Thursday, June 25, 2015

Simple Décor Ideas for Your Home!

You may a have a house that you live in, but have you made it a home? A home is a comfortable place that you enjoy. It has hints of your personality and style throughout, and it is something you can call your own.

When it comes to decorating a home, some people have what it takes, and some do not. If your home is boring, or if you are just overwhelmed, use the following tips to gain some simple décor ideas for your home.


When it comes to decorating your home, one way to make a big (or little) impact is to paint. A new coat of paint can go a very long way when it comes to changing the style or theme of your home. You can opt to paint the whole room a new color. You can opt to paint one accent wall to make the room pop. Or you can even opt to paint a design on your walls for some added flair. The best thing about paint is that it is inexpensive and easy to do, so you do not have to break the bank or waste an entire weekend getting the job done.

Wall Décor

If you have blank walls in your home, you need to step up your game. You do not need to go overboard with wall hangings, but you should have some eye candy on the walls. You can opt for pictures of your friends or family, artwork by a local or your favorite artist, or even some nice hanging you found at your favorite store. Accenting your kitchen and empty space with wall hangings can be a great way to add some flair to your home. Just make sure that you keep it classy and consistent. Too much wall décor on top of each other will look bad, not better.


Do not forget to look down when it comes to revamping your home. A dated floor can make an entire house feel old, even if it is not. If you have an old floor in your home, consider giving it a facelift. Old hardwoods can be revamped with a sanding and a new coat of stain. Old carpet can be replaced with new carpet or hardwood flooring. You can even opt for a peel-and-stick flooring option to give your home a new look without spending a ton of money. Your local home improvement store will have a variety of options for you to choose from, plus all the information and tools required to tackle the job yourself, so feel free to get to work.


Your furniture has a lot to do with the style and décor of your home than you may think. If you have dated furniture, you will want to address this. You can either replace dated furniture with something more modern that fits your style, or you can opt to refinish the furniture on your own. Sometimes a new coat of paint on an old dresser will make it look and feel new, so do not be afraid to give it a little TLC.

You should also spend some time trying furniture in different rooms of your home. For example, that oversized recliner may no longer have a home in your living room, but it may look great in a guest room or the den. You will be surprised how much you can change the style and look of a room with the items you already have. Do not be afraid to try things out in different rooms and see how you feel about it. You may like it or you may not. If not, move the item to another room. Eventually, you will figure out what to do with it.

You do not have to be scared of decorating your own home. Instead, get a little creative, do not be afraid of some elbow grease, and get to making your house into a home.

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