Sunday, March 22, 2015

Which Size Tote Is Right For Me?

With humble roots as shopping bags and diaper bags, totes are well-known for the amount of space they offer. A tote bag can be your most indispensable accessory, but choosing the right one for your lifestyle is the key to buying a bag you will carry every day instead of just when it looks great with what you are wearing. Totes should be as big as they have to be and no bigger, and so the right tote bag for you depends on a number of factors, including its purpose and your lifestyle. 


A small tote bag is ideal for carrying light essentials, such as a wallet, keys and a smartphone or tablet. Small tote bags are not designed to carry much weight, and so can be made of an array of materials from plastic to chain mail to suit your personal style. Women who tend to travel light may find everything they need in a small tote bag, while those with more to carry will likely need a bigger bag.


The most common type of tote bag, the medium-sized tote is a great choice for everyday carrying. Bringing a relatively compact profile together with increased capacity, a medium tote bag is perfect for carrying the essentials as well as other items such as books, sweaters, sunglasses and bottles of water.

Most medium sized tote bags are made from leather or canvas as well as synthetic materials. Medium tote bags also have reinforced bottoms for occasional carrying of heavier items as well as multiple interior and exterior compartments for easier storage of smaller items.


A large tote bag is ideal for the woman who is constantly on the move, featuring plenty of space for travel essentials and other items. Large totes are the ultimate choice for women planning a full day of adventure, and many large tote bags have dedicated spaces for laptops, tablets and other office supplies, making a large tote a fun and attractive substitute for a briefcase as well.

Larger tote bags typically see heavy-duty use, and so good material choices for large tote bags include canvas and leather, durable materials that can stand up to the abuses of everyday life. Large tote bags should also have a closure of some kind to keep the contents secure.

Beach totes are another type of large bag designed for carrying items such as towels, clothes, sunscreen and more. Beach totes are usually made from materials like straw to resist the elements of the shore, but are not limited to the sand and surf as they make just as big a statement on the street.

Tote bags offer the opportunity to get the most out of accessorizing by unifying form and function. Finding the right one for your specific lifestyle could be one of the wisest investments you ever make.


  1. I have all sizes, but love large ones more!

  2. I always use the large tote bags
    but of course I don't deprive myself of using the other sizes
    when the occasion calls for it and there are other things to
    consider like the style and if it suit my outfit etc.

    Love this post of yours.♥


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