Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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Vacuum cleaners may be one of the most complicated appliances and because of this, they are also the most difficult to fix. If you notice your vacuum cleaner is still working but leaving dirt behind, there is a chance you might need to clean it. Most of the time when someone's vacuum cleaner is not working properly, they go buy a new one and it never concern them with fixing the old one. Even the most popular brands of vacuum cleaners, such as Hoover, Oreck, Dyson, Eureka, Dirt Devil and others need occasional maintenance to continue working effectively.

Most vacuum cleaners come standard with a plastic plate protecting the belt, it is nice for ensuring the belts protection but a pain when repairing, and you will have to remove it. Now you should be able to clearly see the vacuum cleaners belt. Inspect the belt for any cuts, and check to make sure it is not stuck on any other parts of the vacuum cleaner. Finding a new belt should not be a problem, check locally for a sweeper repair shop in case you need more extensive work on your vacuum cleaner.

Because of regular use this brush may become clogged with all sorts of things you may have been sweeping up. Take a knife or sharp pair of scissors and cut out all of the tangled pieces of debris, but be careful not to damage the brush itself. If your vacuum cleaner still is not working properly, check to make sure none of its hoses are obstructed. If you notice its main suction line is clogged, try your best to fish it out with a pair of needle nose pliers or even an unwrapped clothes hanger. While you are checking the hoses, check to make sure the vacuums filter is clean as well. If all these techniques fail, you are probably going to have to have your vacuum cleaner professionally fixed.

But with vacuum cleaners from Miele you do not have these type of problems that keep running. 

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  1. Great post Jessie! Usually when I have problems with my vacuum it's because the front brush gets stuff tangled in it and can't spin. Once I accidentally sucked up my husband's computer cord and had to sit and untangle the cord from the brush. oops.


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