Thursday, March 10, 2016

Can you use an electric blanket and a mattress topper together?

If you are struggling to get through a cold patch of weather you may want to use an electric blanket on your bed, so you can be warm when you go to sleep. Many people also use mattress toppers on their bed, in order to protect their mattress and improve their level of comfort. If this applies to you then you may be wondering if you can use your mattress protector and an electric blanket at the same time.

From a safety point of view, there is no problem with using a comfortable mattress topper and an electric blanket in order to keep you warm and comfortable when you go to bed. There are certain considerations you should be aware of though. First, let us take a look at why you would be using a mattress topper in the first place. 

Why buy a mattress topper?

A mattress topper is a piece of removable bedding that you can buy to help bring either firmness to a soft mattress or a softer feel to a mattress which is too hard. A mattress topper can help extend the life of a mattress but once the general foundation of the mattress has gone it is a good idea to invest in a new mattress. Most people invest in a mattress topper to improve their level of comfort in bed, and help them get a better night’s sleep. This is important, as getting enough sleep helps to keep you healthy.

What if you want to use an electric blanket and a mattress topper?

As we mentioned in our introduction, it is perfectly safe to use an electric blanket if you are already using a mattress topper on you bed. There are some things you need to be aware of though. The first thing to think about is what happens if you place an electric blanket under a mattress topper. In some cases the heat levels are not affected, and you will still get sufficient heat from the blanket. 

However, depending on the electric blanket and topper you are using, the amount of heat you can feel may be lessened. The other point that it is useful to think about when using a mattress topper and an electric blanket together, is what happens if you have a memory foam mattress topper. This type of mattress topper uses the heat patterns from your body to create the perfect shape for your comfort and support. If you add the heat from the blanket then this process may not be as successful.

Overall there is no safety problem with using a mattress topper and an electric blanket at the same time; often it is actually a very good combination. You just need to be aware that sometimes using both items together can mean that either the heat you obtain, or the level of comfort reached can be adversely affected. 

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