Thursday, November 24, 2016

Methods For Designing A Backyard Landscape That Matches The Style Of Your Home!

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Many people put a great deal of thought into how to decorate the interior of their homes to make each room appear stylish and inviting. They then head outside and put up some simple backyard decorations. The backyard landscape should match the style of your home, offering a flowing design that makes both the outside and inside of the home feel like one. There are many methods for accomplishing this goal.

Plant New Grass

The first step of the process should be planting new grass. Chances are, the type of grass you currently have in your yard is not going to pair well with the landscape design you have in mind. Visit Nature’s Seed and find some different grass seed to plant. This way, you get to choose the exact type and color you desire, ensuring the look matches with the design scheme you are trying to accomplish. You can even search by region in order to find the best type of grass for the area you live in.

You can utilize wildflower seeds as well. This allows you to find the right colors and kinds of flowers that will fit with the theme. Planting the grass and flowers at once will help you save time, and allow you to see the basic color and design before you begin adding in the remaining décor pieces.

Find Matching Indoor and Outdoor Décor

Look at the colors and décor types from inside your home, and find matching outdoor décor that will pair well with it. If you have a rustic look indoors, for example, then that same look should be applied to your yard. Set up a brown-brick wall and add a wheelbarrow to accentuate the theme. Perhaps your interior offers a modern look. You can make your yard appear the same way by purchasing modern décor, such as having a sophisticated seating area complete with a couch, or hanging contemporary lights.

Keep Your Backyard Pest-Free

The goal is to have an outdoor area that feels like an extension of your home. For this reason, it is a good idea to do your best to eliminate insects from the area. You want your guests to be able to enjoy some time in this other section so they can see the flowing design from the inside of your home to the outside. Once your grass is fully grown and looking great, you should implement some methods for keeping the area pest-free. You should seal off spaces where pests can make a home, including under a deck or around a shed. Sprinkling crushed shells around plants is also a great way to keep creeping pests away, as it will be sharp and dangerous for them to come near.

Add a Kitchen Area

Adding a kitchen area outside is a great way to help make it seem like the space is truly part of your home. There are plenty of outdoor kitchen options you can implement into your design. Rather than having a basic grill, you should opt for stone BBQ grill island that can be built right into your landscape.

A backyard landscape can easily match the style of your home with a little effort. Adding a kitchen area, keeping the yard pest-free, finding matching décor, and planting new grass will all work together to create a beautifully designed landscape that offers style and sophistication. Both the interior and exterior of your home will come together as one, to create a truly beautiful house for you to enjoy. 

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