Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bring bathroom to a shine with a LED illuminated mirror!

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As sunlight gives us energy, similarly, light bulbs work, that emits blue light waves and produces serotonin, which helps us to be focused, alert and awake. On the other hand, our brain produce melatonin when bulbs do not emit blue light waves, which makes us drowsy, relaxed and ready for a (good) sound sleep at night. So choosing the best LED illuminated mirror in your bathroom is more important than ever.

Why LED white bulbs are the best to use:

LED white bulbs in a bathroom save energy and money in the long run. It could be placed on the smaller base, on a surface or could be adjusted one that takes up less space. 

A dimmable light mirror is good to see your makeup in various settings. It is portable and could be asserted as handheld travel vanity mirrors. Before going out, you get ready by looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror with lights focusing on your face and body. The ceiling light is not an appropriate one and lighting should be emitted from around the mirror. Bright lights always ensure that you do not mess up your make-up or miss spot shaving. Use the larger globe bulbs with a style that illuminates the fixture placed above or around the mirror.

The total brightness level should be: 4,000 to 8,000 Lumens

The total color temperature should be: 3000-6000K

Clever and smart use of the backlit mirror creates the illusion of being more spacious than it really is. Illuminated mirrors include stemming free heated pad, an infrared sensor, ambient lighting with a shaver socket. So save some money to get the standard mirrors that comes with good features:

LED mirrors: We all know that lighted vanity mirrors are energy saving and waterproof. They are stylish and environmentally friendly, a great addition to a bathroom. Their long running time also makes them cost effective. What is more, this type of mirror can light up your bathroom with its lights.

Fluorescent backlit mirror is one of the popular mirrors where there is a use of fluorescent light tubes that are fitted behind the mirror teamed with glass etch so that it may allow the light to be emitted through. The backlit mirror gives a sufficient light that makes it easier to apply makeup or shave.

Infinity mirrors: It came up a few years back, where angled LED lights create an effect of never-ending series light with an impressive, stylish and modern look. The reflected view is not clear so before you get one, please keep this in mind.

Shaving socket mirror: This kind of mirror is meant for a modern day gent. It typically offers a perfect lighting option   with LED or fluorescent, teamed with shaving socket mirrors and having the facility of charging or operation of an electric   shaver. Also used for an electric toothbrush.

Heated demister mirrors: To avoid the swirling cloud of steam after a bath or a shower, this heated  demister steam has a thin pad that gets heated up, which is placed behind the mirrors and it has the tendency to stop the steam and condensation building up. 

None illuminated mirrors: Tile to half height behind the bathroom, install by adding a large mirror on the top half. If the whole wall is covered in a small bathroom then it looks bigger and better.

Vanity bathroom mirrors: It  comes in different varying   degrees of magnification, and is usually in the form of extendable ‘scissor’ arm that guides and makes it easy to give an exact position where required. It is also good for a close up view whenever you need.

Mirror cabinets: For extra storage these mirror cabinets are the best and worth, includes LED, shaver socket and fluorescent with a grand array of sizes and shapes. The mirror cabinets are the double sided mirror door, manufactured from aluminum and has movable internal glass shelves. These mirror cabinets are the infrared sensor that turns off and on.

Properties to be considered: Always check the mirror magnification option and 5x magnifications are the right one while you can select the higher, depends on the preference. Make sure you select a good size, especially when you buy a swivel mirror. 

Ensure the correct dimensions that fit in your   bathroom and always check how tall the base is and know whether it will fit in the space with a limited height.

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