Thursday, March 24, 2016

Home Owner Items In Demand After A Hurricane!

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Hurricane season comes in quickly and depart just as fast, leaving nothing but a trail of devastation in their wake, with effects lasting long after they have gone. Thousands of homes suffer from damages from such tragedies. Fortunately, there are services available following these events that can help homeowners clean up the water damage and help with restoration process.  

Repair Services

Many homes suffer roof damage after hurricanes. Roof maintenance and repair businesses will therefore be in very high demand. It is best to opt for a local, established business over one that comes in from out of town. A local business knows the area, the climate and what materials are best suited to give you a quality roof. Not only that, but they can guarantee their work, and, with an established, trusted reputation, you know you can always reach them should something go wrong.

Air Movers

Following a hurricane, you will have undoubtedly experienced flooding. In order to prevent major damage, you want to dry out the area quickly. After removing as much of the standing water as you can, employees use an air mover to force high velocity air over the area it is directed, which pushes up any remaining moisture from floors, carpets, walls and furniture.  Axial air blowers work over broad spaces whereas centrifugal ones blow air directly over the area they are placed.


In order to effectively dry the area, a commercial dehumidifier should be used along with the air blower, making it another in demand piece of equipment. As the air blower forces excess moisture into the air, the dehumidifier works to collect it, keeping it from resettling on any surface of the home. This prevents physical damage and mold growth. 

There are a couple of options for you. Some dehumidifiers have collection buckets. You just need to be sure that you regularly empty them. Others have a drainage hose, so if you choose one of these models, be sure that you have a place for the water to go.

Hurricanes cause a lot of problems and create a high demand for certain services and items. Act quickly and you can have what you need to perform a speedy cleanup, which will save you from suffering severe damages and having to spend a fortune in repairs.

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