Sunday, June 21, 2015

Altering a room’s feel one accessory at a time!

A room in need of a makeover does not always demand a refinished floor and a new layer of paint. It even does not have to involve investing in an updated set of furniture. The well chosen accessory can do wonders to the look and feel of a living room, dining room, bedroom, or office. 

The following are four examples of how well chosen accessories can make a room seem like a completely new space:


Floors are crucial to the look of a room, like shoes are essential to the look of an outfit. Throw a rug onto a hardwood floor and watch the space transform depending on the color or pattern. What makes the room-altering abilities of area rugs so appealing is the ease in which they can be changed. For example seasonal-based adjustments to room design can be easily accomplished with help from a steady rotation of three to five area rugs throughout the year.


Paintings, sculpture, and other artwork which can be placed in a room will almost always be examined and even admired by anyone visiting. Art essentially draws more attention than anything else in the room besides a turned-on television set, defining the mood of the space greatly. Short on ideas for what kind of art to acquire? Let the artwork come to you and, when you see it, snap a photo. Visual search services like the one provided by can track down similar pieces available for sale online.


Lamps serve to alter a room’s mood in two ways. One, they typically stalk the corners of a room or the ends of furniture and thus are constantly existing in our peripheral vision. Two, they can easily alter the feel depending on where they are and how much light they are emitting. Again if you are not sure what sort of room-defining lamp to buy and do not want to be forced into the showroom options, use a visual search app when you see something you like on-the-go. It could be the lamp in your dentist’s office.


Like lamps the impact end tables have on the overall look and feel of a room hinges on two things. One, is whether or not the end tables are flush or lower than the armrests of adjacent chairs, sofas, and couches. Anything higher than that will appear awkward and give the room an uncomfortable vibe. Two, is how much space on and within the end table can be dedicated to vases and other items - things which further help shape the ultimate feel of a room.

It is typical to want to install carpeting, paint the walls, or do something else time-consuming, hassle-filled, and potentially expensive to give a room new life. But consider what a change or addition of an accessory can do. Floors, walls, corners, and endpoints for furniture are going to be the spaces which define a room the most. The right rug, painting, lamp, or end table can have people wondering if they have been transported elsewhere, you included.

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