Thursday, November 17, 2016

Top 5 Ideas For Teen Crib!

This article is provided by Robert Everette.

I would like to begin this article with Saint-Exupéry words: “We are from our childhood as we are from one country.”

That is why it is too important to provide all possible conditions for our kids' happy childhood.

Ask your child about his favorite movie or game, try to figure out how his or her bedroom must look like, in what colors it should be painted and what kind of furniture should be placed there. 

Teen crib must be a place in your house where your child could feel absolute freedom. By word freedom we understand a possibility for a kid to choose any color palettes, furniture or decor elements. Only, in this case, everybody will stay satisfied. 

You should not be a designer or furniture decorator to upgrade your child's room. Just take into account our bedroom ideas for teens plus add some creativity and wish. 

Bedrooms Design For Future Sportsman

Teenage is a time of rapid growth and formation of the body. A lot of boys at this age start to show their interest in sport. That is why a smart decision will be to create a sports area in your son's room. 

Nowadays you can select from a great variety of built-in sports corners for your kid. Making an interior of the teen crib, give preference to colors ranging from bright blue to grey and green. 

The main accent should be done on the sporting subject matter. Design a central shelf for cups and prizes, place photos of some sporting events or football stars' T-shirts with signatures on the walls to create an atmosphere. 

Choose a small compact bed, predominantly wooden. Near the bed you may locate a hassock in the form of a ball. 

In addition, a green carpet would create an image of a field.

Bedrooms Design For Young Astronaut

From a great variety of different designs, the cosmic style is the top choice of teenagers. 

The best variant for creating such room decor for teen's crib in this style will be the formation of the stretch ceiling in the form of a starry sky. Choose such colors as white, blue, dark blue, grey, black and gold. 

Make an accent on back-lighting, using different kinds of night lights, table lamps and lumina diodes. It will be better to use wallpapers with the images of space system or illustrations from “Star Wars” (one of the most famous movies about intergalactic wars).

Keep to high-tech style in furniture. 

Bedrooms Design For Twins

If you are lucky to have twins, a big question is how to create a space for both of them. There should be a pair of each element of furniture: beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers, bedside tables. 

Buy bunk beds for the same gender twins. Remember that you children may have completely different tastes.

Create a lot of suspended shelves for the convenient placement of the things. Apparently, separate rest zone and work area. Choose bright colors, such as green, yellow, white, orange and blue.
Bedrooms Design For Girl In Classic Style

If all of your apartments meet the canons of a classic style, it would be logical to continue it in the interior of your teenagers' bedrooms. Especially if you want to bring up your daughter in an aristocratic manner, like a real lady. 

It is suitable to use furniture made of wood with carved legs in brown color. Hung up the satin curtains with lambrequins at the head of the bed or make a romantic canopy. 

For the accessories, use big photos of the family in gilded frameworks, massive chandeliers and Roman curtains. 

Give an opportunity for your children to be creative. Decorating a room is like composing an essay, everything depends on your ability to think and a chance to rely on the true source. While writing a composition you may rely on a help from Edubirdie. But when you need to find bedroom ideas for teens, you may access to Pinterest. 

Bedrooms Design For Girl In Modern Style

Art Nouveau, as the interior style for the child's room, suitable for both parents and children. There are no sharp angles. All the lines are smooth and the furniture has rounded shapes. 

The great plus of this style is "naturalness" of all the materials. The color solution can be very bright and have a smooth transition from one tone to another.

Designers are advised to use the chandeliers in floristic style, wallpapers with floral prints or painting on walls in naturalistic motifs, stained-glass windows, armoire in modern style and iron beds.

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