Thursday, July 14, 2016

5 Ways to Improve Natural Light in Your Home!

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With the sun out in full bloom we tend to have the windows and curtains open, blinds up, and as much sunlight entering the house as possible. Truth is, you really can not beat natural light. How much natural light you get will depend on how big your windows and doors are, where they are facing and what is around you. If you feel like you can not quite get enough of the outdoor sunshine in your house, here are a few things you can do to try and help. 

1. Use mirrors carefully.

Mirrors are great, they can make rooms feel bigger and help you to bounce some of the natural light you are getting around the room. Try to place them on a wall adjacent to a window, this will give the illusion of actually having another window and reflect the light across your space. Plus, you will get the same great views. 

2. Get patio or french doors.

This option is a little more expensive (and only really works downstairs) but can hugely increase the light you will get, especially if your garden is south facing. Companies like Oakwood Doors have an extensive range to choose from, some of which will completely transform the room. Choosing something which is majoritively glass will obviously have the best results. You could also replace any interior doors for doors with glass panels, allowing the natural light to spread from room to room. 

3. Choose the right colors for your walls and ceiling.

If you have white or off white walls, you will have to go for a flat white ceiling. If your walls are darker or more rich shades then try to have your ceiling a little lighter or a nice off white. Glossy paints can help to spread light, but quite often people do not want what appear to be shiny walls, so go for something with a nice matte finish. This would not necessarily be reflective but can help reflect light. 

4. Let the light in! 

This may seem a little obvious, but you really need to let as much of the light in as possible. Keep windows which get a lot of natural light to them free of any plants or picture frames. Also, try to make sure your curtains are hung wider than the window frame, so no material covers the window. 

5. Move your furniture around. 

Most of us focus on making the most of the space within a room, so push all out furniture flat against the walls. When you have furniture next to any kind of window or glass door it is going to limit the amount of light which can spread past it. Try to keep everything a foot or two away if possible, or rearrange the room to maximize the light that can enter. 

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