click here for week 3).

We have made good progress this week! I am thrilled to announce that the hardest part of this makeover (the hard wood floor installation) is officially done! If you have been following this challenge since week 1, you would know that the wood floor installation took us almost 5 months to complete. You can read about our hardwood floor drama here

Hard wood floor installation- completed!

Towards the last few rows of the wood floor installation, it became a challenge. Because it was nearing to the end, it was difficult to use a rubber mallet to join the wood floors together without damaging the walls. So, my hubby went to online forums to look for tips and suggestions on how to do it the right way.

People at the forum recommended using a tool named flooring jack to put the tongue and groove hard wood floors together. 

This tool costs $175 at Amazon but my husband found one for just $10 at Harbor Freight Tools (I forgot to take a picture of ours but it's very similar in terms of looks. I can't locate the one hubby bought from the website, either). 

Anyway, he was prepared to fork over $100 for the tool but he couldn't find it everywhere near our area so he bought the only one he saw. He was doubtful about the quality of the tool at first because of the price discrepancy but lucky for us, it worked wonderfully! My hubby highly recommends this nifty tool (or something similar) for hardwood floor installation. We are on a small budget for this room makeover but he said he is willing to pay $200 for this. So take note, this tool is that good. (We are not perked or anything for saying this, LOL).

So after my husband installed the rest of the hardwood flooring, he came back to install the trickiest part of all; the entrance area of our master bedroom where he left off at the first place.  This area was not easy to tackle with the funny angles and a lot of measuring to do. His measurements was fine but the installation wasn't satisfactory. We both came up with different methods to install them. Finally, after the second attempt and more than two hours later, we were done!

The trickiest part to install.

Since the wood floor installation took longer than we expected and spanned over the entire weekend, we did not have time to buy/ install new baseboards.

We are completely behind schedule so I asked my hubby to install the curtain rods first so we can check an item off the to-do list! Here it is:

 Here is one of the window rods.

We didn't hang the curtains because the baseboards are not installed and the paint are not touched up yet. Hopefully during next week, we will have more progress to share. Wish me luck!

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  1. The floor is gorgeous. My husband can't change a light bulb!

  2. hardwoods are a pretty spectacular feat, wow!!!!! great job!

  3. That floor is to die for. How beautiful! This is huge progress. Can't wait for next week.

  4. You guys are such pros! Tackling a floor project....AMAZING!! I have seen thresholds installed where 2 flooring materials meet. Thanks for the update, Jessie.

  5. Cant wait to see it Jessie. It looking great. Its nice to have a handy hubby- let him know it looks great.

  6. Those floors are amazing! I know about getting behind. That is me.... good luck with everything else this week!

  7. So fun to see your progress! Loving the wood floors.

  8. Isn't it great to have such clever husbands. MC loves Harbor Freight! The floor is fabulous...congratulations to you both. BTW great curtain rod!

  9. It looks so good Jessie!! It must be such a relief to know they are finally finished! You guys did such a great job.

  10. Lots of hard work! Now the best part. happy decorating!

  11. Its looking great Jessie! Can't wait for the big reveal!

  12. I am with Beth, my husband can't change a light bulb either. The floors are beautiful. Can't wait to see the curtains.

  13. WOW Jessie....they look so and dark. I know you both are glad that part is over!

  14. YAY!! The hard part is over and now comes the fun stuff! Can't wait to see what you do. Tell your husband he did an incredible job, Jessie!

  15. You have done such an amazing job with the floors and I give you huge accolades for even tackling this project!! Can't wait to see what you do next!!

  16. Huge accomplishment! I love the color of your new floors!

  17. What a labor of love. GREAT accomplishment! Good luck on the rest.

  18. Thank goodness for inexpensive tools! I LOVE the color of the floors, what a perfect choice for your new room!

  19. Congrats on wrapping up the flooring project! That is one massive undertaking!


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