Thursday, August 24, 2017

2017 Home Interior Design Trends Are Sure To Last Well into 2018!

Your home is your castle and it should look like an oasis. You should walk through the front or garage-access door after a hard day’s work and breathe a wonderful sigh of relief. Imagine this: You walk in, put your stuff down, and take a moment to look around, in love with what you see evening after evening. When everyone rang in 2017, they rang in a year filled with fun and classic interior design trends, and the best thing is, these trends will last for years to come.

Soft Yet Sophisticated

The harsh and cutting lines of contemporary and modern looks are long gone, as are pastels as you know them. Some of the most popular furniture pieces for 2017 are rounded, not squared. This does not make them feminine, however, so bachelors need not worry. Rather, the rounding gives the furniture more of a retro feel- a flash back to the 1960s, which is fun, admittedly. The interior colors also take you back a few decades to pastels that are dusty and sage, rather than powdery. No more baby blue or mint green.

For those who prefer a darker interior, black and natural metals are making a huge comeback. Many necessities and decorative pieces are showing up finished in black or in natural brass and copper. This includes table and floor lamps. “Moody” is the theme here, as people seek to step away from bright and airy and more toward dark and sophisticated. Dark gray and blue walls, even just accent walls, are huge. If you prefer more color, choose darker jewel tones, such as fuchsia, green, teal, or even a deep, deep blush pink.

Additional Steps Away From Contemporary And Modern

Simple and bare are also gone. Minimalist is a bad word in 2017. People are once again seeking living spaces that are not only functional but also luxurious. Barely there interior design is being replaced with functional pieces that everyone can enjoy. This includes plenty of furniture for sitting and tables to rest things on. Clutter might not be considered good for feng shui, but people want living spaces they can enjoy to the fullest, and this includes having every luxury- absolutely every luxury- and necessity you need.

Think Local And Natural

One interior design trend in 2017 has been gaining momentum over the last few years, and that is “buy local.” Many people are disgruntled with imported goods. This is not only bad for the U.S. economy it also puts smaller, local shops out of business. Spending your money locally boosts your community and helps you feel better. You walk in and see furniture and décor made by local artisans, maybe even people you know. Do not forget to go local with other necessities as well, such as family heating and cooling maintenance and repair.

Natural is also a huge trend, and it should be. Despite inaccurate statements from the 2017 presidential administration, global warming is real and recent studies show that if people continue to ignore the problem, there is only a 5% chance of avoiding disaster by century’s end. No more plastic or other man-made materials when it comes to interior design in 2017. Rather, natural material that can be replanted to avoid deforestation or made from recycled materials is hot, including plywood and canvas.

These are just some of the many exciting interior design trends for 2017 that are sure to last for years to come. The beauty of interior design is you do not have to follow any trend if you do not like it. Your interior space is yours and yours alone, so you should take your ideas to an interior designer and turn them into your reality. The designer may be able to combine your thoughts with the latest trends that you adore, such as a teal accent wall in your living room yet dusty blue and green accent pillows on your furniture.

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