Thursday, August 31, 2017

Four Simple But Stylish Luxury Apartment Decorating Ideas!

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Once you have made the decision to move to that urban oasis retreat, you need to turn it into a home as soon as possible. How can you blend contemporary with that relaxing home feeling in order to not feel like a stranger in the big city?  

Creating A Minimalist Vibe In A Modern Residence

A minimalist and simple room or apartment in general can create a sense of calmness and make anyone feel comfortable once they enter the room. The key concept of creating a minimalist vibe is to declutter the space and keep only the essentials to achieve a stress-free atmosphere in your luxury apartment. 

Using neutral colors throughout the apartment can really compliment all the extra space that you have created and open up the rooms. Applying tans and shades of gray can accent certain areas and the furniture you have in the room. 

Space planning is the key in pulling off the decorating minimalist plan of your luxury apartment. It is important to make sure all the furniture that is functional fits while taking advantage of any space for storage. 

Using Textures And Accessories

Having neutral colors in your house can create a relaxed vibe. However, you do not want to walk in the house and feel like you want to immediately snooze. Adding colorful textures and other accessories can really liven up a room and give it positive energy. 

Accessories can very easily liven up a room. Bright pillows, curtains, lampshades, rugs, or even a nice piece of artwork can change a room in seconds. Most luxury apartments have higher ceilings, so some nice curtains hung real high and puddling on the ground can really transform the look of a room. 

A good example can be found at, where they have big windows that look out over West Midtown in Atlanta. These windows can be covered with beautiful curtains which have the ability to determine the whole vibe of a room. 

Understanding Wall Space

While we can add different colors to the walls for a base coat of natural hues, understanding how the walls can be used to create positive energy is a real talent. There are a number of things you can do to either calm the eye or make sure their attention is grabbed. 

Creating pattern of lines meeting in one point can create a real sense of organization which further results in a sense of relaxation. A linear layout with the sofas against the wall and everything going in the same direction can create a chic and modern feel. 

It is important to align all paintings and TVs in the same direction. Finding the right painting can change a visitor’s opinion of your place while also stimulating conversation.

Taking Advantage Of Lighting

Some decorators argue that lighting is everything when fixing up or remodeling a new home. It is one of the most economical and easiest things you can change or apply to make a room more inviting. 

Natural and softer bulbs are more inviting than the cold bright light found in work offices. Brighter blue lights can act like an alarm clock and lower melatonin levels which can harm your sleep. 

Also, using natural lighting throughout the home is one of the best ways to liven up the house and increase the amount of sunlight one gets throughout the day. Increasing the amount of sunlight can help one sleep and feel better and also increase the energy level.

Adding skylights in the house or even positioning mirrors in specific locations can help increase natural lighting, create an illusion of larger space and chill out the vibe of your home. 

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